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Neoprene Ball Stretcher

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Neoprene Ball Stretcher
Neoprene Ball Stretcher

These Neoprene Ball Stretchers are the most comfortable Ball Stretches you'll ever wear. Can be worn all day without pinching or biting into your skin. The longer ones can also be worn as a thick Neoprene sheath for your cock.

We love our neoprene ball stretchers and cock rings....inexpensive, light and comfortable...every collection of cock and ball toys should include a few of these little fuckers.


Neoprene Cockring
Thick or Thin
Our Price: $11.95  



Anonymous in Oct 2016
I'm new to stretching and at first couldn't get this one on. I played with some other stretchers for a couple of weeks, but tonight I could finally get this one on.

Woof! It seems to be DAMN comfortable. A substantial feel to the ring and a better "grip" than the Ox Balls stretcher I have (one nut kept migrating north when using that one). I'll wear overnight to start, but I'm hoping I can do this one as extended-wear, up to days at a time. Looking forward to moving up to the greater sizes!
Anonymous in Aug 2016
Over a old fashioned type galas work perfectly. Make sure it solid many negative thoughts went through my mind. It's is the most comfortable feeling. It also shows a bulge men should show bulges more often
Anonymous in Oct 2015
This is one of my favorite ball stretchers. Great for travel, constant wear, and I'm just a neoprene lover to boot. You will really enjoy this product!
Anonymous in Nov 2014
Awesome purchase and great customer service! Super fast shipping and thanks for the personal note on the invoice too! Bought the 1.5 inch and got it the other day and loving it! Married guy here and was unsure about ordering this stretcher but have to feels great and love the way it looks too! A bit of a bitch to get on for sure but that was took the guys advice about using a glass and slipping it on that way..actually found a round open mouth container lid from my wife had and used that to slip my nuts in and ease the stretcher on..worked great and very easy! Thanks guys at Mr S for a fun product and for your super service! Look forward to my stretcher upgrade at some point in the future!
Anonymous in Oct 2014
Great feeling between my legs as I walk. I find that pulling my scrotum through then popping my balls in after, gets my package in nice and snugly. I must buy the bigger one now because the smaller one doesn't really stretch my balls, so much as it keeps them from retracting.
Great product
Anonymous in May 2014
I recently bought the 3" ball stretcher and tried many times to get it on. Then I read the reviews and tried the suggestion of using hair conditioner. It worked after a bit of effort. I wore it overnight with no problems and found it very easy to get off. I put it on again this afternoon and agree that it is really difficult. Hopefully I will get the hang of it and it will be easier to get on, the more I use it as it is really worth the effort. I love the feeling.
Anonymous in Sep 2013
Have had the middle size stretcher for a couple years now. Use it weekly and it has held up. After a few months i found i needed more stretch, and discovered that if you slip an oxballs splitz over the neoprene sleeve not only does it feel great but it allows for an adjustable stretch. boys if you've never gotten a blow job while wearing a stretcher treat yourself you'll love it. This neoprene stretcher is comfortable enough to wear all day under pants, and that extra bulge gets noticed!
Anonymous in Aug 2013
I just bought my second 1.5" long, 1.25" ID ball stretcher - after 5 years the old one wore out. I was pleasantly surprised how smooth and comfortable the new one was compared to the old.

I like this a lot because it's great for guys with smaller balls that are really tight - like mine - BUT in order for it to work, I wear a 1.25"ID neoprene cock ring OVER the ball stretcher. This makes the ball stretcher tight enough that I do not have to worry a bout my balls popping up out of it all day long. And I don't shave my pubic hair, so I have to make sure the hairs are not pinched (silicone lube helps a lot!).

Once I have the ball stretcher and the small cock ring on, then I put on a Silver Tongue cock ring - only I put it around just my balls, as a ball ring, above the ball stretcher/cock ring. I wear this all day, it is so comfortable. It gives me that awesome hung feeling and shows off a nice package in my underwear.

If you're not naturally hung, this is an amazing way to get some lift to your balls (the Silver Tongue does this) and get a good bulge from your nut sack (the ball stretcher does this).

