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The Punisher

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The Punisher
The Punisher - Silicone Cock Cage

This "Punisher" sheath is equipped with 17 inside spikes made of flexible silicone.

The 17 silicone spikes which will bite into the head of your cock as soon as you start to get hard. The spikes are made of flexible silicone, but prolonged usage may provoke extreme sensations and annoy the piss out of your boy. This is the device to use to punish him for a few days or if he's a Pig, mainly keep him locked up in this one All the time.

Mr. S carries these all medical grade silicone chastity cages in 2 styles. The 'Plain' sheath (Boy Trainer 2.0) and the Spiked Inside Punisher. You can lock your boy up or yourself in the Plain one (CB079) and wear it comfortably for days or weeks at a time. The Punisher (CB072) starts to get annoying after a few hours. But stay locked up in it anyway and deal with it. The thick silicone ball splitter separates your balls to either side of the strap in additional to having your cock locked into the silicone sheath.

Both styles are easy to wash and hypoallergenic. Their solid closing mechanism leaves the wearer in a flexible yet secure device, very comfortable to wear as it fits the male anatomy perfectly. The sheath may be crushed yet remain unbroken. And regardless of what you wear, it remains completely invisible under any clothes.

The Punisher comes in cockring size: 45mm/1.75”, and has some flexibility to stretch wider or to be tightened by the included strap.


Anonymous in Sep 2015
Mine finally arrived in the post. Took a bit of a wrestle to get it on. I've now been out shopping for about 3 hours. I have never wanted to walk so much. It's awesome. Going home to drop the groceries off, then up to the Sunday arvo BBQ at the Laird - cock all spiked up and throbbing.

I'm sure one of my perv. mates will want to know what's bulging in my shorts and want to give it a squeeze. I can't wait.
Anonymous in Jan 2014
I had allowed to be "free" for some time. Last week, that changed. It takes some getting used to, like the pulling of the balls away from the body, and the strap between them. Also, the spikes provide a constant background sensation. The worse? Trying to sleep. Start to get a hard on, and look out - the dick will propel forward, so it jams up against the spikes in the front - right where the pee hole is.
Recommend yes, but be ready for some sensations.
Anonymous in Oct 2013
I've been kept it it for up to 45 days at a time. Mistress is now in complete control. She has added weekly milking sessions, in which I am milked while wearing the Punisher. She then "feeds" me my emissions. Miss also enjoys attaching TENS pads to my balls, and shocking me for the "fun of it".

Anonymous in Jul 2013
The punisher lives up to its' name.

Mistress said I played with her jewels, and neeeded correction.

When it arrived, I was promptly locked in it, after about 10 minutes, I began to have a feeling of something sticking in the head of my cock. It was a spike in the cage. I've now experienced most of the spikes, as I've been kept locked in it for 8 days straight, Mistress has announced 30 days for the introductory break in session.
Anonymous in Jan 2013
I bought the Punisher with great expectations but honestly was disappointed. On the one hand, the spikes are quite soft, so throughout the 24 hours that I wore it, I didn't feel any pain from the spikes - I had expected more. On the other hand, once the Punisher came off, I was surprised that it actually did inflict quite some bruises - both some chafing where the cockring goes around dick and balls at their base, and some dark red bruises on the dick.

And here a naughty tip for locked up guys who still want to come: I managed to insert a flexible electro catheter while having the Punisher on (the piss hole is quite big!) and connected the other electrode to a butt plug. It was an amazing feeling and I did manage to cum!! :-)
Stephen in Nov 2011
This is the coolest gadget. At night, I squeeze the cage when it wakes me up as my cock is trying to get hard (after all it is quite flexible) and drive the spikes deep. What a rush! Yup, I'm a pain pig.
Anonymous in Oct 2011
What do the sizes mean, .40, .45, .50?

