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Silver Tongue Cockring - Smooth

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Silver Tongue Cockring - Smooth
Silver Tongue Cockring - Smooth Finish

"So Comfortable You'll Never Want To Take It Off"

Setting out to re-invent the cockring, Antonio and our master Blacksmith have definitely succeeded! Beautifully handcast and individually polished, this aerospace aluminum cockring weighs a mere 4 ounces. Designed to fit snugly around the cock and balls with the contoured tongue that gently massages your perineum (the soft area between your balls and anus) stimulating several erogenous zones at once. Once it's on, you'll find yourself feeling very turned on from the gentle pressure on your perineum.

The entire cockring is contoured, with rounded edges for maximum comfort, it's comfortable even after all-day wear. The Silver Tongue Cock ring is a Mr. S exclusive. Each one of our Silver Tongue Cockrings are made in the U.S. by our metalworks craftsman. Each one is handcast and polished one at a time, making it a true work of art!

The Silver Tongue Cockring can also be worn in any of the 4 positions for a variety of different stimulating sensations:

  1. In it's normal position pointing down and back towards the anus for that perineum massage that has a lasting all day turn on.
  2. Point the tongue upward to give a sci-fi look that also created a reflective mirrored reflection of the action going on with your hard cock.
  3. Turn the ring around pointing the tongue tip outward and down to cup your balls creating a cushion to sandwich your balls between your fist and the tongue when stroking your shaft. Or when Fucking you will feel the Silver Tongue grind your balls into your partner with each stroke.
  4. With the tongue pointing outward and above your cock hold your hard shaft against the ring during insertion and gently ease the tongue tip into the hole with your cock to stretch your partner out with the base of each stroke.


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Anonymous in May 2012
I love this cock ring! I really do wear it all day, it almost feels weird if I'm not wearing it. I was at a buddy's place and tried it on, and ended up wearing it home :)
Anonymous in Dec 2010
After trying it out and really liking it during a play session with my boyfriend, he gifted one of these to me, and I love it.

This may be the first sex toy that I not only WANT to wear all day long, but CAN. It's that comfortable.

I really like the way it pushes my package out, and similar to one of the other comments above, it slightly changes my walking style, but not in a bad way.

It kept my dick semi-chubbed all day, which felt GREAT!
Anonymous in Aug 2010
Bought mine in 2002 - And have not taken it off since - Fuckin' Love It!!
Anonymous in Apr 2009
I got mine at the SF store. They were kind enough to let me try it on right there in the store, right there at the counter. Staff even helped me discover what it feels like when hard...
Only drawback was having to pay extra just because I need a bigger size. Life's a bitch when you're hung...
Anonymous in Mar 2009
This one's a keeper. Just the right size & heft to let you know it's there all day long. Comfortable & stimulating. Fits perfectly between the legs.
Try it you'll like it!
Anonymous in Sep 2008
I don't know how it works for penetrative sex -HOWEVER, for jerking off, this would be my desert island sex toy, hands down.
Anonymous in Jan 2008
Got the Hammer Finish, hey, $20 bucks cheaper, let me buy an extra neoprene ball stretcher! The guys in the San Fran store we so kind in helping me determine what size to get...pervs...I wasn't even aware I was slightly bi until that visit (thanks for making me aware!!). Now I'm a total cock, ball and ass whore! I wear mine a LOT!
Anonymous in Sep 2007
I got an instant hard-on when I put it on. Felt quite different from a normal metal cockring. I haven't taken it off after four days and probably won't for some time. I have gotten used to it and occasionally feel that pressure under my balls when I squeeze my legs together. Very pleasurable! Thanks for a great product.
Anonymous in Sep 2007
It is wonderful i had worn mine for three days and it is one of the best cock rings ever. I have tried all positions accept the 4th, you should have pics showing the different ways, but looking forward to seeing how the 4th looks.
p in Jun 2007
Love it got it as a gift and been wearing it eversince. It is the best cockring ever i am sure a noble prize will be in order ;-)-
Andre - Mr S Leather in May 2007
The diameter listed for all Silver Tongue cock rings are all measured by the inside diameter. The size you choose should be the same size you would buy for a regular metal cock ring.
Anonymous in May 2007
Hello there: I was wondering if the diamiter of the cock ring are on the inside edge.
Anonymous in Dec 2006
Undoubtedly, this is the finest cockring I've ever purchased [and I've purchased many over the years!]. It's stimulating yet so comfortable that I wear it to bed at night... my partner and I both love it!
Tchukon in Dec 2006
Take a string and wrap it around your & balls. It should be around 6". Divide it by 3.14 (pie) and you get 1 3/4", 1 7/8" or 2"
What ever the measurement turns out to be, that's your cock ring size.
Anonymous in Dec 2006
Help me out please. I am ordering one of these as soon as I know what size to order. I have not worn cock rings but this thing looks cool, and I love the things you guys say about it.