Added benefit: I have found that, as a big guy, wearing a ball ring prevents my nut sack from getting constantly pinched between my legs.
Anonymous in Aug 2013
I got my 1.5" stretcher in the mail a couple months ago now, and at first I was having a heck of a time trying to get it over my sack. I found that using a couple stretchy cock rings around it first made it a lot easier to get through, then removing them after it's on. The only trouble I have is how tightly it fits, not that it cuts off circulation, but unless I keep my sack lubed, it pinches the skin and that gets quite uncomfortable in short time. I'm sure with repeated use it will get better and I can enjoy prolonged wear. The best thing I've found to lube it up without making my balls slip out, is a dab of hair conditioner spread around and under the stretcher.
Anonymous in Jul 2013
I got my 3in neoprene ball stretcher in the mail yesterday, I love it. It is a little hard to get on at first but once it's on it feels great. I slept in it last night, showered in it this morning and am wearing it at work right now. Great product!!
Anonymous in Apr 2013
hadn't done much ball stretching before so on a whim I ordered the 1.5" cause my nut sack isn't that big, a bit of a bitch getting it on the first time felt great afterward and it seemed to stretch out my bag pretty good, so in short time I got the 2.25" size, what a motherfucker to get on the first time but this one feels awesome now too and my nutz are stretching nicely, I never want to take this thing off and rarely do, smells hot after a day or two, some guys mentioned having problems with a nut or two slipping back thru as I did at first, so I doubled a wide elastic band and place it around the end nearest my nutz, only had to wear it with the elastic on for a few hours and after that my nutz obeyed and remained where they should. will probably be ordering the next size up any day now, I love the feel of neoprene around my nutz and cock..
Anonymous in Apr 2013
I got this about 3 days ago and also had a hard time trying to get on. I have a 12 X 3 cock pump I stretch it over the 3 in. tube then suck my balls about 1/2 way into the tube,if I have the time I leave the cock pump on for an hour or so,then just slide the ball stretcher onto my sack, there is room for 2or 3 more of these so I am going to try 2 first to see what that does then go for 3 or more---lub every thing inside and out so you can get your balls out of tube---I didn't lub the inside one time then had to have my wife blow into cock pump tube to help get my balls out
Anonymous in Mar 2013
My first ball stretcher and was super exited to get it on. (bought the 1.5 inch). Like everybody has mentioned getting it on was little difficult, but once it was on it was awesome. The problem I am having is that one of my balls slips back through, so basically it wont stay on... but for the time it is one it's awesome. Will have to try again when i have a little more time to play with them.
Anonymous in Jan 2013
got it today, spent ages trying to get the thing on, did not have a suitable glass to try that route, finally managed by the "pull one through...". Now wish there was a smaller interior diameter. But it is comfortable.
Anonymous in May 2012
got this in the mail on Tuesday. Had a heck of time getting it on until I read Philip's advice about stretching it over a 8 oz glass and then laying your balls in the glass. I am very tight and very little stretch but this worked perfectly! Feels great!
Anonymous in Oct 2011
i just got it in the mail yesterday and i never want to take it off if feels so good this is my first stretcher and i love it this is the best feeling in the world its a little tricky to get on at first but once its on youll never want to take it off
Anonymous in Sep 2011
My first ball stretching product to buy. I'm very satisfied so far, but it's hard to keep both of my balls through the stretcher when I'm bending down or something like that. I'm assuming it's more because I'm not even stretched in the LEAST bit yet and that as time goes by I'll fit it better (the 1.5) Maybe I should even tie off my scrotum with a shoelace so that neither of them pull back behind the stretcher.
Michael in Jul 2011
This is an excellent product. I have had my 1.5 for over a year - wore it out. Bought another, upgraded to a new size. I can wear these to work and be comfortable all day. Excellent feel. I highly recommend if you like some stretch and extra swing during sex.
Anonymous in Jul 2011
I just got my new 3in stretcher in the mail. I came straight in from the box and put it on. OMG, feels awesome with just enough pull. Looks GREAT feels even better. I am about to go run errands and can't wait to walk around town with it on. I had been wearing my partners 1.5 in and I new it wasnt enough as I hang lower than him so I got this one.
WOOF, Thanks MSL!!!
JAMES in Jul 2011
awesome product. I bought this for my partner and ended up wearing more than him so I am now purchasing another for myself. VERY comfortable to wear for long periods.
JAMES in Jul 2011
awesome product. I bought this for my partner and ended up wearing more than him so I am now purchasing another for myself. VERY comfortable to wear for long periods.
Anonymous in Jun 2011
im pretty new to ball stretching and consider this an ideal product for noobs like me. the trick is to pull your scrote thru and pop one nut in at a time. believe me it hurts less than that makes it sound :) much easier to get on and off than steel or neoprene rings, and is much more effective at keeping you hard and stretching. also much more fun to wear when fucking and getting sucked.
Anonymous in Jun 2011
I have the short and the mid-size neoprene stretchers. I like the smaller one on top of the larger for a tight, yet comfortable fit.
James M. in Feb 2011
Like most other posters I couldn't wait to try it on. It was like going thru hell to get it on, took over an hour! It took using a more stretchable cockring first to gather my balls into a manageable sack, then stretching out the neoprene ball stretcher as far as possible so it fit over my entire sack. Then I removed the cockring from underneath the ball stretcher. My balls look great, all taunt, vein-popping, and glistening at the end of this 2.25" ball toy!
Anonymous in Jan 2011
I ordered both sizes of the ball stretcher & when they arrived and I attempted to try them out only to realize my balls are too big. I also ordered two Ball Nuts which are great! In fact I'm wearing both of them while writing this! I will use both the other ball stretchers as cock sleeves! =}
Anonymous in Sep 2010
I got mine today and LOVE it. Easy to wear and does not bother me at all. I have had it on while working outside and had no problems.Very soft and does not bind or pinch!
Anonymous in Jul 2010