ah yes, a bit of a typo that we're fixing now. should read 40mm/1.55", 45mm/1.75" and 50mm/2.00". This refers to the cockring size, so choose the one that's best for you.
Anonymous in Oct 2011
I bought The Punisher and The Boy Trainer five months ago when The Boy Trainer was on sale before the introduction of the new and improved Boy Trainer. The Punisher is addictive. I can't forget it while it's on and I can't forget it when it's off. I also enjoy the silicone devices more than the CB2000 series. Neither is escape proof without a piercing, but the silicone devices are much more pliable in daily life. Thanks for the punishment!
Anonymous in Oct 2011
My biggest turn on is the way my balls are split, which is why I've got a permanent hard on. Frank
Anonymous in Oct 2011
It's 3am here (in the UK) I took the Punisher off because of the pain, 10 minutes later it's back on! Frank
Anonymous in Sep 2011
Wow, just took it off after 24 hours. I had a hard on all the time which made it very painful. It's been off an hour can't wait to put it back after my shower.
Anonymous in Jun 2011
I ordered the punisher and it came on June 15, 2011. I was so eager to put it on, after it arrived, and to tell the truth its still on. I can't get enough of how it sends tingles of joy through the tip. Great item for anyone who enjoys this type of chastity device.
Anonymous in May 2011
OK, the Punisher came. I put it on. No big deal. At first. That was 24 hours ago. My tune has changed dramatically. Every time I move, it bites me. It hurts, but it's good. The Punisher bit me several times while I was sitting still in a financial meeting today. Well, I thought I was sitting still. My cock kept protesting about the pain, so maybe not. Desperately want it off me for work tomorrow as I should concentrate at work. But the key is not available... Guess I will not be able to concentrate fully tomorrow. Doubt I'll get a good night's sleep either. Awesome!
Stephen in May 2011
I have a Boy Trainer, which was great and recently ordered a Punisher as well. Why did I wait? The Punisher rocks!!
Anonymous in Dec 2010
Starting at the end of August, I wore The Punisher almost full-time for about 90 days, fulfilling a promise to myself that it can be worn long-term. I became acclimated to the constant irritation to the head of my dick, and no, it never went away. As time passed, I eagerly enjoyed the pain caused by the spikes as they dug into my semi-erect cock. I also enjoyed the tight feeling of the cock ring separating my genitals from my body. I couldn't imagine releasing my package from this great product, enjoying the months of constant irritation, confinement, and chastity. During this time period, I didn't masturbate or ejaculate and didn't miss them. I really enjoyed being fully chaste. Perhaps the non-stop irritation of the head of my dick was somehow a substitute for sexual stimulation.

I did remove The Punisher once weekly to clean my goods, shave my pubic hair, and check for any unusual wear and tear to my dick and ball sack. Once out of the shower, I'd lube up my genitals and shove them back into the confines and security of The Punisher until the next check. I also placed some lube on the inside of the cock ring and on my shaven pubes to minimize chafing. One day, I accidentally drew a tee-shirt across my uncaged cock head, finding the sensation unpleasant in comparison to the spikes of my dick prison.

Wearing The Punisher to the gym was a real cock-teaser and thrill both having the head of my dick pressed against the spikes during certain exercises as well as the possibility of someone seeing my trapped penis when I changed in the locker room.

Towards the end of three months of almost constantly wearing The Punisher, the head of my dick needed a much-needed break. Some of the spike-induced dimples bled on occasion, and the constant friction of the spikes along the outer edges of my cock was beginning to become unbearable. I also had developed some chafe marks on my ball sack. So, sadly, I packed away The Punisher in its case to let my penis rest and recover. I have every expectation of again wearing The Punisher, hoping that I endure many more than three months of chastity with my cock imprisoned in The Punisher.
Anonymous in Sep 2010
I ride a crotch rocket (sportbike) and have been looking for a device I could wear while riding. The steel and hard plastic devices I own don't cut it due to their lack of flexibility. I almost went for the boy trainer - but opted for the Punisher because I wanted to be reminded that I was locked up. The feeling of the spikes pushing into my cockhead while my groin was pressed against my bike's tank was amazing. Add to that the vibrations of the 193hp 4-cylinder engine - and needless to say I oozed (what felt like) quarts of precum on my nightly ride to my gym! I love/hate this thing!
Anonymous in Aug 2010
I saw The Punisher on your website and was immediately intrigued. The description and customer reviews convinced that I had to buy one. Male chastity, especially forced male chastity, has always been one of my fantasies, knowing that diminishing the focus on my own genitals would significantly heighten my focus on pleasing the muscle studs around me. A discomfort or pain can be a real turn-on, especially if it can't be stopped.

The Punisher arrived on Monday. I quickly tore open the box and stuffed my package into the device. My dick started to get hard as soon as I donned my new toy and clicked the brass lock shut. At first The Punisher was comfortable providing a tight fit where the balls and dick join my body and a loose fit around the head, but after a while, I began to appreciate how the little spikes helped give this chastity device its name. I started to squeeze the end of the toy, pressing the spikes deeper into my dick. It hurt so good! What a great invention. I didn't want to take it off, so on it stayed.

