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Stainless Steel Chastity Cock Cage

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Stainless Steel Chastity Cock Cage
Mr. S Stainless Steel Chastity Cock Cage

This Mr. S Chastity piece has a small anchoring device inside the tube, so you can't pull your cock out of it once locked up. This rod has a square hole that fits into the single square pin affixed to the cock ring. At the other end of the thin rod is a rubber adjustable noose that fits behind the head of your dick. This holds your cock against the end of the tube preventing you from pulling your cock out once you are locked up. (see photos) There is a piss hole at the end of the Stainless steel shaft tube. We have Now also added a SLOT Hole at the tip as another option, esp. for those of you who have a PA. You can slide your PA out thru the slot and put a small lock on it, which will secure your cock from sliding up inside.

The unique feature of this Mr. S Cock Lock is the single 'Square' center pin. This prevents the tube from twisting and avoids the need for any other side pins. This square pin goes thru a square hole attached to the top of the shaft tube.

This Deluxe set comes with three 3 different sized hand made cock rings, shaft tube and anchoring noose, plus the lock. A true work of art! See the full range of pictures by scrolling down the list.

Rings Measure 1 5/8", 1 3/4" and 1 7/8"
Tube measures 1 3/8" internally and 4" long

The complete set comes with the 3 sized rings above. You can order a smaller (1 1/2") ring or a Larger (2") ring separately for an extra $25.00 each... or you can exchange one of the sizes in the set for a different size.

This is a Mr. S Leather Exclusive. Made in the USA


Seed Pod Chastity Cock Cage
Stainless Steel Chastity Cock Cage with PA Slot
Mr. S Leather Exclusive
Aluminum Seed Pod
Chastity Cock Cage
Our Price: $279.95Our Price: $409.95Our Price: $469.95




The Curve Chastity Cock Cage
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Anonymous in May 2016
This is nice except, and I dont know if this was just the one my friend has or if its common, the end of the wire that holds the loop around the head of the cock... before it was bent in place it was cut and the edge there still can catch and ended up being too uncomfortable for me and dug in and scratched.

I suspect it was just his that did that, but id like to see the tip being rounded before its bent to be sure that theres no sharp edge
John in Apr 2015
Received this yesterday and am already LOVIING it! Had issues with the CB6000 breaking (twice), bought a metal one similar to this (but cheaper)--it pinched all the time. This is so comfortable--the inner loop that goes around your head keeps everything in place! I highly recommend this one. One caution; with the pee hole so small, I do suggest daily removal for cleaning!

I will be wearing this for a long time and will recommend it to others!
Anonymous in Nov 2013
So far I love it. Only been a few hours, we'll see how it goes, I like how the noose keeps my head at the end of the tube, though!!!!
Anonymous in Dec 2012
This is the greatest little cock cage I've found. It can be worn under street clothes without being noticed. And it works just as well under rubber gear and leather. I wear it continually without the need for removal for months and months at a time. And the sensation you feel when wearing is like it is a part of your own body! Love that cock cage!

Anonymous in Oct 2012
My partner wears it for hours at a time but since we use a MasterLock, I am unsure if the water damages or causes a MasterLock to rust. My partner wears it but I always remove it for showers.
For those that wear it long term, any problems with draining after a shower or with the water having a negative impact on a MasterLock?
Chris.H in Apr 2010
This piece isn't recommended for uncut guys as the loop will not hold your dick in place, and hygiene becomes an issue as the foreskin cannot be retracted for proper cleaning.
For uncut guys, the acrylic pieces such as the CB6000 and The Curve are perfect as the vents allow the foreskin to be pulled back (Q-Tips are your friend!) in the shower. Also, the vents cut down on drying time.
Chris - Mr. S Leather
Alexandre in Dec 2009
My BOY will not realize how this will be a very Merry Christmas, and when he opens it, he will realize how it will be a VERY UNHAPPY NEW YEAR. Unless he is good that is...
Anonymous in Nov 2009
It's good. The reason it works is that when the steel tube is not connected you can slip your parts through the cock ring. Then when you lock the tube it pushes back against your balls just a bit and spreads them out so that they can no longer be slipped through the ring.

I'm not sure the cock-tip strap is necessary. If I could get my parts through the ring I could surely pull me weenie out of that little strap. And if you make it tight enough to get your limp dick out then it will strangle the poor thing when you're hard. Of course, you can't really get hard in this thing.

