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World's Most Comfortable Butt Plug

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World's Most Comfortable Butt Plug
World's Most Comfortable Butt Plug (WMCBP)

The original three sizes of these metal and rubber butt plugs have been our best sellers for several years. Because they're so comfortable, they can be worn for many hours. They are solid aluminum, and they have medical grade rubber tubing connecting the base to the plug. If you like the feel of a butt plug, try one of these - you may want to wear one all day or all night!

Available Sizes:

Usable Length Circumference Diameter Weight
XS 2 in / 5.1 cm 3.5 in / 8.9 cm 1.11 in / 2.8 cm 7 oz / .20 kg
S 2.5 in / 6.4 cm 4 in / 10.2 cm 1.27 in / 3.2 cm 8 oz / .23 kg
M 3 in / 7.6 cm 4.75 in / 12.1 cm 1.51 in / 3.8 cm 11 oz / .31 kg
L 3.5 in / 8.9 cm 5.5 in/ 14.0 cm 1.75 in / 4.5 cm 14 oz / .40 kg
XL 4 in / 10.2 cm 6.5 in / 16.5 cm 2.06 in / 5.3 cm 18 oz / .51 kg
XXL 4.5 in / 11.4 cm 7.25 in / 18.4 cm 2.30 in / 5.9 cm 24 oz / .68 kg
XXXL 5 in / 12.7 cm 8 in / 20.3 cm 2.54 in / 6.5 cm 30 oz / .85 kg

We offer a couple pointers to ensure the safe usage and life of this very unique product:

- For the life of the latex rubber tubing, it is recommended that only water based lubes or our own Mr. S Bodyglide silicone lube be used. Oil-based lubricant is not compatible with this toy.
- When you are ready to remove the plug, relax and simply push the toy out. Do not use the base or tubing as means for removal. Clean the plug with warm water and an antibacterial soap, and allow to air dry. Avoid cleansers or cleaning materials which are abrasive.
- Any item being inserted in your body should be inspected for cracks, breaks, rough edges before inserting the item.

If you find any cracks or weak spots in the rubber tubing, do not use the product and return it to us.

Mr-S-Leather makes every effort to ensure quality control of these products, however, we cannot be held responsible for damaged or defective insertables. Please inspect this item upon receipt and before each use. Products comprised of metal & rubber tubing (such as this product) may develop stress points which require repair. This is normal and something we are pleased to repair. In most cases, the cost to you is merely that of shipping. If you feel your product is in need of repair, do not use it and contact our Internet Sales Department for further instructions.


Electrified World's Most Comfortable Butt Plug
Deluxe Buttplug Harness
(Harness Only)
Our Price: $159.95Our Price: $64.95 




Anonymous in Jan 2017
I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this plug yet. My husband is the one that bought it. He has me wear a plug after he spanks me, how long usually depends on what I was spanked for. Sometimes he has me wear one just because he thinks I need reminding of who's in charge. This plug is much more comfortable when he makes me wear one for days at a time. On the flip side, he bought the XL, so while it doesn't irritate my hole, it makes me feel so incredibly full. I mean, SOOO full it's hard to think about anything else. Which, I suppose, is the point.

Being plugged in general always gets inside my head, with this one there's never a point where I get so physically uncomfortable or sore that it distracts me from why it's there. Again, good, and bad.

If you want someone to feel stuffed full and completely owned, and never forget it, this is the plug that'll do it.
Anonymous in Dec 2016
I tend to be more of a top but I got this plug because it looked interesting, I read good things about it, and even I have my "bottom" moments.

I was a bit concerned about the solid metal design but it is surprisingly nice (smooth and silky but solid). Once inside your hole, it really makes its presence known with its weight and unforgiving attitude. When I walked around with it and did my normal routine, the plug's weight banged against my prostate and occasionally reminded me of it's presence. After an hour or so with the plug inside me I found myself really bottom-horny so I made my (normally the bottom) partner unplug me and fuck me. Without being graphic as to why, I replugged myself with this toy for another 30 minutes after he was done filling me.

Like other recommendations, you should really consider getting one size larger than you'd expect to take. Normally I'd take something smaller like a medium but I got the large per the other experiences and recommendations. Given the slickness and precise shape of the plug, it's easy to insert, comfortable, and very fulfilling even though it's technically larger than I would have normally purchased. So I'm glad I went up a size.

All in all it's a great plug. Feels great. Easy to insert. Don't let the metal scare you- the solid slickness is easy to work with and the extra weight of the metal really loads you up (in a good way). I'm not a power-bottom or anything, but I could see how leaving it in all day would work nicely for you boys with hungry holes. You may have a drippy cock after a full day of being plugged with this thing, but that's not necessarily a bad thing if you have an eager top waiting for you at home.

Yes, it's a little more expensive than a cheap plastic plug, but it's well worth it. Oh and also look at the Mr. S helpful hints- I never really found pleasure in plugs before because of the irritation of pulling them out but apparently that isn't the way to get them out. Pushing out the plug makes it much nicer.
Anonymous in Dec 2016
I am enjoying my medium WMCBP right now. It took a few minutes to insert but I am now thinking about throwing my Pure Joy plugs in a scrap metal pile. I could wear this thing all day! I was reluctant because of the price and the fact that I have spent hundreds on worthless toys. This purchase was well worth it. Thank you Mr-S-Leather!! I really needed this!
Anonymous in Oct 2016
So, yeah, really comfortable, great feel.

Took the advice of other reviews and bought the next size up from what I was thinking, a L instead of M. stretched a little with a smaller plug, applied some Mr. S Bodyglide and in it went. I let it sit a bit and then took it out and reinserted - easy round trip convincing the muscles "Hey, it went once, it'll go again".