I had a difficult time falling asleep and staying that way. Like other reviewers, I also sleep on my stomach. With each change of body position, my body weight would press into my dick, waking me up. I started to squeeze and otherwise manipulate my dick through The Punisher to see how much discomfort I could tolerate. I guess I have a streak of masochism in me!

While The Punisher does leave the head of my dick sore, isn't that the point? If I had wanted male chastity to be easy, I would have purchased the Boy Trainer. I am beginning to really enjoy the constant irritation, whether through movement, attempts at an erection, or self-inflicted. It's all part of the pleasures of The Punisher.

Going forward, The Punisher will remain on my dick at all times. I don't foresee any reasons to remove it, demonstrating that it can be a great long-term male chastity device. Thus, I have no sympathy for other customers who removed the source of so much pleasure after only a day or two.

I'm SO glad that I made this purchase. It's making the big change in my life that I was hoping. For those considering the Boy Trainer, step up to the plate and get The Punisher. Lock it on, secure the keys, and rest assured that the wearer (you or your boy) will quickly start to grow some real balls.

Anonymous in May 2010
I absolutely love the feel of this thing, but a word of warning, if you don't have some loose low-hangers it's a bit of a challenge to get into...but wow, it was totally worth it to be able to experience the deliciously evil sensation of those little spikes taunting my dick with every slightest hint of arousal.
Anonymous in Apr 2010
Here is what happened 2 minutes after I posted the review:
So, after three days of my wearing The Punisher , my boyfriend says he wants me to fuck him. He had me down on my knees sucking his cock, and my cock is straining against the spikes. He gives me the key, and I unlock The Punisher.
My cock is throbbing and I pull it out of the sheath, though there's no way slip the cock ring part off while I'm hard. The feeling of the spikes rubbing against my cock as I pulled it out of the sheath was intense. My cock was engorged and as I spit on my hand and started to jerk it, the feeling was INCREDIBLE.
All the spikes had made my cock head super sensitive and the feeling of jerking off was like nothing I had ever experienced! Since I couldn't get The Punisher off, I just held the sheath part out of the way as I fucked my boyfriend. Again, the feeling was fantastic! He shot his load, and I pulled out still rock hard. He let me jerk off some more, but he forbade me to shoot. A quick shower cleaned me up, and after I relaxed I was able to lock my cock back into the sheath.
So I got a brief reprieve and an intense sexual experience, and I still haven't cum, and my cock is still locked up!!
Anonymous in Apr 2010
I had been gone on a business trip for about 9 days. I jerked off on Sunday night in the hotel, and vowed not to jerk off on Monday night because I was coming home to my boyfriend on Tuesday evening. Surfing porn on the internet (especially the hot stories and pics on METALBOND) made me pretty horny. Before I got on the plane Tuesday, I emailed my boyfriend and asked him to set out The Punisher , handcuffs, and leg irons for me when I got home. I landed around 9:00 PM and was getting myself worked up on the drive home from the airport thinking about having my cock locked in the Punisher. This was Tuesday evening, and my plan was to have my boyfriend lock my cock in it when I got home and stay in it until I went back to work on Thursday morning, if I could stand it. My previous record in The Punisher had been 24 hours. Well, I am writing this on Friday evening, and my cock is still locked in it; almost 72 hours so far, and no end in sight!

So, back on Tuesday evening, I got home, kissed the bf, stripped off my suit and put on the Punisher and handed the keys over to my boyfriend. We had hot sex; I was in the leg irons, hands cuffed behind my back, cock bulging against the spikes of the Punisher. He put me in the bathtub and stood on the side of the tub so I could suck his cock. After a bit, he relaxed enough to let loose with his piss, showering me as I gulped about half of it down. Eventually he bent me over and fucked me, shooting a huge load up my ass. All the time my cock is swollen and pressing against those 25 spikes giving me an intensely pleasurable pain. I was still in the leg irons and cuffed behind my back, but he let me out of those so I could shower and come to bed.

Sleeping was difficult, more because I was worked up, horny, and still on west coast time. I sleep on my stomach, and the spikes of the Punisher push into my cock, plus when I get hard at night the pain intensifies. The throbbing of my cock pushing into the spikes usually wakes me up, and I toss around a bit before relaxing and going back to sleep.

The next morning we slept in, woke up and my boyfriend once again fucked my face and my ass. I love the feeling of being used and not being able to cum, or even to have him play with my cock or suck me off. It's totally hot to just be his sex slave. By this time, I'm getting used to the feel of The Punisher and am looking forward to getting hard in it because I really like the pain. I also like the feeling of wearing it under my clothes and having the spikes dig in as I sit down or walk. Overall, the device is pretty comfortable; none of the chafing of the CB series.

