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Remote Control Power Box

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Remote Control Power Box
Remote Control Power Box
ErosTek Two Channel Remote Controlled E-Stim Unit

Pocket-Sized and 100% Remote Controlled!

Imagine a device that slips into your pocket and is completely controlled by a tiny 4-button remote control for portable, public, and BDSM fun... it's HERE! And it's packed full of features and power!

• Full Function Remote - Prevents tampering with adjustments
• 10 Modes allow variety of stim from erotic to BDSM training
• Internal Microphone - Allows creative audio-based stimulation
• Lighted Display - Allows easy operation even in low light/dark
• 100' Range - Consider the possibilities!
• Compact Design - small enough to be "worn" on the body
• High Intensity - More intesity than TENS units
• Auto Shut Off - Saves battery life
• Medical Grade Bipolar Waveform - Enhances the feel and safety

Multiple Remote Codes - Prevents interference with other units

Photo shows the ET302R remote unit being used with the Mr. S Leather "E-Bead" E120

Just as great as the much larger ET-312B. There are two audio modes as well, which allow you to stim along with the music or other sounds present nearby -- or immobilize your subject by making it impossible for him to move without getting jolted! And three training modes provide a "dog-collar" effect which delivers stimulation only when one of three buttons are pressed on the remote control! The possibilities are (as you see) extensive!

Anyone hoping to take their e-stim "out on the town" or hand the controls to someone else, even across the room will want this unit. For all of its BDSM abilities, it also works perfectly as a portable pleasure unit for solo purposes. And the bright, 2-digit LED display and glow-in-the-dark modes list (on the top of the unit) are visible by day and night.

Bottom Line: This fucker's great! We Love It! What's Included:

(1) ET-302R dual-channel power unit (1) Digital 4-button remote control (2) 48" banana plug leadwires (1) Illustrated User Guide and ... Batteries are Included!

For full product specifications, please Click Here

Have questions about which accessories we might recommend? Need to know what connectors you might need for your power box? Give us a call or write us an email. We’re experts. 800-746-7677 and We’ll make sure you get what you need to open the box and get off!
Add Additional Key Chain Remote Control [E330]  No  Yes (add $30.00)
Price: $399.95
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Customer Reviews
Robert in Jun 2013
I have a lot of respect for the simplicity of its design. The ET302R is very small, very discrete and very powerful. My previous experience is with an eStims Systems 2A that I bought in 2010. I frequently run this box on High-power settings and at 80%+ frequently hitting 100% power settings. I had begun to think I was highly resistant to this stuff. But I began to question it when demo'ing elctro for certain people that they too quickly got to a very high power setting.

The ET302R has tons and tons of reserve power to take me places I've not yet contemplated. In today's first use out of the box, wearing a Mr S most-comfortable electro plug and a set of (included) blue-bands around cock and base of balls; this toy provided extreme sensation at 30% power on cock and 40% on butt. Having slid into my neoprene sleep sack (not zipped) I was soon writhing and squirming to the random mode and panting into my gag.

Controls are simple & straight forward. 4-button remote lets you do all, and the #7 training mode is INTENSE! Read your manuals folks - 3 can produce serious sensation and had me (electro sensual sadist?) about ready to flop off the med in my sleepsack like a giant tuna!

If you are tempted to step up from the lower-cost units; I can tell you that for not-much more than the mid-level stuff you end up with so much better a sensation. The harshness of the modes is gone and you're left with wonderful sensations. During an early part of the testing I would swear I was being rimmed AND stroked with the ET302R and the connections I described above. It was some magic intersection of patterns in the random mode and it took my breath away.

Bottom line: control boxes are important than the other toys when you are thinking electro. Spend the money, or realize if you start cheaper and like it - you'll be buying a better box eventually. I also bought the ET301 at same time (couldn't decide) so it will be interesting to see how the two compare. For now the ET302R sits quietly awaiting my pup to come back this weekend...
Lee in May 2010
This thing is a blast! Love making my pup wear it out to the bar or restaurant. It's even more fun to pass the remote around to my buddies. Definitely my (and his) favorite toy.

Anonymous in Mar 2006
HOT fukin fun!! Controlling his pain from across the room is intense. The built-in mic... well, he kept doing it to himself. Am now considering adding a 301R to the stable so that I can create my own waves. The idea of driving my own waves thru him is hot! ;-)
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