I imagine I'll want to go up in size sooner rather than later, but L was a good starting point. Woof.
Anonymous in Aug 2016
I went on a search for a more comfortable plug after wearing the one I had for about 7 hrs. Let me tell you what, that is no small task...there are tons to choose from and everyone has an opinion about what is best. Well If you are reading this my personal opinion you are looking at the best. I am no novice to large plugs but always have trouble with insertion and comfort. I decided the XXL was a good fit for me based on the largest plug that I own. Grabbed the J-Jelly and with ease the XXL slid into place. HOLY HELL I have found Mecca!!! The car ride to work was even more pleasurable. The weight of the plug and how I was sitting with each bump the side of the plug hit my prostate and it took everything in me to not have to turn around and go back home for a new pair of pants if you catch my drift. While these are expensive your bottom will thank you for it. Thank you Mr. S for creating a plug that is worth its weight in gold.
Anonymous in Apr 2016
I purchased the medium WMCBP. I must say it is probably the best anal toy I have ever purchased. If you are considering one of these but a bit put off by the price let me say that there will be no buyers remorse here. I would definitely recommend that everyone start with a small or medium. The medium is actually larger than most of my plugs and gives me a very nice full feeling. I have worn mine overnight for a period of about 10 hours. Either way I give this product a solid 10 out of 10!
Andrew in Mar 2016
There is no mistake when it says the World's Most Comfortable Butt Plug, I personally own 2 now. I got a large for my first one thanks to the recommendations of comments and I was not disappointed. It did take a bit of effort to get it in the first time but once it was in I was very happy with how it felt just at home. I recently ordered a small to go along with it just because I enjoy wearing it to work, but can get hard to manage during the day. I am glad I went with this as I now have a routine of using the small one during my work days, and the large for my days off. I highly recommend getting the bodyglide lube that Mr-S-Leather offers since it lasts a long time.
Anonymous in Jan 2016
Pretty much is the "World's Most Comfortable Butt Plug". I just got the XXL and thought I'd have problems getting it in, being newish to the plug scene. I cleaned it and warmed it up with some warm water, placed a dab of water based lube on my hole and it and my ass ate it up so easily. Some of the reviews, so "go bigger" and I'm already planning on it. LOL.
Anonymous in Jan 2016
This is a very good plug for the money. I would agree with the others to order the next size up from what you are used to wearing. You will feel full yet comfortable wearing it with no discomfort at all. Use a quality lube like a gel water based lube which not only help in slipping it in, but in maintaining in allowing for movement as it should and to take it out. Just be careful when removing it as you push out it may launch if you do it too quickly. I would highly recommend this as a great investment over smaller and cheaper plugs on the market. It even comes with its own protective sleeve. Thanks for Mr S Leather for having such a great product!
Anonymous in Nov 2015
I've been looking at this beauty for years. Finally bought a large size. My guy's cock is a solid 8.5"X6" and after getting slammed by him over the years I can say I wish I would've gone for XL (maybe larger?). Hopefully that gives you an idea of how to decide on size, as that's the biggest decision you'll make when purchasing this product.
Anonymous in Oct 2015
I bought this product and if you are experienced I would go with the XL or bigger. I purchased the Large and it needs just a little more weight to it. Over all this is awesome product and I is makes riding public transit in the city very enjoyable. I have left it in all day long and the only reason you know it is there is the occasional bumping of your prostate to give you enjoyment throughout the day!!
Anonymous in May 2015
Wow, what a feeling! I have been using a glass plug for the past year for extended wear, but my eye kept coming back to this one, so today I stopped by the store to pick one up. I got the same diameter as the glass plug (2 inches) and took it home. It was a little work inserting because this plug has a long shaft at 2 inches, where the glass one just maxed out there. Once I got it in, I could tell right away the glass plug will now be retired. I'll be wearing this over the holiday weekend at least until I go to work on Tuesday, but the plan is to wear it 24/7. When I came back and looked at it on the site to write my review, I was pretty proud to discover I am starting at the XL size. I'll be working up to the XXXL over the summer.

Awesome product! Mr. S. never fails!
Anonymous in May 2015
I am blessed. After much fear like many others, I finally got the courage to put my XL large plug up my love hole! I used s smaller butt plug to loosen up and then did some poppers while gently pushing a well lubed plug up my ass. What a teat! It feels marvelous. My sphincter is not stressed but the internal heft feels almost as good as a meaty cock. The thing is, this plug will last longer. I am also greatful for the advise to buy larger. Men who review this plug positively gave great advice. I wish I was with them to enjoy our plugs together. Thanks Mr. S. staff. Perhaps some day I will visit and be able to say so personally. Love Steve
James in Apr 2015
One of the most friendliest butt plugs out there....For the longest time, I have been trying to find something that will help me break into the world of taking it up the ass....I think that I may have found the answer.....I've always regarded myself as at Top, but have been thinking about branching out lately....I purchased the Large thinking that it would be too much....well, I was completely wrong....I lubed it up, squatted over the bathroom sink and the next think you know, it had already made its way up my hole....Now I know that's step 1....step 2 is getting it out....but I have every bit of faith that it will come out just as easily as it went in.....Just about to go to bed and plan on sleeping with it in....I can't wait until morning....
Anonymous in Apr 2015
My first WMCBP was the XL. I can wear it for hours or even days at a time, it's just that comfortable. I can even run 5k plugged with the XL. Go to the gym. Anything. I moved up to the XXL when I wanted a bit more challenge. Over time, I've been able to wear that one, too, for hours. All day, even. It definitely doesn't let you forget it's in there. Then I bought the XXXL. I tried to get it in, but it scared me. It's so big. I waited months before I gave it a real try. Worked myself up with some bigger toys first, used tons of lube. Just today, I got it in. It feels AMAZING. Even more coming out. Such a great plug, all of them.
Anonymous in Feb 2015
I followed the advices and went a size up for a large. I have to say it's more fun than any other toys I've played with. This plug is so versatile. When I put my attention on it, my muscles starts to twitch involuntarily and it rolls up and down against my prostate to push precum out through my rock-hard dick. It auto-fucks like a prostate massager.