I bought the 2.25 and the 3 inch about a year ago and they are almost perfect. (I wish they had longer ones; 3.5 and 4 inch would be great).

You put the 2.25 over the 3 inch and then pull your sack through (sack no balls) and when you have enough of your sack pulled through you then just simply push your balls through one at a time no lube necessary (both balls next to each other help prevent them from slipping through). and the 2.25 inch one holds it a lot firmer. and it is so comfortable you can wear it for literally weeks at a time.

Anonymous in May 2010
I just got the 3" stretcher in the mail today, and the first thing I did after I walked in the door with it was put it on. Let me just say that it is fantastic. I've been stretching my balls nearly 24/7 for a few months, and while it's fun to wear the heavy metal, it's not always comfortable or practical. This little fucker fixes that problem perfectly. A respectable stretch on its own, or I can add my 28mm steel stretcher below it for just over 4" of stretch at a quarter of the weight. Perfect!
Anonymous in Apr 2010
I just received mine today and haven't taken it off...I've been oozing precum for like 3 hours and that was AFTER I jacked off. I think the next toy is the worlds most comfortable butt plug...a weekend with my stretcher on and plug in and I will be in heaven! Best buy yet!
Anonymous in Mar 2010
Finally managed to get mine on...had to work to get it stretched far enough to slip over my balls. Feels great, was totally worth the effort.
Bobby in Jan 2010
I've never used a ball stretcher before, but was always intrigued by the idea. I ordered the small one and a pair of nipple suckers and had been anxiously awaiting their arrival. They were here when I got home from work today and I couldn't wait to tear into the package! It took some doing, as my nuts are very tight and close to the body, but I got it on and it feels great! My cock won't stop oozing precum, although that may be due to the nipple suckers...I don't ever wanna take those little fuckers off!
Jerrit in Sep 2009
Fantastic comfort after wearing it all day. After trying nearly everything of various prices... I can even wear this sleeping and comfortable as can be.
Anonymous in Aug 2009
Just received mine in the mail yesterday. Of course I had to put it on immediately. After fiddling a little I found a couple easy ways to get it on (the 1 1/2 inch model). It is very comfortable, but I can definitely feel it, which is what I wanted. I wore it all night and this morning during an extended masturbation session. No pain or discomfort at all. I love it, and might try some other neoprene products now.
Anonymous in Jun 2009
The 3" neoprene stretcher is the only one I use. The easiest way to get it on is to first put on my old leather (with snaps) ball stretcher. I place several fingers of each hand inside the neoprene stretcher and squish it down while stretching it open larger. It easily slips over my balls and all the way past my leather stretcher. Then, I unsnap the leather stretcher and remove it. The 3" neoprene stretcher goes right into place, looks and feels extremely hot, and stays perfectly comfortable all day long.
Anonymous in Jun 2009
Mine arrived today and I have been wearing it for eight hours without any problems.
Anonymous in Jun 2009
I just got mine tonight and WOW! Though it's a bit hard to figure out how to get on and can be quite frustrating- I pulled the sack skin (all of it) through first, then popped one ball through at a time--I was amazed at the comfort! WOW AGAIN! I've been using a leather stretcher for almost a year now and THERE IS NO COMPARISON! If I need to I can even adjust the length by rolling it up, to suit my comfort, without even taking it off! Great product, great comfort, every guy interested in ball stretching should own one of these!
Anonymous in May 2009
I picked mine up on my first trip to the SF store and had it on for 4 hours my first time. I also got two weights for it. It was great. getting the Neoprene on was a chore, but once on it was great.
Phlip in Mar 2009
There is not much stretch and had difficulty putting it on. Got an idea. Get an 8oz thick drinking glass. Put the stretcher on the glass and work up toward the opening. Put balls inside glass and slip stretcher right on to the sac. Works and feels great!
Anonymous in Jan 2009
Try adding regular metal cockrings over the neoprene and see how many will fit. It adds great weight and heft-- especially for using your balls like a plug and shoving 'em into a hot hole. The neoprene keeps the metal rings from moving and pinching skin. And what it does to the size of your equipment in a pair of jeans or codpiece or jock is impressive.
