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Forceps with Rubber Jaws

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Forceps with Rubber Jaws
Forceps with Rubber Jaws
Forceps with Rubber Jaws

For a lot of guys their tits are hard wired almost directly to their cocks. Pinch, twist, bite, clamp, squeeze or slap their nipples and their cock will stand up.

These Medical Forceps with rubber jaws inserts are the perfect clamp for almost anywhere on the body. They have a 4 ratchet adjustability from a soft squeeze to 'mother fucker, that hurts' The rubber inserts will keep them from slipping off the tits even when they are sweaty or slippery from lube.

These are sold in pairs, but many people have 2 or 3 sets of them so you can use them in multiples as seen in some of these pictures. You can tell we love to play with these here at Mr. S, since we have so many pictures up here of them in use. The finger holes on the ends also give you a point to tie these off to some other object after clamping them on your victim. Every tit clamps collection should have a set or two of these and they'll soon become your favorites.
Price: $36.95
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Customer Reviews
Anonymous in Feb 2014
I love these clamps! I like to put them on upside down so gravity pulls them down, if I'm not applying weights to them. I also like to use them on the little flap of skin directly above the navel, very sensitive area and I don't see a lot of folks taking advantage of that.
Anonymous in Jun 2013
These are the best tit clamps ever. I like to get my tits ready for them with some suction, then the pressure these things deliver is truly beastly painful. I just use black rubber suckers, but any tit suckers will get them standing at attention for the clamp of a lifetime.

PS. even clamped all the way down, enough pressure will pull them off, but it hurts like hell. Which is the point, isn't it? Enjoy!
Matthew in Jul 2007
These are a must-have for any tit pig & one of my favorites! If the first ratchet setting is too intense, you can clamp them on any hard material about 1/4-inch thick (such as a block of wood) to slightly bend them. You still have two more "settings" to increase the pain.
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