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X-Large Pig Hole

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X-Large Pig Hole
X-Large Pig Hole
X-Large Pig Hole

If you love turning boys into pigs, you have to shove a Pig Hole up his ass. He’s never going to squeal as loud as when the wide base bottoms out against his hole and he’s left there gaping. Stand back and take a look at his ready to fill butt. You’d think you’d have to be a doctor to see what you’re seeing.

And that’s just the fun you’ll have putting it in. Your dick is hard and his hole is open. You know what to do from there. Ass toys are normally all about the bottom but the Pig Hole keeps a top happy. Not only is your boy’s ass completely breached, ribbed texture on the inside of this open hole plug stroke and grip your dick.

We recommend you keep hydrated. With all the hole plugging you’re going to be doing, you’re going to work up a sweat. When it’s time to piss, let it flow on, up and in him. When it came time for our boys to relieve themselves, they aimed their steamy streams right on the gaping target. It was so hot watching our bottom’s hole fill up to the brim and then swirl down like the pig hole drain he was meant to be.

Let your imagination open up as wide as the pig hole fucker you’re playing with.

Great for opening up a pig hole for a fisting session. Mix up a mess of J-Lube, pour it in and prime his hole for your paw.

Premium silicone makes putting the Pig Hole in as hot as working your favorite toy up your ass. Put two fingers inside the opening and push the plug in. It goes in easy. Once it’s in, the slicked up silicone stays comfortable and firm enough to keep your hole gaping for whatever your man wants to stuff up it.

When you’re done, the Pig Hole comes right out. Because it’s hollow you don’t have to worry about breathing, relaxing and pushing. When you’ve got a hot load of piss up your ass, the last thing you want to do is push.

Insertable Length: 4 1/2 inches
Widest Circumference: 9 1/4 inches
Opening: 2 1/2 inches

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Regular Price: $86.95
Special Price: $52.17
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Customer Reviews
Will in Nov 2014
We bought the XXL Pig Hole last week. We used it this weekend, didn't have much trouble getting it in but as others have said be careful of the wall collapsing in on itself. It's not too hard to sort out, either using fingers or a toy.

My partner had fun fingering my 2nd sphincter through the pig hole. He then tried to fist me with it in, but he couldn't get his whole hand in (apparently he was very close though). While he was doing that I shot everywhere. After taking it out he went ahead and just fisted me, which was made easier by having had the pig hole in previously.

All in all, I'm very happy with this purchase. It will definitely be one of the regularly used toys. However, do take note of what others have mentioned about the wall of the XL and XXL's.
Anonymous in Jun 2014
Pointlessly soft, useless to me, even at the largest size. The material needs to have more rigidity for stronger players.

-- "Butt Hole" meant to address that very issue. Pig Hole did work for lots of guys, but the second version has thicker walls and holds it shape (and your hole) even better.
Anonymous in Jun 2014
WOW bought this for bf for a present- it slipped straight in then i gave him his pressy my fist straight through he had never experanced a fisting like it ,he then shocked me by returning the pleasure on me :-)
Anonymous in May 2014
LOVE IT! Had no problem getting it in all the way. Love putting my 1-1/4" x 20" Original Snake thru the hole and running it all the way in my Hungry Colon. After I bottom out, it will hold it in as long as I want. I go one step further and push one end of the "T" handle in the Pig hole for extra holding power. Flex my ass hole to a tight pucker with an awesome feeling! Can't wait till I get the 34" Snake to try it out the same way. You Guy's are Great! Keep up the good design work on more New Items.
Anonymous in May 2014
Have been putting objects up my hole for 40 years. This is one of the most versatile items I have in my toy box. Love to slide my 20 inch x 1-1/4" Snake thru the hole and use it to keep the snake in place after I insert all 20". I PLAN ON GETTING THE 34" X 1" SNAKE IN THE NEAR FUTURE TO GO TO THE MAXIMUM INSERTION I HAVE EVER TRIED.
Matthew in Dec 2013
Just tried the PigHole XXL for the first time after using the L and loving it, and holy FUCK, it's exxxtreme in the best way possible. After using a dildo to open my hole up, I folded the sides in like I did the L, and with just a little effort and some good lube, the toy started molding and re-shaping my hole as i inched more and more in. Now, I read the previous review about the XXL collapsing on itself, and I can only guess that he didn't have the walls of the toy completely flat against his 'walls.' Because I did have a moment where I couldn't get the sides to rest flat, they bunched a little. But I just slipped a dildo in the hole once, and it fixed the problem instantly. I could feel that the toy was in the way it was meant to, and it WASN'T coming out until I forced it. It's my new favorite toy, and I would highly recommend if you want to feel like a pig in a whole new way.
Anonymous in Dec 2013
I know all the reviews for this toy are positive, but I'm mixed on this one. I have the XXL (which really isn't that big) and I had no trouble inserting it. Unfortunately, the hole does not stay open easily. I have to focus completely on not contracting my ass as it immediately folds the plug up inside me. This is impossible to maintain (so doms, if you want to give your sub an impossible task - this is for you, tell them to keep it open no matter what). For me though, the point of this toy was to hold my hole open, and it does't do that, it's much too soft. Cool idea, nice material, moderately functional.
Anonymous in Aug 2013
Pig hole + chastity = very happy sub!
Anonymous in Aug 2013
I have to say, using it the first time, the Pig Hole made me feel like a real cunt. I've been addicted, skipped the size L and went straight to XL and now XXL. Am hoping you will make an even larger one! :-)
Anonymous in May 2013
Well I got this as a surprise for my master so he could literally slip his hot cock in from the get go... I can't get the bugger in! Any more tips? I have tried several techniques to no avail? :(

