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Chubbie Cock Lock
Chubbie Cock Lock
Chubby Cock Lock

A truly beautiful locking cock and ball piece to put on you dick. Comes apart in two pieces and locks tightly together with long hex screws. Made from hand-turned aluminum with all edges rounded smooth, this is another work of art. Your balls drop through the hole and when the two parts are screwed together you can't pull your balls out! Not a full chastity piece, you can still play with your dick, but it won't come off even after you get off. Comfortable enough for long term wear. 2" cock hole, 13/4" shaft diameter, weighs about a half-pound. Your cock and balls deserve the best.

1.75" diameter x 1.5" tube x 1.5" balls
Price: $199.95
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Customer Reviews
Anonymous in Jun 2013
Walk around with this sucker on and you feel like a real man. I'm blessed with big low hangers and an average cock and love the meaty feel of the extra weight. Very nice day wear, if you can think of something other than your cock!!
Hans in Sep 2011
This cock lock is AWESOME... Chunky, weighty... And once on, its on for good... I look forward to many hot sessions in it in the future... my cock agrees, he's happy...
Anonymous in Apr 2010
I have been wearing this Cock Lock continuously for the past month and it feels and looks great! The cock stays hard/semi-hard most of the time and it creates quite a "package" under street clothes. The weight definitely reminds you that you are wearing it! Would recommend this item to any man who wants to proudly display his "package" to the rest of the world.
Anonymous in Sep 2007
I get locked into chubbie at night and my partner makes me wait until morning before I am allowed to get off... boy am I ready when the time comes.
Anonymous in May 2007
Truly amazing to wear! Lube up and pull it on quickly, 'cause you're going to be rock hard very soon from the excitement of being locked up in this work of art. Warms quickly to body temperature, balls firmly trapped and stretched, and just your sensitive head poking through. Highly recommended!