If I just let is sit there, it feels like a big forehead tickling the spot—without any discomfort. And I can manage to keep my dick soft and walk around in my jeans. It's like getting secret constant pleasure without the embarrassment. But the pleasure is still so obvious and it causes unpredictable orgasmic waves. Sometimes it requires a bit of effort to hold my moaning back when the waves go too strong and shoot up to my head. (IT HAPPENED JUST NOW!)

And seriously once I put it in I don't want to take it out until I really have to. It feels too good to be subtly fucked all the time.
Anonymous in Feb 2015
They are the best feeling Butt Bling Ever! Work never felt so fun!

It is an eye catcher at the bar and at play or anywhere you want to create a stir.

Anonymous in Jan 2015
This butt plug really lives up to the claims. Much more comfortable than similar products I've tried which have rigid connecting shafts. I do have to agree though that a more oval shaped base would improve it even more, making it possible to comfortably and discretely wear it for extended periods.
Anonymous in Dec 2014
This is my 1st WMCBP size Large and I love it. However like others have said below the round base is an issue. If it were more of a bullet I would enjoy it much more and wear it longer. I'm going to try and mod mine. Also your customer service is amazing. Thanks for reshipping my order after the Post Office lost it. Mr. S Leather is my #1 toy shop.
Anonymous in Dec 2014
Considering that this is my first Plug I'm very happy of my purchase!! I have the L size.. and now it's my new teddy bear!
Thanks so much!
Anonymous in Nov 2014
I received my medium WMCBP last week and have been wearing it off and on since. I have to say that the rounded base of the plug becomes irritating after a while. It would be nice if the base flared in a line rather than a circle. Otherwise this plug is wonderful, and I have worn it in public a couple of times. It's wonderful going to work with it in knowing that no one suspects it.
Anonymous in Nov 2014
I have the large version of this plug and it is great even for an extended wear. The only gripe I have is the round base - it gets pretty uncomfortable if you sit on it for a while and after a longer wear. This plug would be perfect if the base was in a shape to sit comfortably between the cheeks and not just round. Maybe something in the similar shape that Square Peg kidney has as a base. Still great product but I can only wear it for an hour or two without getting uncomfortable because of the base. Good job!!!
Anonymous in Oct 2014
OMG. This is an amazing plug. I have the pup tail the same size, but wanted to wear something long term. Popped this guy in and wore it all day. Can't wait to get the larger one. I love the weight.
Anonymous in Sep 2014
Gawd I love this plug! Today I wore it to work for the first time. Now, looking at me you would never think this guy has a huge butt plug up his ass. I work in a conservative office, wear the suit slacks and button down shirt. But, underneath the preppy exterior I'm wearing a butt plug. The feeling of having this plug inside of me is amazing. I've had it in my for a litte over 5 1/2 hours now and have no desire to take it out. I enjoy sitting here squeezing my ass cheeks, this pushes the plug a little deeper and makes my cock a little hard. This is such a fun toy. Thanks for a great toy Mr. S Leather.
Anonymous in Aug 2014
Wow! I love this thing. I received it the other day and couldn't wait to get it in. It took a few minutes the first time because the girth of this really stretches your ass. But once it's in it feels so good. I've worn it now just a little over 5 hours and it might sound crazy but I want to wear it all the time. The sensation of this inside me is incredible. Thanks Mr-S-Leather!
Anonymous in Aug 2014
Just got mine today, was gonna get the medium till i saw the reviews so i went up one size, glad i did. Felt amazing all day, put it in before i went to hang out with my friends had to control myself to keep from having a huge boner the whole time. Had no problems with walking or sitting down with it in, i highly recommend this plug for anyone looking at it. Only con is i took it out to rest a bit and found myself wanting to shove it back in as soon as possible.
Anonymous in Aug 2014
I started with the XL and quickly felt the need to go even bigger, so went straight to the XXXL. Getting it in was fairly easy -- it's getting it out that can be an adventure, though following the instructions to relax, push hard and let nature take its course eventually does the job. As everyone has reported, this is a terrific product line and tons of fun. I regularly wear this large intruder to work (often with a latex catsuit on under my street clothes), and get a fiendish pleasure from sitting in meetings and making presentations while enjoying the extremely full feeling. The constant and secret reminder that I am an insatiable ass pig disguised in business attire helps even the most boring day go by more quickly. I will undoubtedly be among the first in line when the inventive folks at Mr. S crank out even larger versions of the WMCBP!
Anonymous in May 2014
Just bought the xl, as I had purchased the xxl and could not get it in! Got home, and was able to insert the xl. Feel wonderful in and I'm planning to leave it until my body tells me it must come out. Very comfortable. Don't hesitate to add this to your tool chest.
Anonymous in Apr 2014
I have the xxl the 2inch diameter plug...this plug is amazing i love the weight of it i can wear it for 6-8 hrs at a time no problem. The plug are alittle exspensive but the quality really is there ive had mine for a little over a year now and even tho i have progressed to 3inch plugs, i return to this one for my all day use.To mr.s leather any talks about making a 3inch diameter one? I would pay for a special order!

