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CockSling 2.0

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CockSling 2.0
CockSling 2.0

Our best-selling cockring just got better. The Cocksling 2.0 from Oxballs. Your cock has never looked or felt so good. The Cocksling 2.0 is a hard-core, meaty cock-toy built tough for the long haul. Same function as the original but with improvements all around for comfort and durability. You’ll be plowing boys for a long time with this one. There’s additional material at all the stress points making it stronger and perfect for long-term wear. Each of the openings has been re-designed for a better, more comfortable fit. Plus, it’s made from a more advanced version of Flex TPR- it’s stronger and feels more like silicone.

Safe, non-toxic and phthalate free. Wash with warm soapy water after use. Avoid oil or greased-based lube. Mr. S Bodyglide or water-based lube recommended. Store separately from other stretchy sex toys.


Unit X
Atomic Jock
Mr. S Silicone Cockring
8-Ball Cockring and Ballstretcher
Black - Oxballs
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Silicone Cockring
Our Price: $19.95  



Anonymous in Dec 2016
Omfg, this thing is amazing! It is a good basic stretcher for a beginning ball player like me. The instructional video on the Unit X Stretch helped a lot in figuring out how to put this one on. It fits nice & snug, especially around my nut bag. My balls look and feel so fuckn gr8 in this! I'm beating my engorged, throbbing and precum-leaking slab of cockmeat between sentences as I write this. This Oxballs Cocksling is my new #1 favorite in a growing ball gear collection.
Anonymous in Oct 2016
One of the best cock/ball rings I ever used. It is very comfortable and make my cock stand up rock solid. If you are looking for a great cock/ball ring, this one will bring much pleasure.
Anonymous in Jun 2016
I have had two of these and been conscious of the lube I used with it... both quickly started to separate at the "seams" that were visible in the "casting."
The most recent one lasted three days. I would not buy another one despite how good they feel to wear. I expect more than a couple weeks of use for my 20 bucks.
Kenneth in Jun 2015
Received my CockSling 2.0 yesterday. Could not wait to try it on. Had a little trouble putting it on. An instruction video on your site would be helpful . But I figured it out and wore it all night and love the way it makes my balls look and feel!!! My boyfriend loved seeing me wearing it. A must have!!! Thanks.
Anonymous in Aug 2014
I absolutely love this cock sling! It is really well thought out and designed, you can tell its designed by men for men. It is comfortable and really effective at enhancing erections and I am enjoying the most massive orgasms I have ever had (which is probably a combination of diet, cock sling 2.0 and the incredibly hot silicon Real Doll I'm fucking!)

Great product, service and fast shipping. I look forward to trying more products in the range but Ill always have a cock sling 2.0 in my toy box!
Anonymous in Mar 2014
This cocksling is leaps and bounds better than the previous versions, which seemed to harden over time. Gives the balls a nice squeeze but doesn't choke 'em.... I was completely in awe of the black guy's balls in the photos (who is that guy, anyway? If he works at Mr. S I am on the next flight out and will see you at the store - that guy is fucking hot!!!) The sling makes the sac look tight and beautiful... great accessory...

CockSling 2.0



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