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30' Hemp Rope- 8mm Red

Twisted Monk
30' Hemp Rope- 8mm Red

We’re super excited to be carrying some of the best bondage rope out on the market. Twisted Monk is the oldest and most trusted name in hemp bondage rope. The guys over at Twisted Monk are serious about their rope and that’s why it’s the rope of choice for many bondage enthusiasts. To this day every piece of rope is inspected by Monk during the production process so he can be sure you are getting the best damn product out there.

The deep and rich red color of this rope will look great against your subs body. Mix it up with some black rope for a true bondage masterpiece. The 6mm is a very versatile diameter that’s a great starter width for someone just getting started in rope bondage. 8mm rope will distribute pressure over a wider surface and is favored by some for tying larger bodies or more muscular guys. Knots tied in 8mm rope are bulkier and take up more length, so consider that when deciding on your lengths. We carry both 15’ and 30’ hanks depending on how much rope you need. 15’ is great for binding wrists and hog ties. 30’ is your best choice for full body bondage and suspension.

Twisted Monk rope is conditioned by hand through a carefully honed process that means this rope is ready to use right out of the package. Made from the finest Romanian and German hemp and finished with bomb-proof whippings so this rope is super strong. Most importantly, each hank of rope is handled with care to ensure safety.

All Twisted Monk rope is ethically sourced and the conditioning and dye processes are ecologically sound, vegan friendly and 100% safe for use on all parts of the body.

Hemp Rope is fairly easy to maintain and typically doesn’t need to be washed unless it gets dirty. There is no need to re-oil unless it has been washed since the rope will naturally absorb the body’s natural oils keeping it soft and supple. It’s recommended to store your rope in loose coil or braids.

In order to preserve the integrity of the rope fibers Twisted Monk suggests washing your rope as infrequently as possible.

Instructions for Washing:
• Knot your rope and place it into an old pillow case and tie off the bag. Do not mix your rope colors during your first couple of washings as there may still be trace amounts of dye that may bleed.
• Wash ropes on the shortest, gentlest, cycle possible using cold water and a small amount of Rope Soap or a delicates/lingerie wash. Use an extra spin setting if available to remove excess water, to reduce your drying time.
• When the cycle is complete, leave the rope knotted up as wet hemp is next to impossible to untie. Allow your rope to hang dry for about two days. When the outside of the rope feels dry, unknot and let dry for a few more days. Rope may take 4-5 days to fully dry depending on the humidity.

Instructions for Re-Oiling:
• Apply a very light application Rope Oil or scent free baby oil to your hands and run the rope lengths through your hands a few times. It is advised not to use plant- or animal- based oils as they can quickly become rancid, destroying your rope. If you do not have access to suitable oil, simply using the rope on skin or running the rope through your hands several times will soften and transfer your body oils to the rope.

Instructions for Removing Wax from Hemp Rope:
• Place your rope into the freezer for at least one-hour.
• Remove your rope from the freezer and flex the wax-coated areas of rope. Wax will flake off, so we recommend doing this over a drop cloth or outdoors.
• Repeat this process if needed, followed by washing according to the instructions above.
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