- - No plans as of yet. Glad to hear you're getting good use of the XXXL!!
Anonymous in Mar 2014
There is nothing like the feel of nearly 2 pounds of hard metal up the ass all day long. Insert with lots of lube and suffering. Wear with constant pressure. Remove with more lube, grunts and hard pushing. The XXXL is highly (or "lowly") recommended. . . if that hole can take it.
James in Mar 2014
Ordered the Xl about a year ago. It's a little over 2" diameter. I love this toy soooooo much that I had to order the xxl ans xxxl. Need to work up to the xxxl so I got the xxl. Now I start wth the xl, I'm going to the xxl, tnen the xxxl, then hopefully a fist. They are without doubt the best and worth every penny. Trust me, feel great.
WRJSberlin in Jan 2014
I picked up the 'WMCBP' at the store today. I could hardly wait to get home and try it on. I couldn't decide between the XXL and the XXXL. After a bit of friendly discussion with the salesman, I decided on the XXXL.
Unlike other dildos, there is a bit of a learning curve in order to learn just how to put it in - it is as slippery as Hell, when covered in silicone lube. Also, unlike a standard dildo, there is no real base to grab hold of while inserting it. It would probably have been easier to have someone put it in me, at least until I've gotten the hang of it.
I started to have my doubts that my ass could handle the largest size, but after a while it just slipped inside and - WOW!!! (I never want to take it out! (I'm still wearing it, now). It will take a bit of practice to get it in and have it settle itself in me, but, now that it is in, I am in hog-heaven. It truly is 'the World's Most Comfortable Butt Plug'. I thank you, and my ass thanks you. I can't wait to tell my friends.
Anonymous in Jan 2014
I got the about 3 months ago I got the XXL it is fantastic it took a little while to get it in but once it was in it felt amazing!! If you walk with it in like a runway model moving those hips it almost makes me want to cum. Still working on the length of time that I can keep it in due to its sheer size but its been getting longer and longer! Thanks for recommending this fantastic product
Anonymous in Dec 2013
Fantastic plug. Took advice from the comments and ordered a size larger (XL) than I thought I should. Must say I was nervous when it arrived today. Took a while to get it in there but it is so truly comfortable. Love it.

Just a pity that there isn't a UK/Euro retail department. The added cost of international postage and import duties makes this a very expensive present.
John in Dec 2013
This is my first time in San Francisco, and was excited to be able to shop at Mr.S Leather. The staff is friendly and Knowleable, they answered my questions and gave me advice about this butt plug. I couldn't wait to get back to the motel and try it. I have to say that this is really comfortable to wear around the town, wether walking, running, or driving around San Francisco, this item is wonderful. Even sitting here typing out this review this plug makes sitting down a breeze. I am hoping to visit the bay area again and I most definatly will shop there again. i will increase the size as I get used to this one. In my opinion this is the best but plug for everyday wear, and only you know it's there, doesn't show through the jeans. I should have bought the rattler one, but maybe next time. Mr S Leather your staff ROCKS.
Ronald E in Oct 2013
Years in the waiting... and a avid putt plug day and wearer I bit the bullet placed my order... zip ordered it on Sat and it's arrived Wed with writing and sitting on it... Yes indeed... I went for XXXL awesome... went in smooth as butter, and must have for evening wear and for that extra piggy feeling...

-- analphile
Anonymous in Oct 2013
I bought XXL. It is amazing and very comfortable.
However, I found it difficult when I have to pee. It feels like it's gonna slip out when I pee. Anyone has got the same problem?

- -

Try not to push, difficult I'm sure. The plug is pretty well situated once inside though every body is a little different. May just take some practice.

Anonymous in Sep 2013
I just receive the XL WMCBP and it looks great. However I'm a chunky guy with a long torso who can't reach around far enough to drive it home. The butt plugs I'd used before typically have some sort of "stem" that gives me something to push, but I can't do that with the WMCBP.

Do you have any recommendations on what sort of tool or insertion posture might help me cover that last few inches?

- -

A buddy's paw?
Anonymous in Aug 2013
This is an awesome plug, but it serves a particular purpose. Due to the thin rubber neck, heavy weight, and metal base, it has some characteristics other plugs don't. I bought the XXL size (6.5 inch circumference)

- The thin rubber neck means your ass will surround this pretty quickly and the sphincter will be pretty much like your normal non-plug state. For times when you want to really feel something inside you, this isn't ideal, but it's got other advantages.
- The heavy weight offsets the thin neck to increase the chance of you feeling the plug inside. Still, you don't really notice it when you're not moving.
- The great advantage of this plug is that it can be worn nearly anywhere. Because of the thin neck, the ass really holds it in very very well (until you've really got to go). This is the only plug I would dare ware out and about on errands, but I do so without much worry.
- The size of the base (rather large actually) allows the legs to grab and move it when you walk. This is one of the great pleasures of this plug. It gently wiggles back and forth while you walk.
- The metal base means that your leg hairs aren't being constantly pinched when you walk like they are with any other material.
- I personally find the length a little to long. Sitting on a hard surface is uncomfortable. I've since become used to the length, but it took a long long time before I could stop "slouching" whenever I was sitting.
- The plug feels larger while inserting than the circumference would have you believe. I think this is because the bulk of the plug is a cylinder. On a typical plus there is really only once section that meets the measured circumference, While on this it's a good couple inches. But once it's in, it's in.

I've since gotten rid of all my other 6.5 in plugs since that size doesn't do much for me. But I'll be keeping this one, and while I can accommodate much larger widths, I don't think I'll be getting anything bigger.
Anonymous in Jul 2013
Mr. S's WMCBP is definitely comfortable to wear because, after you insert the metal plug past the anal sphincter, it sits in your rectum and provides stimulation when you walk or do some kegels. The narrow rubber tubing which is attached between the BP and the base enables wearing the WMCBP w/o a belt.