During the day on Wednesday we went for a short bike ride. I wasn't sure how that would work out with The Punisher on, but it was fine. Again as I pedaled I could feel the spikes sometimes digging in, but overall it was mostly pleasure. Wearing a CB-6000 and riding a bicycle causes my balls to ache, but that didn't happen with The Punisher. So Wednesday evening was more sex, and Wednesday night I slept better in it.

Thursday morning I had planned to go back to work, but my schedule changed and we ended up running errands all day. The Punisher is great beneath clothes. If I wear tight underwear or a jock, you can't really see it at all under jeans or khakis. Thursday night I woke up again with a raging hard on, or at least an attempted hard on. The pain was pretty intense, but still pleasurable. I found myself flexing my cock as much as I could to press into the spikes, even while I was questioning my ability to withstand the pain. I was man enough and managed to get a decent amount of sleep.

This morning (Friday), I had to go to work, and my bf told me that he had no intention of unlocking me. I normally don't like wearing chastity to work. The office girls check out my package (well, not just me, they are all over all the guy's packages) and they are pretty much eagle-eyed. Not much escapes them. But still, I think The Punisher is pretty much undetectable under my khakis, so off to work I went. I work with a bunch of mechanics, plus there is a bunch of heavy construction going on at the adjoining facility, and I love the feeling of having my cock locked up around all these macho, hot guys.

And that brings me up to now. I'm perfectly happy long term (well, three days so far) in The Punisher and have come to love the spikes. The great thing about this is the constant stimulation of my cock, and I'm guessing that when this comes off I'm really going to miss that.

So for all you pansy-assed pussies that whine about how these spikes would be too intense for more than a few hours, I say MAN UP and get over it.

Anonymous in Apr 2010
I was over worked and over stressed. I lost interest in everything because I worked all day then came home to work on my doctorate. I hadn't even bothered to masturbate for weeks. It was like a gay deathbed and my partner was getting concerned and angry about it.
So he happened to see this little contraption and decided to order one. He knows I'm into chastity even though we haven't played with anything for months.
We went to a nice steakhouse for dinner to celebrate New Years. My partner handed me a small gift that he said didn't come in time for Christmas. I opened it right smack dab in the middle of the restaurant. I quickly closed the gift box and sat it beside me in my chair. I smiled, feeling flushed from embarrassment.
I agreed to try it on when we got home from the restaurant. I struggled with it a bit but finally got it on. My partner slipped the lock into it saying, "Maybe since you don't care about having sex with me, we'll just lock junior up, since he's worthless any way."
I didn't get a chance to adjust to it; it's been locked on since the night I slipped into it.

The moderate pain and stimulation makes me feel horny. I don't ask to have it off because I remember my partner's penetrating blue eyes when he told me my cock was worthless. The constant stimulation from the Punisher has stimulated my libido. I think I am getting back to my nasty, sex driven self.
The Punisher remains in place.
Anonymous in Apr 2010
So far, the longest that I had worn the Punisher was about 4 or 5 hours. Then, last week I went on a short business trip and I wore it overnight for the first time. I put it on around 7:00 PM after I got back from a dinner meeting. This time my balls went through the cock ring part a lot easier. I think it works better when I'm a little warm and my balls are hanging loose. After getting my balls and cock in the ring portion, I lubed up my cock and shoved it into the spiked tube. Wow! I absolutely love that feeling!! I like how the device gives a little, and especially how it separates my balls.

Anyway, I surfed some porn on the internet, and enjoyed the sensations of getting hard, semi-hard, and going soft again. I'm getting accustomed to the pain from the spikes, and for the most part is it enjoyable.

Normally I sleep on my stomach, and that puts some pressure on my cock so the spikes dig in some. I dozed off, and soon I discovered how often you get hard while you sleep! Every time I would doze off and my cock would get hard, the pain from the spikes would wake me up. The whole feeling is very erotic and frustrating. I really wanted to just rip the device off and shoot my load, but I didn't. Needless to say, I slept rather fitfully, and my cock was frustrated and sore by morning. I showered with the Punisher on, but I took it off right before I left my hotel room at 7:00 AM, so I had it one for 12 hours. There were little indentations on my cock head, but overall, my cock didn't seem too worse for the wear.

For a while that day I noticed that the head of my cock was pleasantly sore, very much like your nipples are the next day after a good work out. I liked the feeling of that against my underwear during the day and rubbed my cock head a few times every time I took a piss at the urinal.

