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You may already have heard about it. This amazing lube is cheap, latex safe, very slippery, and is particularly good for inserting large objects up your butt. Washes off easily with a sprinkle of salt that breaks down the lubricant's molecular structure. J-Lube is a strange high tech, long chain polyethylene polymer. It takes some practice to get adept in its use, but more than worth the time experimenting to get the perfect blend! You add water to the J-Lube white powder to make the lubricant. This also means you can travel with the powder without the worry of spillage into your luggage. You only have to make as much as you will need. For various desired consistencies, an instruction sheet is included with mixing recipes for J-Lube. Also included: A guide for mixing J-Lube with Crisco; applying J-Lube; J-Lube tricks like making J-Lube popsicles and ice cubes for cooling that hole down! One 8oz. container of J-Lube makes an amazing six to eight gallons of lube.


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Anonymous in Sep 2016
i have a recipe for mixing j-lube if you don't want to make quarts & gallons of the stuff. 1/8 teaspoon j-lube powder to 2 ounces of room temperature (distilled) water. i got faa approved squeeze, plastic bottles at the dollar store, 3 in a pack in the travel section of the cosmetics aisle. they hold just under 3 ounces. shake it up occasionally and the lumps will be gone in 3 to 4 hours. there will be strings of lube when you squeeze it out of your bottle. i have played with adding a little commercial lubricant to the mixture. i really like bare-lubeit. hope this helps those starting out using j-lube.
Anonymous in Jan 2015
J-Lube is easy to rinse off if you use IODIZED salt - not kosher salt, or Himalayan sea salt, or similar. Just pick some up at your local McBurger joint if you don't already have it at home.

I've been very happy with the J-Lube powder - my favorite method of mixing it up is to put 12 oz (1.5 c) of water into a mason jar with ounce markings on the side. Then I add two tablespoons of powder, screw the lid on, and shake. The result is a healthy amount of oozy lube perfect for several sessions of anal play.
Ken in Jun 2010
I just tried it out and man is it slippery! I just love the way it webs and sticks. My butt plug practically slipped out of my ass. It is unbelievable. It does take some time to clean up.
Anonymous in Apr 2008
This J-Lube is SWEEEET!!!!! it makes Fisting very slippery and mixed with crisco "wow" and it is perfect for those Huge toys to just slip in and out. This is a must have Lube. I recommend it. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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