However, I've got a lot of other butt toys and, although I like the unique sensations that it provides, the WMCBP isn't my favorite because I prefer the feel of having my anal sphincter stretched open constantly the same width as the BP, which is a feeling you obviously can't get w/the rubber tubing attachment.

You can get the stretched open feel w/the WMCB if you "push" the plug partially out of the sphincter and then "suck" it back in using your pelvic muscles (in and out repetitively) but this sensation is only temporary and is lost once the "in/out" movement is stopped and when the BP is removed or fully inserted in your rectum.

BTW, it's a good idea to clean your rectum out w/an enema before inserting the WMCBP because when you "push" the BP out of your rectum, you may also expel some waste out along with it.

I bought a large which is the same diameter/circumference of my favorite dildo (which is a perfect size for me) and I've been inserting the dildo in my ass 1st in order to prep it to receive the BP. That facilitates entry but, if you've been wearing the WMCBP for awhile, your anal sphincter will tightened up around the rubber tube (unless you have a really loose asshole already), which can make "pushing" the BP out "difficult."

All in all, I think the WMCBP is a great product but it's probably NOT like any other butt plug or dildo you've ever tried before and, given the cost, if (like me) you like that stretched open feel in your ass, a butt plug or dildo attached to a belt would probably serve you better.
Edward in Jul 2013
Love! I mean LOVE!! this plug to death. I got a large but found i need a but smaller at first so ordered the Medium. I never take the thing out unless to get a real one *wink*. The weight of it feels great and and how it moves with your body as you walk around.

I would Highly recommend this to anyone wanting a good Plug or toy for tops and bottoms. The price is a bit high I agree but it well worth ever single penny!
Anonymous in Jul 2013
I ordered the XL and love is great! It was a challenge at first, but who doesn't love a challenge? Lately, I have been wearing it during my 3 mile runs. It is great to feel the weight on my hole during each step. Today the path was quiet since it had rained and there were only a couple of bikers and so I decided to work my hole with it as I was running...see how far I could let it out and pull it back in. Well, it was great and feeling good and then all once it reached the point of no return and slid out and onto the path! I quickly picked it up and stepped off the path and slid it back in without anyone seeing me! I am considering getting the XXXL soon!
Anonymous in May 2013
I have the large and x-large (have the xl in me right now)--I absolutely agree that these are the most comfortable plugs around. They feel great going in and you get a fantastic rush when you push it in "over the hump".
I learned a long time ago that "pushing" actually helps with insertion as much as it does with removal.
Next up for me is the xxl.
Anonymous in Apr 2013
I have both the M and the XXL . I am in lust for the XXL at night in the Jaguzzie...I did learn the hard way that you must push it out not pull it out< I had to wait a month till my first one was replaced due to the fact I was not pushing but pulling, I find now that pushing is so much more erotic and the feeling is fabulous, plus my partner tells me I can take is big cock so much better and futher up my ass and that his cock feel like it is in a hot oven and yes it also helps with muscle control. God all these years and all those big cocks and they never were getting to the G spot...Plus a lot of guys with big cocks just do not know how to work a ass and get past all the sphinters and get complete satisfaction with that big cock. So guys with the big dicks it is not all about just filling up the first part of the anus there is a lot more to explore. Your cock is like fisting it takes time to work it open to hit home base and watch your bottom get up the next morning and serve you breakfast in bed or in the sling? Happy fucking.... TIGHTEND$PLAY
Anonymous in Mar 2013
I've been plugging for about 6 months now (straight, but love ass play) and my toy collection has ballooned to around 20 plugs...I wish I had found TWMCP 6 months ago, would have saved me a lot of money and trial & error! I ordered the XL last week and popped it in as soon as it was delivered, and my hole felt so full and simulated I thought I had died and gone to heaven! The XL was a little too intense for long term wear for me at this point however so I promptly ordered the M, and running errands has never been so much fun! Easily my 2 favorite plugs in my collection, and I'm sure it won't be long until I own the rest of them. Don't worry about the price...skip all the others and go straight to these, it'll be the best money you ever spent. Also, I highly recommend silicone lube for these, slippery and comfortable for hours!
david in Mar 2013
Got this plug yesterday and put it in that night. the large plug went in very easy and felt great. I would recamind this plug to all. thanks for all the great help and service.
Michael in Feb 2013
I have been looking at this plug for a long time and finally decided to order one. Well it came in the mail yesterday and I stripped and got it inserted. Wow it is really the most comfortable plug I have owned and have worn it for hours and the first night I wore it to bed. If you are thinking about getting a plug, this is the one to get. Keeps you feeling full and happy.
Anonymous in Dec 2012
Love this plug!! Feels amazing! Now when are you coming out with the next bigger size for us major pigs?
Anonymous in Dec 2012
After waiting over a year, I finally decided it was time to upgrade. And I have to say WOW! After reading the reviews and researching I must say this is the plug worth buying that will blow your mind! It does however take some getting used to but its sooooo worth it. The orgasams I had were amazing!! I Highly reccommend this product. And I will say this though. Its true your ass will definately crave this plug so beware...... and enjoy!!!
Anonymous in Dec 2012
Amazing!! Ordered Friday, got it Monday. Just slid it in (thought I'd have probs, but didn't). It feels wonderful and heavy and FULL. I'm sleeping with the damned thing in. I may never take it out... I ordered XXL but now I want the XXXL. You guys rock!
Anonymous in Nov 2012
I think I may have been over ambitious. I bought the large plug about a month ago and I have still yet to get it in. I have a very tight ass. Do you have any advice on how to?