Anonymous in Jan 2009
Great stretch!! And attracts some hot action ion the beach.
Anonymous in Nov 2008
Great! I like to walk around wearing the 2" one wearing a tight pair of jeans. Every step you take feels like someone is playing with your balls.
Anonymous in Jun 2008
I just got mine today. I immediately ripped open the box and put it on. It feels great. I got the 3 inch and it is a great fit. I may have to get some of the CB700 Locking Metal Cock & Balls Ring. Another great product. Thanks!
B in Apr 2008
My hot, hung "man in brown" was just here to deliver this-how I know he's hung is another story. Anyway, just got the 2.25 inch slid over by balls. I've been hard since I put it on, wondering how you hide the bulge? It feels GREAT-I may just stay home and naked all the time...
jeff in Dec 2007
Had mine for a few days now and really like it. I agree that a smaller diameter would be nice but I tried folding back the bottom a little bit to create a smaller opening and that worked for me. note I have the 3". Using it on the shaft with a few drops of lube is nice as well. It keeps my hands dry so I can type this. It's a "buy it".
Anonymous in Oct 2007
For those that enjoy these but wish they were a little tighter. Use one of the rubber stretch cock rings around the outside of the neoprene. Keeps everything in place and still gives a nice stretch.
Bill H in Oct 2007
The easiest way to get these on, is to first put on a leather (with snaps)ball stretcher. Then use both hands to stretch the neoprene stretcher open. It slips on over the leather stretcher. Then, just keep on going, pushing it on beyond the leather stretcher, so that it's scrunched up at the base of your cock. Unsnap the leather stretcher, and the neoprene stretcher extends right into place. No lube needed.
Carroll in Sep 2007
I just recieved mine today. real great comfort.
Anonymous in Sep 2007
I bought the 1.5 and 2.25 inch and recieved them today. What a pleasure to wear. I'll have to work some more to wear the 2.25 inch. But the ball stretcher I ordered too will help with that. I am glad I bought these. very nice.
Andre - Mr S Leather in Aug 2007
Currently, there are no smaller diameters available - When it becomes available, I trust we will have them. We have received numerous request for this and have asked the manufactures to look in to this.
Anonymous in Jul 2007
I wish a smaller diamter version of this were available.
Clair in Apr 2007
It is Monday...I got mine on Friday and have worn it since. to shower with.....enjoyable to wear. I like the snugness of it.....not afraid of the balls slipping thru it...would highly recommend this to others......
Anonymous in Apr 2007
Just got mine today.....and I agree with everyone....very nice!!
Anonymous in Jan 2007
Once I figured out how to get these things on it was like the perfect device for stretching! Comfortable but a challenging pull, flexible so you can move freely, and no chafing so it can be worn 24/7.

How to put them on is no real secret, I am just a moron who thought I needed to pull my nuts thru and how would that happen with the 3 incher had me perplexed. Simple answer is it stretches DUH! spread it, open it wide, slip it over your sack and you are in! A small amount of lube on the balls makes it easier to slip on. Pulling the stretcher half way inside out so as to half its length makes it easier to stretch and slip it on. Then just roll back to get it at full length.

Anonymous in Dec 2006
They go perfect under the metal stretchers and won't pinch the skin if you put these on first and then the metal one.
Anonymous in Dec 2006
IT's great. There is no pinching of the skin at all. It fits nice and snug, and it has a great stetch to it. I love it
Anonymous in Mar 2006
I have the 2" one. It is awesome! Firmer that rubber and not as rigid as leather. It can be worn for hours comfortably. My persoanl best was 26 hours. It is perfect for travel too. No airport detection and it kept me rock hard the entire flight which lead to some playtime in the airport john after the flight with Will, the flight attendent. Grrrr!
Anonymous in Feb 2006
Have really enjoyed this product... well made and a good addition to my ball stretching collection. I often use this when I am taking a one or two day break from my stainless steel split collars. No pinching, and no bells at airport security.
Anonymous in Oct 2005
Have found this item to be great for keeping a stretch while traveling or extended sitting. Also nice for going through airport security. Very little lube is needed

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