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Jobmaster 12"

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Jobmaster 12"
Jobmaster 12" - Wesco

Wearing the Wesco 12" Job Masters makes one simple statement: I LOVE BOOTS!

Lace these puppies up, plant your foot in your boy's crotch and own him. These boots radiate rugged sexual energy. Wear these shit-kickers to the bar, out on the town, on the bike, or down in your private dungeon and you're sure to get noticed! If you know anything about boots, you know the name WESCO means the BEST there is. Sure you can wear these 12" high lace-up Jobmasters for construction work, riding your motorcycle, or fighting forest fires, but you'll love just wearing these because they look and feel so sexy on your feet. Plus they function as a heavy-duty boot for heavy-duty work. You will appreciate the comfort, support and protection of our Jobmaster boots over the hours you spend on your feet. Whatever your charge, you'll look fucking hot in these boots! Order your true shoe size. Hand made in the USA. These boots come with a tan lacing, but you can replace that with a Black lacing as shown in some of these pictures.

Wesco Standard Features:
• Full-grain leather
• Rolled-leather top facing
• Heavy white stitching for extra strength
• Solid brass studs and eyelets
• Full-leather gusset
• Full-leather counter pocket
• Full-leather vamp lined with leather
• Hard toe
• Non-corrosive steel shank
• Sweat resistant full-leather insole
• Full-leather midsole
• Leather heel base
• Sturdy Vibram sole and heel
• Removable Lace Guard

Boot width is D

If you'd like a non-stock option or we are out of inventory please allow approximately 12-16 weeks for your order to arrive as they are carefully hand-crafted and made to order.


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Jobmaster 12"



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