- - Never force it and use a decent amount of lube, but most of all, relax your mind and take it slow. You may need something smaller in the meantime to 'work' yourself open, but with some practice this will go when it's ready... Enjoy the ride.
Anonymous in Nov 2012
Had an XL bought for me last Christmas.
Have to say I just love to wear it!
Have worn it to work, shopping, movies, but just love to wear it period!
Feels so good in and jiggles so nicely.
Ace product. S.
Anonymous in Nov 2012
Last year my wife bought me the medium size plug and I love it... But this week my wife surprised me with the XL plug. This is the best plug I have ever used!!! I love the full feeling I get. I had it in for over two hours the first night with no problem. My wife has already told me this is the new plug I have to wear when we go out. Thanks Mr. S.
joseph in Nov 2012
I love this plug, I'm wearing it now and it's been about 2 hours since I put it in... WOW!! I ordered the large, I went a size up like everyone said and i have no regrets!!! Plus wen u blow the plug feels so good on the prostate making the orgasm amazing!! Very happy -Joe
Anonymous in May 2012
Talk about the WMCBP indeed. Two weeks ago I finally took the plunge and bought the large one. I used it for 8 hours straight every day, it's extremely comfortable and glides in with no effort. Unfortunately my ass became hungrier for a bigger size in just five days so I went and ordered the XXL. :O My eyes were bigger than my hole! But after 20 minutes of trying it went right it. And right now I just had the biggest orgasm and smile ever... But this big bad boy needs time to get used to ... Not sure I can do 8 hours with this XXL size... (ok, who am I kidding?)
Anonymous in May 2012
The plug is the greatest I have ever worn, was unsure of the size so I went with medium and large. I agree go one size up of what you think you can handle. No worries other boys asses await too. The first day I got the large I wore to work all day under my dress clothes and felt full with no worry of slipping out. Great job guys!
Anonymous in May 2012
Mike In May 2012
I just received my wmcbp XL and after 30min working it into my tight ass it popped right in. Talk about heaven i don't ever want to take it out. The fullness in my ass is amazing. I'm ordering the XXXL tonight. Can't wait to feel it for hours and hours inside me. I just wish I could get the in store personalized fitting. Do not hesitate to buy this plug and a much bigger size than you can take. It's the best plug I have tried. Thanks Mr. S!!!

- - You are very welcome! Enjoy =)
Anonymous in Apr 2012
After checking this plug out for over a year, this veteran hetero-ass player purchased the XXXL. I was very impressed by the heft of it...perhaps a bit intimidated.
Took care of business and then pushed that monster in. Once it passed, It's like you almost can't feel it. Truly the worlds most comfortable butt plug. It's feel is so different than other plugs. Once in, it seems to want to stay in... Other large latex/rubber plugs have a larger
"base" if you will, and after a while, I get a natural urge to push it out. Not so with yours. It nestles comfortably inside, and will stay inside while I sleep tonight. Truly a happy butt camper.
Anonymous in Apr 2012
WHAT A GREAT PLUG!!!!! I received it on Monday and could'nt wait to try it out. I opened it and lubed up. It took about 15 minutes butt once it was in, OMG what a feeling it gives you. I Love it!!!!
It really stands up to its name WMCBP. I wear it for hours and enjoying every minute. Thanks Mr. S for having such a GREAT product.
If anyone is trying to decide to purchase one. Just read all the reviews. You can't go wrong. It's worth it. :)
Anonymous in Mar 2012
Just received the plug this morning. Ordered size L because it is a little larger than anything else I've used. Other plugs I've used have had the unfortunate side effect of popping out at rather inconvenient times so they rarely get taken out of the house.

At first glance it looked very much larger than anything before, but I decided 'nothing ventured, nothing gained' so it got a good wash and a coating of lube. It slipped straight in like it was made for the hole. Carried it around inside for about an hour before I had to go out, so I thought I should remove it. Just squatted, gave a push and a little tug to guide it and it was out.

Back about half an hour later and decided I needed it back in to see how long it would stay. Just wearing a pair of aussiebum swim briefs to cover everything. Three hours later it was still comfortably in place after sitting, standing, walking, pushing a lawn mower and had a late lunch.

Needed to go to the shopping centre for a few things so pulled on a shirt and shorts, hopped in the car and visited the supermarket. The plug never even moved as I reached to higher or lower shelves and then carried the bags to the car. Don't know what the rest of the shoppers would have thought if they had known what I was really smiling about!!

Still feels great as I type this after five and a half hours of sheer delight. Still comfortable, still happily in place as I sit naked typing this.

If you are thinking about it, get it now. Don't think about it for six months like I did.

Probably be after a larger size later in the year.

Great plug, great service, and I really needed the tight swimmers to keep the tent under control.
Anonymous in Dec 2011
Love it! Love it! Love it! I have been reading the reviews of this plug and decided to order one. I thought about getting a large, but someone suggested getting the next size larger than originally intended, and so I ordered the XL. (Who doesn't love a challenge?) It took some work getting it in, but well worth it. It is very comfortable and unlike other plugs, it feels secure and does not slip out. I may just have to order another size larger!
Anonymous in Dec 2011
I had been reading the reviews for some time and decided to I wanted to try this plug. I've had issues with plugs in the past that constantly slipped out. I was first going to purchase the large, but I read a comment that recommended getting the next size larger than originally intended. Since I've used larger dildos, I followed the recommendation and got the XL. I couldn't wait for the package to arrive and when it did I lubed up and tried getting it in. It took some time and effort, but after 30 minutes it was in and felt great! Can't wait to wear it for longer periods and during workouts. Once it is in, it is very comfortable and I am not concerned about it slipping out.
Anonymous in Nov 2011
I just got the XXL one of these. I had it inside of me for over 3 hours and loved it. It is the most cofortable plug I have ever used! LOVE IT Thank you MR. S
Anonymous in Nov 2011
I just received my WMCBP by mail and could not wait to get the package open. Once i did i immediatly lubed it up and slid it in my ass. Oh what a neat feeling. It really opened me up and slid right in. I am wearing it right now and hope i can wear it for long periods of time. It makes your ass feel full in a good way. Thank you Mr S.

