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The Curve Chastity Cock Cage

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The Curve Chastity Cock Cage
The Curve Chastity Cock Cage
The Curve Chastity Cock Cage

"THE CURVE" represents a fantastic design in modern male chastity devices. The smooth flow of lines in this model naturally conforms to the penis and body. The slim design makes it easily worn under clothing. It is vented with custom openings making it 100% hygienic. The material, a highly durable transparent polycarbonate, is not only functional but extremely appealing as well! The strength of this material exceeds that of acrylic and many other plastic blends. Some men find it possible to use the urinals while wearing "The Curve" while others may find it more practical to sit. Men whose job requires them to pass thru metal detectors will find this product a real plus. It can still be worn 24/7 and not interfere with their business routine. Just make sure to wear the plastic lock and not the brass lock under these circumstances. Because of the design, there are no uncomfortable belts, straps or chains needed with "The Curve".

"THE CURVE" consists of two main parts, the cage portion and cuff ring. They easily slide together by way of two guide pins and a locking pin. The guide pins extend from the cage portion. Once you find the right amount of spacing, simply use a pair of side cutter pliers to snip the ends of the guide pins and then smooth the edges with an emery board. The locking pin is slightly recessed into the body cuff. There are various sized spacers that can be used for an individual custom fit. Also, for additional comfort, we suggest using baby oil or a similar product after showering, apply to the penis with a cotton swab.

"THE BODY CUFF" swivels open at the bottom. This allows the man to put it behind the ball sack and then easily close it to align the locking pin holes. After installing the locking pin, add the proper amount of spacers and then install the cage portion. The balls will then be trapped between the cuff and the cage. The round design eliminates any pinching or chaffing while being worn. It comes in five different sizes. Finding the right sized cuff is extremely important for not only comfort; but, for security reasons as well. It should be as tight as possible while not cutting off any circulation. If you are wearing a cuff that is to tight, it will cause some swelling and discoloration of the ball sac. You will need to go to the next larger size if this occurs. If you have a high ball-sac, you may find that you will need to stretch the ball sac slightly. For the most comfortable fit the balls should hang below the cage and cuff ring. This prevents any pinching.

Each order comes with the following:

  • One brass padlock with two keys
  • Five individually numbered tamper proof plastic locks.
  • Three different lengths of locking pins.
  • Five various sized rings: 1 1/2", 1 5/8", 1 3/4", 1 7/8", and 2" inside diameter
Include Clear Spiked Inserts [CB401]:  No  Yes (add $49.95)
Additional Set of 10 Numbered Locks [CB400L]?  No  Yes (add $6.95)
Key Service:  No  Yes, Include UPS Return Label & Envelope (add $20.00)
Price: $149.95
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Customer Reviews
Daniel Wardlow in Mar 2003
I'm into self-denial (doth absence make the cock grow fonder?), so bought The Curve for myself. It's beautifully made, a very comfortable and easy-to-fit device. You can wear one pretty much indefinitely (mine's now been on 2+ weeks). Easy to bathe/shower, reasonably discreet under jeans. It's possible to piss standing up, though sitting down is easier to "aim." You can't really get hard inside it, though you can get a very pleasant full, tight feeling when you're aroused. One unexpected benefit is the visual: the cock cage, when fitted, nicely separates and shows off your balls. This is a MUST HAVE for guys into chastity and control.
Anonymous in Jul 2014
Thanks to the staff (and your general store policy) for letting me try the Curve at the store, without trying it I would not have bought it. Works great!
Anonymous in May 2014
I have worn out several different cage until My former owner found the Curve, then that was all I would wear. My owner kept me locked in the curve for a little more than 3 and a half years, before they released me. I was allowed a few hours out of the device every 4-6 months for examination and a little CBT so I didn't loose all feeling.The biggest issue with comfort on this device are hairs getting caught in the ring and friction against the skin. First , you need to stay smooth as possible to prevent the hairs from catching between the ring parts. Second you will find a heavy silicone lube and q tips are your friends. After every shower a few drops of lube around the balls, and then worked in the cage with a q rip provide comfort for a full day. Another thing is your skin will poke through the slits along the top of the cage and if you have a lock or the plastic seal, they will pinch your skin, a band-aid, or surgical tape across the top in the area of the lock will prevent that. yes after a 2 year break my new owner locked it back on me again a month ago.
The biggest issue with comfort on this device is hairs getting caught in the fings, and friction against the skin. I learned a few things over the time I have worn it, First , you need to stay smooth as possible to prevent the hairs from catching between the ring parts. Second you will find a heavy silicone lube and q tips are your friends. After every shower a few drops of lube around the balls, and then worked in the cage with a q rip provide comfort for a full day. Another thing is your skin will poke through the slits along the top of the cage and if you have a lock or the plastic seal, they will pinch your skin, a band-aid, or surgical tape across the top in the area of the lock will prevent that. After a while I forgot that it was there most of the time.
Anonymous in Feb 2013
My Dom has had me in the curve many many times over the past couple years. Sometimes for a day, but usually I'm wearing it from 1 week to a month. Comfortable, easy to clean, and sexy. Every time I got a hard on, my cock would press as hard as it could against the cage. Wonderful!