Make sure you get the right size cock ring: too big and you'll be able to get out; Too small and you won't be able to wear it for a long time. Like any cock ring, it works especially well if you have really big balls. It pees pretty well; just a little dripping. A glob of non-water-based lube in the tube is a good idea.
Anonymous in Aug 2009
i really love this and i find i can wear this 24/7.
Anonymous in Jul 2009
This is by far the most comfortable chastity device ever! My Master has me locked up in it for a week and while it is very comfortable to wear, the weight of it makes sure that you always know it is on.

It has no pins that stick into your skin like the early CB models, nor any useless side vents where skin can puff out if you get hard like the later CB models. Moreover, it has enough length so that I can get semi-hard without it being painful, again like all the CB models except the Curve, which I found a bit bulky to wear under clothes. All around an awesome job :D

We did opt not to bother with the internal anchoring device. My dick doesn't seem to want to stretch like that so it felt a little weird. Hopefully its not a problem for others. There is no danger of me being able to slip my dick out without the anchoring device.

Nothing that would stop me from wearing it ... that is, if I had a choice about it...

Anonymous in May 2009
This is a terrific design!
Anonymous in Apr 2009
Excellent.....greatest feeling I have had...
Anonymous in Apr 2009
It's great. At first my skin got pinched, but now, I don't want to take it off. Excellent quality, very well made..
Anonymous in Mar 2009
It is a beautiful piece and works great.
Anonymous in Mar 2010
I have an extensive foreskin, it dangles. Is this still going to work for me?
Anonymous in Oct 2008
All I can say is be careful what you wish for, fantasy can become reality and sometime reality can seem like hell (in the shortrun)!
J in Oct 2008
Mr. S you have done it again.

This product is by far the best chastity device for me. The only draw back is steel and metal detectors at the airport. Chastity boys, Doms, subs, here it is. The best device for the $$$. No more pinching the sack, and uncomfortable morning erections twisting in your pants. This chastity device, does whats it was meant to do. If you have a PA, its great to attach the steel arm to the end. Its been locked on for three days now and I forgot that its there. Thanks.

Anonymous in Mar 2008
Worth every penny. This chastity device is by far the best looking and most comfortable chastity belt I have worn ( I have four others). I have tried all the acrylic devices and they were adequate at best. It doesn't hurt that it looks so damn good that you want to wear it...until the lock goes click...
JF in Mar 2008
Bought this yesterday. So far it is the most comfortable device I have had on now for 24 hours. Still some burning of the skin stretched under the ring, but by far better than my CB2000. Wore it to a get together under clothes yesterday and it was fine. Really isolates the cock from all sensory input. Like it a lot JF
Anonymous in Feb 2008
My partner just bought me one of these and I have to say that it is by far the best one I have had the pleasure to wear.

We've blown this amount of money on the plastic ones, and after several have broken we realized that we should have just gone ahead and gotten this beauty instead.

Anonymous in Sep 2007
I have been wearing my Stainless Steel Chastity Cock Cage continually since August 1st and it is so comfortable that I hardly even know that I am wearing it. Truly a work of art!!
Anonymous in Sep 2007
Brilliant. These innovations perfect some of the CB2000 "workarounds" that people have been trying (and that the CB3000 do not address). Now make it in airport-safe plastic and you've got a home run must-have.
Andre - Mr S Leather in Aug 2007
In response to "how long can this device be worn?" ......As long as you can! physically, there is no reason you have to take it off, but we reccomend removing it every couple of days or so for cleaning yourself. The length of time varies for each individual.
Doug in Aug 2007
Wow! This is the most comfortable chastity device I have ever worn. It fits under clothing totally unnoticed. The steel tube wraps around the cock perfectly and feels great. I can see that this is a cock cage that can be worn for extremely long periods of time without problems. My partner is looking forward to getting his as well. Also the device is fantastic looking and that gleaming cock makes its own statement. Thanks a lot. Doug.
Andre - Mr S Leather in Aug 2007
You maybe closer to your dream than you realize.....Please see the Mr. S Chastity Seed Pod.
Mr. S
Anonymous in Aug 2007
Do you plan on makeing a tube 6 inches long. I will be looking for it and hope that it is in the workings. Thank you.
Anonymous in Jul 2007
the dream will be to have also the balls in steel ;)
Anonymous in Jul 2007
Any idea how long this device could be worn coninually???

Stainless Steel Chastity Cock Cage

Mr. S Leather Exclusive


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