How do I measure to determine the size to purchase?

Anonymous in Dec 2006
How do you know what size to get?
Fred in Jul 2006
I too love this product. At first I thought I ordered the wrong size because it seemed kind of loose when I first put it on. But then as soon as I was hard it fit REAL NICE!
For all day wear I have learned to add one of your heavy duty rubber cock rings to the front or outside of this ring. That way it really hugs my pelvis, pushes the tongue of the ring up against my ass for all day pleasure. It also pushes my cock out against my jock strap to remind me that I have it on and give me a pretty fucking hot profile.
Anonymous in Mar 2006
It is so smooth you never know you have it on.I have been wearing mine now for two months. I enjoy how it feels under neath my clothes.
René in Mar 2006
I agree with you 100% , extra anal stimulation is always nice.
Anonymous in Dec 2005
bought one several weeks careful came without touching myself going through the course of the day at work...kinda hard to explain to wo-workers why my face was so red and I was out of breath!<eg>
JimmyWorm in Dec 2005
Seriously. This is it. Look no further. You can wear this for 24 hours and still not want to take it off. And the orgasms? Damn! Takes a licking and keeps on ticking!
Drivebare in Dec 2005
I bought this cockring at your store in LA yesterday as I was shopping for other gifts for friends. I wore it all day out to dinner and partying later and then all the way back to Palm Springs. It was very comfortable, very stimulating and helped me prolong the pleasure as I edged and stroked all the way back to Palm Springs.
Thomas in Dec 2005
Just want to thank all you guys at Mr. S for coming up with this cockring! It is truly a work of art, but above all, its great for play. Just got it yesterday morning, and have not taken it off yet so comfortable I slept with it on. This was my first order with Mr. S and it surely won't be the last! Love the varity of products you offer, have my eye on lots of other stuff.
John in Nov 2005
Wow! Whoever handcrafted this for me must know me personally! Intimately! I can't even cross my legs,while i'm wearing it (and i may never take it off!) ;-).You can say what You'd like,but this bad boy has ME walking like a man!! I love this site I feel like a kid in a candy store!i want TWO of EVERYTHING!
Anonymous in Jul 2005
This product is awesome. It is great to wear all day long, is not noticeable (unless one has a "woodie"), and is great to wear when f_cking that hot boy. Would also love this product if it had more of a tip on it to tickle or stimulate a bit more though. Great job!
Anonymous in May 2005
I put the ring on at work when it arrived. No simple task, butt oh so fine. I've wearing it for two days now and love it.
Anonymous in Mar 2005
Bryan-Hey mate thanks very much for the great things you said about the silver tounge Its one of the items Im most proud of having designed and I hope you have alot of great gasms with it on...Tonio (ANTONIO)
Andy Smith in Jul 2004
This cockring is the best for stimulation of the perineum, always have the best orgasm with it on. The point just barely gets to the anus for additional stimulation. Maybe a variation on this would be to make the point a little longer to really stimulate the anus. Highly recommended!
bryan cooper in Aug 2003
Again the craftsmen at Mr. S have come up with another winner. it is comfortable to wear for long periods of time. can be worn discreetly all day under clothing. the sensation is an attention-getter. the challenge is to not show you are being turned on. it is a work of art to be admired even when it is not being worn.

Silver Tongue Cockring - Smooth



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