- - You are very welcome. Thanks for letting us know and keep having fun!
Anonymous in Nov 2011
Amazing product.... Bicycle commute to work 50 miles with narrow, hard seat...and the plug is absolutely comfortable....more than that, the rough bumps in the road are no longer annoying...rather satisfying as heck....damn, it feels good! Thanks for an awesome product.
Anonymous in Nov 2011
Got mine today in the mail, ordered the XXL. Within minutes of unpacking the absolutely neutral package, it was in my rear. What an amazing feeling. Thank God it's weekend as I don't want to have to take it out for work. This plug is amazing, fills me up very nicely and is extremely comfortable. Thanks so much for having such a wonderful toy in your lineup. I will definitely buy the XXXL as well.

Mike from Virginia
Anonymous in Oct 2011
Recently my boyfriend called & said he was going to drop something off for me. After he left I opened it & found it to be this new butt plug. Now I'm usually wearing a rubber one but couldn't wait to try this one. He got me the XXL one. A little lube & oh my God it was heaven when it slipped in! After about an hour of wearing it I couldn't stand it any longer & called him to plead with him to get here right now so I could show him my appreciation! This is the most comfortable & erotic plug I have ever worn. It's inside me as much as possible!
Anonymous in Oct 2011
I have always used condoms when i had butt plugs in, do you suggest it with these?

- - We've never suggested using a condom with these, but there's no real reason you couldn't. They clean well, but you should work at whatever your comfort level is.
Anonymous in Oct 2011
Mine arrived yesterday....... got some silicone lube (without any oil in it), greased it up and slid it in .... pure heaven! I wore it for several hours and couldn't believe the awsome feeling!
Anonymous in Sep 2011
I ordered the XXXL. It slid right in. I have worn it all weekend. The weight on it is perfect and it is very comfortable. I enjoyed sucking it in, pushing it out an balancing it in the center. I hope a wider version is available soon. Well worth it.
Anonymous in Aug 2011
I've been using rubber plugs recently to stretch as I'm new to being fucked and am finding it uncomfortable. The rubber plugs are okay but I just can't keep them in. What a revelation when I bought my first WMCBP which arrived this week. I massaged it in with quite a bit of lube and that opened me up. But the best thing is that it stays in and I've worn it quite a few hours with real comfort. I've just put it in again today as I'll be fucked later so hoping its done its job! Either way, just really like the feel of it so will put it back in afterwards anyway! Thanks for a great product...
Anonymous in Aug 2011
Gah. yes.. amaaazing..
Waaaay too big was the xxxl, even though I got it in after a couple of weeks. I had to use a baseball bat AND a finger to prepare. woah.
So, it feels amazing. Intense as shit. I have never felt as full of something as I did with this monster. However, the size of it. I couldn't get it completely inside me. I could see the silver of it and couldn't push it any further in. I also couldn't squeeze it out. Its square waaay beyond where my sphincter can control so I couldn't push against an angular face.
However, I've only had it in once and I'm sure I'll get used to it.. Not complaining though. I'll have to work my way up to it again real soon.. lol.
Anonymous in Jul 2011
I bought the XXL wow. It took me a few weeks to insert it easily. I pushed it in a little then held it there and relaxed, then a little further. Then in it went. What a feeling. Now it goes in very easy. I still have a problem removing it without pulling on the rubber. I just cant seem to push it out. I tried relaxing with no luck.
I ordered the super soft silicone large plug and am eagerly waiting for it's arrival.
Kurt in Jul 2011
After six months of reading the reviews...I can now say that they are true. I finally ordered the XXL. I am filled nicely as it deliciously bumps my prostate. I can feel my ass forming around the solidness as cum slowly oozes from my cock. It's so yummy...I am considering wearing it on my next trip outside the house. Kurt
Anonymous in May 2011
I just received my WMCBP size XXL today. I have to say I was so excited about it.
I tried it as soon as I got home (I could not wait!!!)
Incredible ! So fat and comfortable.
I definitely recommend you purchase one without hesitation.Do not hesitate to buy a size over the one you think you can handle.
Anonymous in May 2011
I received the xxl 3 days ago and man, is it big. I have not been able to insert it yet, not through lack of trying.
I have been using a medium silicone plug easily. Maybe it's just perseverance. It might take awhile...
Anonymous in Apr 2011
I just received the Large WMCBP. I am somewhat new to Butt Plug play because in past experience I have never found a Butt Plug that "fit properly" once inserted.

