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Neoprene Cockring

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Neoprene Cockring
Neoprene Cockring, Thick or Thin

These neoprene cockrings are constructed from a neoprene material that has just enough stretch so getting them on is easy. Guaranteed to make your cock happy. Can be worn all day without pinching or biting into your skin. Four inside diameter sizes to choose from. The smaller ones can be worn as a 'shaft ring' or light ball stretcher as well. Stack up a couple of the thin cockrings on your balls for a fun experience.

We love these neoprene cockrings....inexpensive, light and comfortable...every collection of cock and ball toys should include a few of these little fuckers.

Thick Version: 5/8" tall and 3/8" thick
Thin Version: 3/8" tall and 1/4" thick

As with all handmade products, there are slight variations to each and the measurements provided are approximate.


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Anonymous in Oct 2016
Note: not included in the description is the inside diameter which is at or slightly more the 1.5". I'm getting lots of use out of this ring. It is soft and comfortable. I have the thin version which, to me, was thicker than I expected. However, I can get it around by rather tight ball bag and engorged penis just fine. It's nice and tight and won't slip off and grab one of your nuts. I use this in conjunction with my two, much thinner, rubber/silicone rings. I'm just discovering the joys of ball play and this neoprene cock ring really fits the bill. It's affordable, too. Mr. S's service was typically amazing. I received this and some other items in less than two days.
Anonymous in Jul 2014
I received the thin version today, put it on and couldn't be happier! I can see wearing this all of the time. Its so comfortable, doesn't pull my hair and pushes everything out nicely.

This was my first order and I can promise I'll be ordering a lot more. Service was wonderful!

Anonymous in Apr 2013
well I hope to fuck I never become allergic to neoprene cause I have worn a neoprene cock-rings and recently started wearing neoprene nut stretchers nearly everyday, found my first neo cock-ring over five year back and the feeling it gives you around your cock and nutz is so natural, have several different sizes now, some for everyday and some tighter ones for wearing during long fuck sessions, unfortunately they don't sell the extra wide cock-ring version anymore, this is the true pig coming out in me but I fucking love the smell after a few days of wearing them..
Anonymous in Apr 2013
I found out something the hard way - really no pun intended; I have a number of neoprene stretchers and rings which I've gotten a lot of use out of. My GP has a sense of humor and a wide range of knowledge; he took one look and said that I have an allergy to neoprene or whatever was used to glue it, probably both." Mr. S sells some neat stuff; and I will miss how they feel. So, no complaints. If you look it up, scuba divers may suddenly become allergic to neoprene products they've worn for a long time.

- - We gets asked a lot about neoprene and how it relates to latex allergies. We usually recommend that if you have a sensitivity to latex, neoprene may not be the best choice for you.
Anonymous in Jan 2013
I bought both the thick & thin. LOVE them both-especially under a jock strap while working out! Will definitly have to get some more!
Anonymous in Dec 2012
This is a super comfortable cock ring, You can wear it non stop if you want to. I bought the narrow one and it still gives your package a nice lift. Travis B.
Anonymous in Oct 2010
Most amazing feel ... and works great! A friend had one of these and I didn't take much notice until I got my own, now I am wearing it almost all the time. Best $12 you could ever spend - you wont want to take it off either!
Randy in Jul 2009
I must say that I have tried many cock rings and have a drawer full of them. This is the best cock ring I have ever had on. No discomfort at all. I will be ordering more of this one. This one is a must have if you are into cock rings.
Randy in Alabama
Anonymous in Jun 2009
Just as the other satisfied customers have said this product is soooooo COMFORTABLE. Gone are the sudden "nips" you get from metal cockrings and ballstretchers. So far so good have worn the neoprene cockring with the narrow neoprene ballstretcher all day without a problem. The next thing I have to do is to get the 2" long ballstretcher to stretch far enough to get my balls into it.
Anonymous in May 2009
This is a super comfortable cockring. I am a college student and enjoy wearing it to class. I sometimes sit through 3 hours of lectures, and not once does it pinch, or get uncomfortable. Definitely a great purchase!!!
Anonymous in Oct 2007
These have to be the most comfortable cock rings made. Love the fact that you can wear them for prolonged periods of time with no discomfort. I actually have worn one for an entire weekend. Just a great product.
Ches in Sep 2007
This is one of the best cockrings I own, and is the one I choose for everyday wear. I work a blue collar job with a lot of physical activity, and this cockring doesn't bind, pinch, chafe or move much at all--even on my nut-sweatiest days. Just a snug grip on my package and a bulge that's even more noticeable than usual. Definitely worth what I paid for it.
Anonymous in Nov 2006
Best cockring that I own! That little bit of "give" makes it comfortable to wear all day.
Anonymous in Aug 2006
Best cock ring I have ever worn

Neoprene Cockring

Thick or Thin



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