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Acorn Butt Plugs

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Acorn Butt Plugs
Acorn Butt Plugs
Acorn Butt Plugs

Intense plugs for stretching, training or just for fun...

Height: 6.5"
Top circumference: 7.5"
Ridge circumference: 8.5"
Base circumference: 6"

height: 6.5"
Top Circumference: 8"
Ridge Circumference: 9"
Base Circumference: 6.75"

Height: 6.75"
Top Circumference: 9"
Ridge Circumference: 9.75"
Base Circumference: 6.75"

Wonderful design for stretching. The ridge massages the sphincter in a sublime way. The narrow neck and base give it a great tight full feeling inside. Not made over 6 inches tall so that it fits entirely and comfortably in the rectum without going too deep.

Black is a custom item – please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery
Please Choose a Size:
Please Choose a Material:
Price: $99.95
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Customer Reviews
Mark in Aug 2013
REALLY nice plug. Square plug did a whole lot right when designing this plug; but they usually do (unlike so many other brands). The base fits nicely between the cheeks, the neck is long enough so you're butt isn't trying to force it out, and the added ridge is a very nice feature for so many reasons. I own the large size in soft silicone and as usual my eyes were bigger than my butt. That's NOT to say that I couldn't get it in, but for me (so far) it a "play toy." Something I can work my ass with (or let someone else work my ass with) until I get off. I was looking for a toy I could wear out to a bar, keep in while topping, or sleep in; and the large isn't that for me. BUT the shape is perfect for those activities and I will be buying one (or both) of the smaller sizes for those purposes.
Anonymous in Dec 2011
Very good quality. Great for stretching pleasure. I have the small and the medium and they are both great! Well worth the purchase price.
Anonymous in Mar 2011
I bought backwards in my large toy library, starting with really huge plugs never meant to go all the way in... I own two of these plugs , the large double wide one, and a horse cock dildo also made by them...

Very Very nice quality... The materials the toys are made of is strong enough to ride without to much bending or give, but soft even on sensitive skin.... I love this toy line!
Anonymous in Nov 2010
I recently bought the x-large acorn in bronze - super soft, GREAT fun, I can't get enough of it. I wish they made an XXXL version...
Anonymous in Aug 2010
Been having fun with the large happy hour, now waiting for the large acorn, which should be here on Wednesday...I can't wait!!!
Anonymous in Jun 2010
My Sir has been stretching my hole with ever larger and larger plugs for some time. The large plug is a filling experience for sure! Most plugs are too rounded to stay put once in place. The ridged design of this plug naturally keeps it in place, and the ridge is a little extra surprise each time the plug is pushed home. The plug is comfortable, but the large plug is an intimidating eyeful that does take some work to build up to.
Anonymous in Jun 2009
Excellent plug. Highly recommended. Have been using it, and the Clark plug (which is a bigger, and also an excellent design, one that seats more firmly) for about six months now. The acorn is certainly intense, and perhaps not a good choice for long-term use, because I often find myself having to pull it out shortly after insertion. Then it goes back in... and out...a vicious cycle, you see!! :-)

Make sure your eyes aren't bigger than your ass with this one. You can always buy a bigger one later.

Don't expect to be able to walk around the house and do chores while wearing this. You might, in fact, find yourself wanting to spend more time on all fours.
Anonymous in May 2009
The guy designing Square Peg products is obviously uses his own products... This guy knows what he's doing, and I want to be his assistant!!!
I have the medium sized soft acorn and it is a really sweet feel, I should have gone with a large in the soft compound but you just have to find your size. I just can't say enough positive things about the acorn; it's a awesome plug! If you think it's a bit pricey, well you get what you pay for. If square peg had a track day for there products ( try out day ) they would have to triple there production.
Buy one you'll love it!!!!
Anonymous in Mar 2009
the soft is a bit too soft, so go for the regular. Still, it felt oh so good!! =)
Anonymous in Oct 2008
I just received the medium in soft silicone tonight, and am wearing it right this minute. I had to warm up for a while with the large SquarePeg plug. The ridge on the medium acorn plug is pretty big, and when it slipped in at first it was kind of a shock. Now my ass is throbbing and I'm having chills it feels so big in there. I think it'll take a while to train up to being comfortable wearing it for prolonged periods to stretch me wide open, but I already love it. Highly recommended!
Anonymous in Feb 2008
Just purchased the medium Acorn Plug and have found it a delight. That last lip is a thrill bump, and to my surprise, once in, it stays in. Love the feeling of the ass wrapped around the very large button section. You get stuffed full and stretched wide. Fun to sit on and rock back and forth.
Anonymous in Feb 2007
I have the small and its wonderful. I need to stretch a little first with fingers or the large Plug (D476). If I don't prepare enough, it hurts like hell. Really packs a wallop, what fun. The full feeling is simply the best. Can't leave it in for long though--wish I could. I'd like to buy the medium and large at some point and use one right after the other. I can only imagaine how great it will feel. Yummmmm!!!!
Anonymous in Oct 2006
I have all 3, ...very addictive and way fun. Best to have something in your mouth when the big one goes in though...you'll need a really good distraction. ;)
Anonymous in Apr 2005
Glad I got the small cause this guy is big! Spent over an hour stretching and stretching and finally got to the "ring". Another 15 minutes and suddenly if felt like it had been shot into my ass. Get past the ring and it is suddenly sucked into your ass, what an intense sensation. Came almost immediately and then had to wait awhile before my ass relaxed enought to pull the acorn out. Serious stretching and intense feelings. Great toy
Anonymous in Apr 2005
Nice fit, slips in easily, the ridge stimulates, and it wants to stay put. Wow!
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