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Anal Trainer Kit

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Anal Trainer Kit
Anal Trainer Kit

The Anal Trainer Kit comes with 3 different size butt plugs that will help you work your way up to some of the bigger Toys.

Firm and pliable butt plugs provide incremental training stages from Small to Medium to Large.

Another fine COLT Product. Available in Black.

Small: 4" tall from base; 3 1/4" circum at thickest part of the plug
Med: 4 1/2" tall from base; 4 1/4" circum at thickest part of the plug
Large: 5 3/4" tall from base; 5 3/4" circum at thickest part of the plug


Anonymous in Oct 2015
Love this product! I started with the small and quickly moved up to the medium. I tried the large and can only get it about half way in! Yikes! These feel great while they're in and I plan to keep trying to work up to the big one! :-P
tom in Jan 2013
Great product. I had not been with a guy for a long time and used this product to open up was good to do at my pace. when the real thing came along the first time pain was gone. great product and very fast shipping fro Mr-s
Anonymous in Sep 2012
OMG! Talk about feeling awesome!!! I have been wanting a plug for a while and now I have three for a great price. The small and medium are nice and snug but for the love of pete the large sent me into orgasm as it went in. Great for playing with the boy-toy. Wearing one now while I right this and the throbbing is so tantalizing! Highly recommend this kit for either training yourself or your boy.
Anonymous in Nov 2009
I'd been curious, and after a little guided self exploration a friend suggested I would enjoy these. I talked myself into ordering them and I absolutely love them.

In just under a week I've managed to work myself up to the Large in the kit and it is incredible. I'm now looking over the other options on the site and will be ordering some others too.

If you are at all curious, go for it man, you're going to love it!
Anonymous in Mar 2009
An inexpensive way to get into butt hole play. The first two sizes are great for beginners. Most guys will move quickly to the medium size, which is where I'm at now. A great way to get into anal play without breaking the bank.

Anal Trainer Kit




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