- - It really depends on the size you are trying to use. If one of the larger sizes, you may want to open your hole up a bit with a dildo first. Also, it can helpful to collapse the Pig Hole first and then once inserted use your fingers to restore the item outward.
Anonymous in May 2013
one of the things which helped me get it to pop open once you get it inside is to use an inflatable buttplug. I highly recommend this, especially if you don't have a partner
Anonymous in Apr 2013
Good toy, pretty easy to get in once we figured out to sort of fold it in on itself. Really get an opened up feeling that I never have experienced before.
Keep up the good work.
Anonymous in Apr 2013
Yes satisfied
Anonymous in Apr 2013
Absolutely love it. I would recommend getting one size bigger than you think you can take because it's very flexible. It will try to close in on its self but you can use an old toy you've outgrown to keep it open until it will stay. I got the largest one because I wanted to wear this while my wife fists me, it worked perfect. If you'll wear it while getting fucked the smaller ones will probably be fine. It never fell out but it did collapse a few times when I moved around but it was fine.
Anonymous in Mar 2013
i finally got to try this product out today. its really soft which is nice but, at the same time its hard to insert it and get it to keep it's shape once its up there since its very flexible. I'm sure it would be easier with a partner or if i was more stretched.
Anonymous in Mar 2013
well it was definitely effective. Although, it could be better if it were just SLIGHTLY more firm - kept collapsing on itself, so not quite as photogenic as the example photos.
Anonymous in Jan 2013
OKAY...honestly this thing was a pain-in-the-ass to figure out how to use... (not the good kind) .... but when I - WE - did, wow, such a hot toy. For us, anyway, was for me (bottom) to get opened up enough (umm getting fucked) to put this in. And then, whoa, it was really good. The Pighole sucked on my hubby's cock in a different way then my own hole. and the ribs on the toy made me feel different things in my butt.... Get it, figure it out, and have FUN
Anonymous in Dec 2012
Maybe I was a bit too lubed up, but it kept slipping out when I stood up. Though it stayed in place alright when on my back or on my knees. They should consider making bigger sizes since the Large can only fit a few fingers.

- - We're always happy to make bigger ass-opening toys. We'll do what we can...
Anonymous in Dec 2012
I'm just turned 18 about a week ago and a friend bought 2 the medium one fits PERFECTLY. It's a Butt-Plug but with a hole in it (HOTT!!!)so, you can fuck with it in place. Easier to get fucked with your ass-hole wide open no resistances fucking is more intense, and don't matter how tight you ass is, it fit my friend and he was virgin, slid right in with lube. Here is a tip for first times, use lots of lube we use "STR8 cam LUBE" it looks and feels like cum. Nice and easy it will slide right into place, once it's in will stay put and slide out,and your open for hott fucking time. (it needs to be pulled out.) We have tried it doggie, sitting, squatting down, on my back, laying down, ect. Wow, it never popped out, it stay in place!

Me and another 18 yo (we are bottoms) with a 6 (Tops) other guys did last night, they even liked the wide open holes. Man you gotta try it, you love it. Can't wait to use it again, Pig-Hole Squeal Bottoms and tops win with this toy. oh, and we did you it for other uses too.

- - We recommend Liquid Silk lube - has the same look as str8cam but voted hands down a better lube by the staff.
Anonymous in Nov 2012
I bought the small one first, but lets be honest, the medium is PERFECT. Think of it as a hollow but plug. Don't try to use poppers to get loose enough for this because you'll get so loose that it won't stay in very well. Used the med one last night after a little fucking to get opened up and then continued on with some more fucking and all I can say is wow, what a cool feeling. I can't wait to use it again.
    Anonymous in Dec 2012
    Works as advertised. Provides instant easy fucking and pleasure. as stated previous review. newbies: Lots of lube, ease right in, will slide right in place and don't worry it will not slide out. make penetration easier. don't have a partner. use a dildo. a pig-hole makes it easy to fuck virgins.
Anonymous in Sep 2012
WOW, Newbie or Experienced, you GOTTA have one of these....
This was one of those things I saw on Mr S E-mail [thanks for the demo vid] that just got me HOT watching it, so I ordered one, it arrived early [Thanks] and I tried it out solo, I have a pretty exptensive Mr S "collection" but this is a different thing entirely.....fun solo, and great fun with my partner, does not matter who is top or bottom, everyone wins with this toy, here is a tip for first timers, lots of lube and easy does it, cuz once its in, its in, and its so worth waiting for that "moment"....Medium is a great size for pretty much everything but a fist, talk about a "new sensation" FIVE STARS*****
Anonymous in Sep 2012
Us men can have so much pleasure with this.
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