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Deluxe Buttplug Harness

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Deluxe Buttplug Harness
Handcrafted in our San Francisco Workshop
Deluxe Butt Plug Harness - (No Plug)

Afraid you’ll have trouble holding those stainless steel plugs in? Our leather butt plug harness will make sure everything stays firmly in place. The slightly higher waistband on this means a comfortable fit with your pants waistband. Works with a number of our popular plugs. This is a great option for keeping things in place for long-term wear.

Shown here with our XL Neoprene Cockring (CB024XL)


Anonymous in Jun 2016
I have had this harness for three years of regular enjoyment, and it looks as good as the day I got it. This thing was made to last! You will get your money and pleasure's worth out of it!

Great for pegging enthusiasts, it lets you play with your partner and warm yourself up at the same time. The harness keeps your toy pushed firmly in place as you go about your business.

It's my favorite way to let the wife know that my backdoor is available for play- when she sees the leather peeking up through my jeans, she gleefully runs over to the toy bag to get her strapin...
Anonymous in Apr 2016
Really enjoy it, helps my plugs stay in, but would love for the ring that goes around cock to be able to be unhooked so i can put it around chastity device or have option to straddle my cock to use when wearing a cage. still excellent. work it under clothes one day to work, i was pleased!
Anonymous in Jan 2016
I purchased the locking version of this harness with the WMCBP. Until this purchase, i was skeptical due to the fact of purchasing products like this in the past (Not from Mr.S Leather) and found them to be nothing more than whimsical "Made in China" pieces of garbage. Not so with this! This is one of the most well made and finished products that i have come across in freaking years and it's AMERICAN MADE!!! The fit & finish are impeccable, the garment has a "custom" made feel to it...that's is! Extremely comfortable, supple, high quality leather is used. This product is far superior to all others and has NO equal. Bottom get what pay for at Mr. S Leather...what else could one want?
Bodo in Sep 2013
Really like it... Can wear it under my clothes and also together with the Dildo Harness! Enjoy both, if I'm active...
Can change size of plug - smaller for longtime or to enjoy biggest one to get crazy !
Anonymous in Feb 2013
Before, I used the standard Kinklabs harness you get from most mainstream and fetish web stores. While that harness works well, it is bulkier, and not as customizable- The leather is thinner, and it has a more "factory" feel to it. This harness looks and feels like it was handmade by artisans, and you can tell that it was made to last. The harness will look very basic when you look it over, but closer inspection reveals a keen attention to detail when they designed this product. Example: the metal studs have a black coating on them that will protect against corrosion, something you wouldn't think about until you have had the gear for a few years.

The strap between your legs is not as wide, letting it fit more easily between the cheeks... but the leather itself is thick and sturdy. I also bought the narrow plug holder and it works well with the harness. It comes with a cock ring, but I would recommend buying another one separately that you know fits your bits, and switching that one in instead. If you are medium build and have a 34-35" waist, I would recommend getting the small/medium size rather than the large size- these things are made to be cinched down for a secure fit, and if you go bigger you will have a lot of extra straps to deal with - Overall, a great harness!
Anonymous in Dec 2011
I ordered the locking garment butt plug harness with the bronze soft plug. All I can say is YES! The harness is perfect and the Square Peg plug is so fucking comfortable. No more squirming and shifting positions because of those hard vinyl/rubber plugs. I could stay plugged and locked up a long time and be comfortable the whole time. No more irritated pissed off hole! I am done with vinyl and rubber toys. From now on my hole belongs to Square Peg (and Daddy of course).
Anonymous in Nov 2011
Very satisfied with this harness. The leather is butter soft and holds tightly. The only thing I would add to this harness is a leather "keeper" to keep the straps neatly tucked away after you put it on.
Anonymous in Apr 2011
i just received mine today. it feels GREAT. and it is holding the butt plug securely. i highly recommend it. i bought the non-locking version.

Deluxe Buttplug Harness

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