A couple of days later I had the opportunity to put the Punisher back on. I put it on at home around 7:00 PM again, and once more I was headed off to a hotel to work at a remote site an hour or so away. I did the same routine of watching porn and enjoying getting hard off and on. This time I had left the keys in my car, so I could have gotten them if I wanted to get dressed and go out in the freezing cold to retrieve them. That night was spent just like the other one, waking up as I would get hard in my sleep, then dozing off again, getting hard, waking up, and so on.

The next morning I showered with the Punisher on and decided to leave it on as I went to work. There was almost no bulge under my khakis, so I didn't think anyone would notice. My job requires some intense concentration, so I was a little hesitant about wearing something that would focus me on my cock rather than work. For the most part it went well. I was aware of my cock the whole day, but still managed to concentrate and perform well. I especially liked going to the urinal wearing the cage on my cock. I think pissing in public in chastity is way hot.

Work ended early, so I had time to drive home and see my boyfriend. By now I was horny as hell, and he was happy to oblige me. My cock was extra hard pressing against the spikes as he fucked my face. I think having my cock in the Punisher was even more of a turn on for him than an ordinary chastity device because of the pain. He fucked my face in several different positions, then he bent me over in front of the mirror and fucked me from behind. I could see my caged and tortured cock swinging underneath me as he pounded my ass. He shot his load, and, of course, I was left frustrated with an aching cock.

After we were through, I had to drive back to the hotel. I got back to the hotel around 7:00 PM, so by now I had had the Punisher on for 24 hours. My cock head was pretty much in a constant, low level pain that I was loving. However, better judgment prevailed and I decided to take it off and to jerk off so I could get a decent night's sleep, which I desperately needed. After a little porn, I unlocked the Punisher and pulled my cock out of the spikes. The relief was immediate. However, after 24 hours, the head of my cock was covered with small abrasions from the spikes. Very small, but there nevertheless. I jerked off quickly and shot a huge load! And that night I got a great night's sleep!

So, all in all, I loved my experiences with the Punisher so far. It's probably not great for long term wear, but FANTASTIC for short term play. Depending on the wearer's cock size, pain threshold, and hardness, it can be a great play or torture device. Another great thing about it is that the soft design doesn't chafe the underside of your balls, and, other than the spikes, it is extremely comfortable to wear. I'm dreaming up all sorts of great scenes, and I can't wait to get into it again.

Oh yeah, after two days out of it, the little abrasions on my cock head are almost gone.
Anonymous in Apr 2010
I've been wearing the Punisher now for 40 hours (two nights and a day). The longest stint I have had prior to this was 24 hours. I have to say that I've gotten used to the spokes and actually *like* the feeling of the spikes digging into my cock head. The spikes dig in at various times, sitting down, while walking, etc., and the feeling is awesome. I like being constantly reminded that the Punisher is on.

I sleep on my stomach, so the my body weight pushes on the spikes when I sleep. This takes a little getting used to. Getting a hard on while I'm sleeping caused me to wake up in pain (I guess the good kind of pain), but even that is getting better. I still very much feel the spikes digging in as my dick gets hard, it just feels really good now.

I've had various kinds of sex maybe 4 times since I put it on--getting fucked, sucking cock, eating ass. I love the feeling of chastity and the pain of those spikes on my cock head.

This is an awesome chastity device. I can't wait to see how I adjust to longer and longer durations.

I haven't yet tried riding a bicycle with it on. I've had problems in the past in a CB-6000 riding a bicycle--ended up with *very* sore balls.
BJ in Dec 2009
The PUNISHER lives up to its name.
My Master caught me masturbating without his permission and said i would be punished. Three day later He received the punisher and put in on me for a 24 hour trial. It wasn't that bad at first but after 3 hours it became annoying and when I woke up in the morning with a piss hardon it hurt like hell. Master removed it and inspected by cock and balls...some marks from the spikes in the head of my dick but no other signs of damage. To complete my punishment i am to wear it for the rest of the week.
It's now been 5 days of agony; i'm in a state of constant discomfort ranging form slight to severe. When completely soft only slight discomfort but with any pressure from movement, clothing, touching or arousal the pain increases. Only 2 days to go and you can be sure this boy learned his lesson!!

The Punisher

Silicone Cock Cage



Key Service:
 No  Yes, Include UPS Return Label & Envelope (add $20.00)
Additional Set of 10 Numbered Locks [CB400L]?
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