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The Boy Trainer

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The Boy Trainer
The Boy Trainer - Silicone Cock Cage

Mr. S carries these all medical grade silicone chastity cages in 3 styles. The Smooth inside sheath and the Spiked Inside Punisher. You can lock your boy up or yourself, in the Smooth inside sheath (CB071 & CB079) and wear it comfortably for days or weeks at a time. The spiked Punisher (CB072) starts to get annoying after a few hours. But stay locked up in it anyway and deal with it. The thick silicone ball splitter on both styles separates your balls to either side of the strap beside having your cock locked into the silicone sheath.

Both styles are easy to wash and hypoallergenic. Their solid closing mechanism leaves the wearer in a flexible yet secure device, very comfortable to wear as it fits the male anatomy perfectly. The sheath may be crushed yet remain unbroken. And regardless of what you wear, it remains completely invisible under any clothes.

The cock ring size is about 1 3/4 inches in diameter... but because this is silicone it could stretch up to a 2" size or with the tightening of the strap, down to about a 1 1/2 inch diameter ring. So this one size should fit most guys fine.

The "Punisher" sheath (CB072) is equipped with 17 inside spikes made of flexible silicone.

The sheath contains 17 silicone spikes which will bite into the head of your cock as soon as you start to get hard.. The spikes are made of flexible silicone, but prolonged usage may provoke extreme sensations and annoy the piss out of your boy. This is the device to use to punish him for a few days or if he's a Pig, keep him locked up in this one All the time.

As in any of these chastity devices, including the CB3000 series, they are Not escape proof. With some maneuvering and pulling you can slip them off. It's the nature of plastic or silicone. But these are so comfortable to wear, you won't really want to get out of them. Plus since these are made from a soft thick silicone, they can't crack or break like the plastic sheaths may.

If you enjoy Chastity as part of your sexual play.... you should definitely add one of these devices to your collection. (Or one of each style). It will quickly become one of your favorites to wear for long periods of time. Lock included.

Measurements for Both styles....

Total sheath plus cock ring length: 3.7 inches (95 mm)
Ring length: 30 mm: 1.18 inches (30 mm)
Sheath length : 2.53 inches (65 mm)
Tube diameter : 1.30 inches (33 mm)
Number of air holes: 7
Minimum silicone thickness: 0.15 inches (4 mm)

It is so comfortable you will tend to forget you are wearing a chastity device; thanks to its numerous air holes, you can wear the sheath every day, go to the bathroom, wash yourself without ever having to remove it. It is easy to put on but, once it is closed, not so easy to get off.

Imported from Birdlocked of Switzerland - the Original makers of the silicone chastity cage. If there's a specific product outside our collection that you would like us to order for you, please let us know (800) 746-7677.


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Anonymous in May 2015
My Boyfriend asked me to give up genital sex for Lent this year by sporting The Boy Trainer. While I balked at first, I decided to do what he asked. I had no problems wearing it almost non-stop due to its extreme level of comfort, removing it only once for a few hours at around the midpoint of the seven weeks of forced chastity. It's so comfortable, I begged to have my cocked locked up only a few days later, since I missed how great it make my junk feel! Four weeks later, my dick is still locked away. Guess I'm a naturally born Boy. The Boy Trainer is another fantastic product offered by Mr-S.Leather. Have your Boy give it a try for a few weeks -- or longer.
Anonymous in Feb 2015
Bought this little guy a few years ago to ease my curiosity with chastity. I had worn it for a few hours, here and there a few times since, but mainly it stayed in the drawer. That all changed.

Thanks to my Sir, I am on day 3 of my first week of training in chastity. This short time has completely changed my perspective on this device.

Before, It was fun-more a novelty. Now, I look at it like a necessity. It is named quite perfectly, as well. I am more submissive, more attentive and far more eager to please-all thanks to the constant sensation of being secured and unable to release until Sir says otherwise. I couldn't be happier.

