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The PA-5000

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The PA-5000
The PA-5000

The PA-5000 is an easy way to cage your dick if you have a PA piercing. Built-in lock on the underside keeps this small and discreet, and the piercing ring ensures your cock stays in the chastity tube. Hot, fun dick toy.

Each comes with three “rings” - 4 gauge, 6 gauge, and 8 gauge PA piercings.: 1.25" Diameter cage.

Words from the manufacturer:

PA-5000 (Requires a Prince Albert Piercing)

The PA-5000 is designed for the man desiring the ultimate in male chastity. Three hooks are for an 8 gauge piercing.

Also included is an extension piece that can be glued to the cage making it slightly longer. Make sure to try it before gluing it to the cage. A drop of superglue on each side of the extension will hold it into place to the cage. Note the recessed area for gluing.

Installation Instructions

Assembly: Attach the leather strip thru your existing PA ring. Drop it thru the cage portion and guide the penis thru while holding onto the cage. Make sure the head of the penis clears the end of the cage. Smooth any loose skin at the bottom of the penis back towards the body. Remove your PA ring and replace it with one of the three hooks provided with the order. Line up the hook with the locking slot in the cage. Turn the cam lock to lock in place. An additional ring is enclosed for extending the length of the cage. It is recommended that you use 2 pieces of 1/2" long waterproof tape on each side to hold the extender in place and wear it for about one week. If you want to permanently use the extender, put a drop of superglue on each side and allow it to completely dry prior to wearing.

Cleaning/Hygiene: Lather head and shaft of penis with a natural soap. Using the right thumb slide the head of the penis forward and up inserting the small finger on the left hand in order to clean around the piercing pin and inside of the cage. Repeat the steps with the left thumb and right small finger to clean the right side. Rinse both areas thoroughly with water. Hold the penis head and back of cage at the same time. Allow the water to freely run through.


Anonymous in Jul 2013
I would like to see this in clear (like the CB3000), so that it's not quite so obvious in the locker room.

- - Great idea! Regrettably a clear version has not been made available by the manufacturer.
Anonymous in Nov 2011
this is just wrong
i have had this on for a week and my dom wont take it off
and i cant do anything but get hard
lol guess it works
Anonymous in Nov 2011
i got my pa-5000 last friday and WOW i havent taken it off and dont plan to for a while
i wish they offered a OO gauge as i have a OOO ring
Chip 2011
Anonymous in Jun 2011
I have been wearing it for 3 months and it is like a piece of me I would feel naked with out it..........:)
Anonymous in Oct 2010
This chastity is by far the best/worst piece that I have. My Mistress ordered this for me as the ball-capture types caused severe pain when tight enough to prevent pull out after a day or two.
The PA-5K solves those issues for me, it is impossible to remove the device once it is locked on without the key and I cannot defeat the device by bringing myself to orgasm. My longest enforced chastity has been 30 days.
It is easy to 'hide' the PA-5K, it just disappears under clothing - no tell-tale 'bulge'. When going about my daily activities, I often times completely forget that it is there. It additionally prevents erections (pain ensues when I become aroused) and for me, it is 100% effective, which I can't say for any other device we have tried.
Anonymous in Mar 2010
I've been locked in my PA-5000 since March 6th by a straight friend (long story, but I'll just refer to Him as the Keyowner). These are the pros and cons that I've found:
Cons - i can imagine for some guys, it's still possible to achieve an ejaculation with this device, although for me it's not (TRUST me!! I tried frantically after the first 5 days and just resulted in pain and frustration). Also, it may not be as "secure" as one of the metal devices sold by Mr. S. I personally cannot get out of it, as the locking mechanism is the anchoring device (the pa hook), and its' base is far enough inside the tube that I can't get to it with cutters (not to mention my aversion to such things getting close to my body....) -

Pros - This device is exceedingly easy to clean. Q-Tip + antibacterial soap (I suggest Dial) or natural soap = clean, no odors, no build up, no rash/chaffing. It's also extremely comfortable, especially if you're fond of tighter underwear like i am. There is a slightly larger package than without any device, but not nearly as large of a bulge as in one of the CB 2k-6k series, and I would classify it as a perfect fit for long term wear considering daily routines/work schedules.

As for my over all opinion of the device: I think it's the perfect blend of the fantasy and reality regarding long term chastity, marred only by the fact that I can't get it in a stainless steel version. I can only get about 50% hard in it. Some boys (like myself) actually need this sort of control; not only to become better bottoms for their Men, but also to control compulsive masturbation problems and keep us out of trouble. So far, my experience has been wonderful, and I have to admit I'm starting to see it as a collar...I think I would be sad if it were to come off.

Oh, to address the question i have seen a few times: regarding the sizing of the pa hook....mine had a 0 gauge ring in it, and judging by eye I would say the hooks that come with the device are around a 4 gauge, so if you just got your pa, I would size it up before even attempting to lock this device on.
Ken in Mar 2010
Although the PA-5000 might not be as secure as one of the high quality metal devices sold here, i have to admit that it is indeed effective. i have been locked in mine since Mar 6 (term is one year), and i have to say for boys like me with a compulsive masturbation problem it is a god send. i have tried to masturbate with it on, which only results in pain and frustration (i can't get enough stimulation to start "feeling it"), and i've also tried slipping out of it which is useless since it's anchored into the piercing itself. My next device will be the Stainless Steel Chastity Cock Cage with PA Slot, but i highly recommend the PA-5000 to novices looking for chastity play or (like myself) long term chastity. It's exceedingly comfortable and easy to clean, and in my opinion more secure than the CB 2k-6k line.
Thank You Sir!

The PA-5000



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