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Hitachi Magic Wand

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Hitachi Magic Wand
Hitachi Magic Wand

The original Hitatchi Magic Wand was been renamed. The Magic Wand Original, formerly known as the Hitachi Magic Wand, has been the best-selling massager/vibrator for over 30 years. This wand always takes care of business when you need it the most and will never let you down. The Hitachi Massager is known as the “King of Vibrators” and has gained major worldwide popularity through years of consistent design and durability.

This 'Massager' vibrator is amazing. It is the difference between a powerful Harley Davidson motorcycle between your thighs or riding a Moped. This Original is the Harley. There are two variable speeds, though you'll probably never need the high speed one. Well, maybe some of you wild ones might. Highly recommended for stimulation of the butt, nips or balls. If you have a butt plug up his ass, you can place the vibrating head of this Original up against the base of the plug to drive him crazy.

This item is 110V and does not work well with power converters. As damage will likely occur to the wand when using a converter, we cannot ship this piece outside of North America.


Wonder Wand Attachment
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Hitachi Magic Wand




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