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4pc Dittel Sound Set Sizes 16-22fr

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Individual Dittel Sounds

If you are new to sounding or just a sounder that knows what he wants, then this is the sounding set for you. The set includes 4 high quality stainless steel Dittel Sounds at a price you won’t want to miss! While some other kits may give you more sizes, the sizes in this kit are the most common (and safest) for your sounding play. Plus they come with a custom designed cloth carrying case to make storing your sounds safe and easy.

Includes sound sizes 16, 18, 20 and 22.

Guide: Sound Gauge Sizing

French Gauge (fr) Equivalent Diameter (millimeters)
16 fr. 5.3 mm
18 fr. 6 mm
20 fr. 6.7 mm
22 fr. 7.3 mm
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