Being relatively inexperienced, the silicone construction made sense for my first time device. Being able to deform and flex has made it an easy addition to my every day life. It is very comfortable-until you start to grow-that prolonged pressure can be rather intense. It encourages control over one's urges. I highly recommend spending some quality time in the boy trainer.

I know I am looking forward to my time ahead.
Anonymous in Nov 2011
i'm wearing the Punisher. Total trip. The silicone ring pushes my balls way out, producing constant sensation whenever i move. i cannot put the product on the regular way; i have one very large and one very small nut, and the little guy keeps slipping back thru the ring. So, Plan B:
i wrap my cock and balls with twine to trap all the tackle. Then i separately wrap my balls tightly with a long lace. Remove the twine. Lube everyone up. Lace extends through a hole in the bottom of a metal drinking glass. i lube up the outside of the metal, slide the silicone ring down over the glass, beginning at the small end, of course, until it is poised to slip off the wide end. i put the other end of the lace on a doorknob, stuff all the tackle into the metal glass, push the glass tightly against my crotch, and while pulling tightly on the lace (to pull my equipment into the glass), i edge the ring just over the wide rim. The ring snaps onto my junk, trapping everyone nicely. Remove the lace, apply some lotion, stick the dick into the prickly cage, and we're almost done. i found the clear strap and plastic plug were not tight enough, so now i use a hose clamp, which threads through the lower strap, and lets me tighten the ring on better. Looking to drill some holes in the hose clamp to take a lock. As of now, i take it off only once a week for shaving. For routine showering, i remove the hose clamp, take little dicky out of the cage, and wash everything off in the shower. Then back he goes, and back on goes the hose clamp.
slave steve.

- - Wow! Send us pics...
Stephen in Nov 2011
When my Punisher gets to be too intense, I switch back to my Boy Trainer - original model. I found my cock literally pushes it off my balls in my sleep on occasion. (Okay, so my balls are not so big) I switched out the strap and lock for cable ties for a tighter, but not too tight, fit. Works like a charm for me.
Anonymous in Mar 2011
Easiest way to get it on is to tie a piece of string or something similar around your cock and balls to keep the balls from migrating inside your body while you're trying to squeeze them through.

If you ordered the right size, once you are locked in, you aren't getting out.
Anonymous in Mar 2011
All the reviews mention the challenge of getting this thing on, but none says what the solution is. Here's what I worked out:

First off, be sure to loosen the clear plastic band. Secondly, lube your cock and balls. Squeeze your balls through one at a time. There will probably be some pain getting the second one through, but what boy doesn't welcome ball pain? Then, push the tip of your dick through and keep pushing until it emerges on the other side of the ring so that you can pull it all the way through. The reason for doing it in this order is that the balls are much more malleable than the cock, which has some structure to it and can only be compacted so much if you're trying to push your balls through after getting the cock through. With the balls already inside the ring, you can move them to the sides to make room for your cock.

Have fun!
Anonymous in Mar 2011
It feels great - rides easy but gives you that feeling of security that every "boy" needs.

For getting it on, it's tricky, but here's the trick: Lube your tackle (cock and balls), then push each ball through the ring. When both balls are inside, push your (flaccid) dick through the ring. Your dick can take a good deal of abuse and isn't nearly as sensitive to the compression as the balls are, which is why you do the balls first - trying to get them through after your dick is through is too painful (unless you're into that kind of pain).
Anonymous in Sep 2010
Blows away the plastic models. i prefer the punisher which can be difficult to wear under tight jeans as any movement can cause friction with the spikes.
Robert in Feb 2010
It's a son of a gun to get this thing on, but when it's on...OOOOH!!!! I have worn mine for 7 days at a time and only remove it for cleaning.
On a scale 1 to 10 i give it an 11!!!
robert c ferguson
Anonymous in Jan 2010
For larger boys (i am 6'3" and 300 lbs with rather large balls) this item will be difficult to put on. Once i managed to get it on, it was more comfortable than any of the acrylic chastity items.

The Boy Trainer

Silicone Cock Cage



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