After a few years of this my cock eventually broke the cage. Yep... one of the seams along the side of the cage split right open one time while I was becoming aroused. Curious, I flexed my cock again to see if I realy broke the seam... 1) yes I did. 2) the pain from the two peices of plastic coming back together and pinching my cock skin was horrible.

So now I need a new cage. I'm not sure if I'll get this one again. The plastic is not givng which makes riding my motorcycle dangerous (can't sit right and distracted). So I'm looking into the silicone cages... but they may be just too small for my cock... not bragging at all... but even with the cage on, the smallest ring that fits without choking off blood... when I get erect my cock pulles the cage all the way out with it... the result is I am fully erect (except girth in the cage only) and the ring behind my balls is pulled tight along with the cage... which pulls my balls way out from my body... not complaining.. just wondering if I'll have the same problem with a silicone one...
Anonymous in Feb 2010
It's a very good product! I WILL have all my boyz in them
oink oink oink
Anonymous in May 2007
Overall it is a great product, and depending on the size of your cock you can get hard to semi hard in the device. It is a pleasure to sleep in and even a greater pleasure to wake each morning with a hard on pressing hard within the cage. Now that I have my boy locked down in the device he is more eager to please my needs, keeps the boy on the edge, and always ready to service me or a few of my buddies as well. Our only problem with the device has been the hinged body cuff, the hinged area of the cuff tends to dig into your skin and causes the under sack of his balls to get very tender and sore after about 3 days of lock down in the device. I am going to try wrapping the hinged area of the cuff with some tape or perhaps even some foam weather stripping may take care of the problem. Overall if you need better service from your boy or slave, I highly recommend Chastity, knowing what I know now, I should have locked his cock down years ago, now I have the little pig boy I have always wanted. I enjoy watching his cock get hard inside the device while he services me or one of my buddies, knowing that it is now up to me when he is allowed any release of his cum filled balls. I have found that setting goals for my boy to achieve before I allow him release has been very effective. Not only does it give him something to look forward to, but it allows me to get the most use out of my boy. Do yourself and your boy a favor, lock it down, you will not regret it.

Master Will

Tchukon in Apr 2007
This is one of the bigger acylic peices which allows you to get semi erect, you know... just enought to tease you and make you horny as hell.
Tchukon in Apr 2007
You can move up to the Seed Pod or Catpult if you need more room. But hell half the fun is that it is really tight. What fun would it be for the top if you didn't squirm a bit!
Anonymous in Mar 2007
Is it possible to order a larger diameter ? ive had trouble wearing the Curve for more than 24 hrs., having to take it off ( with permission of course) to relieve the pain in my lower abdomen and inguinal area. Am i doing something wrong? The Cage works great- Dad likes watch my cock trying to get hard. Also ive heard of Cuffs that are solid, without the hinge. Do you carry them? Chastity control is great!; it keeps us horny boys in line
Tchukon in Mar 2007
Unlike the CB2000, you can get a little erect in the Curve
You'll have a blast wearing it and since you can shower in there is no real reason you have to take it off until your master wishes.
Enjoy the frustration and the tease!
Anonymous in Mar 2007
I've been thinking over this kind of device, but I worried that when aroused there would be a danger of penile "fracture"...
So... You can't get even remotely erect while wearing an item like this?
Anonymous in Nov 2006
I just got my cage and I must say that I'm totally impressed with this product. I have been researching these chastity devices for a long time and had picked this unit because of the shape and long term wear ability factor. I have a larger cock, 9.5 hard and very large hanging balls, and I was worried about getting hard in the unit while I slept and have found that using the supplied parts to extend the unit, I have absolutely no issues wearing this. The very first time wearing it I was able to sleep over night in it, then spend an entire day walking around the mall wearing jeans, Us the bathroom (Sitting down) and truthfully found that I forgot that it was even there most of the time, it's simply that comfortable. I highly recommend this to anyone that is even remotely interested in penile chastity.
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