The WMCBP is outstanding and will give you an instant erection! If you lube-up properly, it is fairly easy to get in with some patience. After the first few wearings, your ass starts to crave this butt plug. Cumming with this butt plug in will blow your mind!
Jax in Apr 2011
This is the most incredible plug I have ever experienced. Once it's in you, you have no sensation of wanting to push it out. I could walk around all day with it in. Also, I can leave it in when I shoot my load without wanting to push it out. I shot my load full force, which for me is hard to do with a traditional plug. I got the medium cause I'm new to ass play, but I'm so going to skip the L and get the XL next.
Anonymous in Apr 2011
UPS just delivered my new XL butt plug and I could not open the box quick enough. When I seen the size of the plug, I thought "how in the hell am I going to get this in my man pussy"...well let me tell you this, i got our the lube, greased up my hole and the plug and started pushing it in....there was NO pain only just slid right in....oh my god this thing feel wonderful. I have had it in for a hour now and I do no play on taking it our all evening.....I can tell you already that I will be buying the XXL with in the next few weeks.....I wish everyone could experience this ass pleasure that this butt plug gives you.....pressure and pleasure is all I can say...Thank you MR.S for having such a great product
Steven in Apr 2011
A friend of mine has the LG plug, and told me how wonderful it felt. I went and visited him this past weekend and stayed for 3 days and while I was there, he put it in my ass....OH MY GOD, I could not believe how wonderful that plug felt in my hole...i felt full, but didn't have the sensation too push it out like you do with regular butt plugs. We went to a bathouse in Chicago that night and I wore it the entire time. Guys there wanted to see the plug because they have read the reviews on this web page, so I had the pleasure of letting a few of them remove it from my ass and put it back in....I have to say, this is the BEST butt plug on the market. I wore it the entire time I was at my friends house. I just left there this morning, came back home and as soon as I got here I placed my order for the same plug....I cant wait for it to arrive.
I can tell you, this will be a normal part of my wardrobe EVERY day....I cant wait to have it in my ass at work, and stand up and give presentations to the board of directors, knowing that I have the most comfortable butt plug hidden in my ass the entire time....THANKS TO THE INVENTOR OF THIS PLUG...YOU SHOULD GET THE NOBLE PRIZE
Anonymous in Apr 2011
I must have thought of buying this plug for 6 months. The immense pleasure that I got from largish glass plugs were amazing. I wore them often and for long periods of time. The problem was comfort. They were perfect for gaping and stretching but I found them to be irritating when worn longer than about two hours or so. I had to get something I can wear in public for really long stints. I had faith that this was the best butt plug to buy and boy was I right! I bought the biggest they offered. As other have'll grow to love it! The XXXL is an amazing piece of work. The heft and size are intimidating, yes. However, if inserted at the right angle, the poof! Right in it goes. I loved this plug from the moment it first went in. I would ask yourself one thing before getting this product: can you insert four fingers easily in your ass. if the answer is yes than get the XXXL. You really won't regret it.
Anonymous in Mar 2011
Got the XXXL, they should call it the "World's Most INTENSE Butt Plug". Being an experienced ass player I had no problems popping it in, but even after my first 4-5 sessions I still have trouble preventing insta-cumming. Wow! Just wow.
I'm 6 ft 5 and it completely fills my rectum. So much so that it pushes on my Sigmoid when I sit. If you are after "comfortable" I'd suggest the XXL if you are my height or the XL if you're shorter. The weight and sheer size of the plug will still blow you away when it squeezes you prostate and whole lower abdomen.
-very well built
-easy to clean
-it doesn't induce bowel movements like other bigger sized plugs therefore very plausible for long time wear.
-causes moaning, uncontrollable shaking, cum guzzling

<3 Spencer
Anonymous in Mar 2011
Got the XXXL and love it! This was the first butt plug I've ever purchased. My eyes were definitely bigger than my hole when I bought it. The helpful salesguy at Mr. S assisted me with a fitting in the dressing room, but it was a no go. trying. However, I knew I could work it in eventually. After some effort at home, my ass sucked it in. I can't wear it for long periods, but have worn it doing errands around town and working at home. It feels great and is one of my favorite toys! Before being plugged I warm it up with water then silicone lube it. Later, I also bought the largest rattler and love the movement inside my ass! Can't get enough!
Anonymous in Feb 2011
Got the XXL after calculating diameter I figured I could take it because I am trying to work up to a fist down there. Lubed up and stretched with a couple dildos and popped it in. It completely fills my rectum not much of a problem coming back in, trying to work it in a little deeper. Very smooth and love the weight!
Anonymous in Feb 2011
I'm no stranger to anal toys and I love getting fisted, so when I decided to buy one of these plugs, I immediately went straight for the XXXL. When it arrived in the mail I was really nervous, it looked a lot bigger than I thought it would. I finally got the chance to use it tonight for the first time, and it was amazing. It took some elbow grease to get it in, but once I got to the widest point it just sunk in to the hilt and filled me up. My only regret is using water-based lube the first time; I had to take it out after about a half hour or so because the lube dried up. I'm planning to try silicone-based lube next.

If you're in to anal play of any kind, I can't recommend this plug enough.
Anonymous in Feb 2011
I am thinking of purchasing this product because it sounds amazing! but i would like to know if anyone has had problems with having a hardon all day. I don't really want to be noticed because of the bulge in my pants.
Anonymous in Dec 2010
I'm relatively new to this type of anal play. I've recently used a large cone shaped plug that my hole just wanted to push out. After reading the reviews here I decided to order the xl. When I opened the box I thought how am I going to get that up my ass. I used a dildo to stretch my hole a bit and then lubed up the plug and started to work it in. Half way in I reached a point of both pleasure and pain-I didn't know if I was going to be able to take it and then the rest of it slid in and my hole just sucked it up. What a feeling-I don't want to take it out. I've slept all night with it in and I've run errands and love the idea of this big secret up my ass. I can't wait to get home from work and insert it-eventually I'm going to try working all day with it in. I've never had to worry about pushing it out until I'm ready to push it out and then it's just like putting it in-intense. Oh and cumming with it in.....I'm loving it.

Anonymous in Dec 2010
Got my xxl today thought I had died and gone to heaven. Thank goodness the wife was not home, she would have wanted to know what was in such a heavy box. Took me about 20 min to work it in. Kind of difficult to get in by yourself. I only had an hour before she got off work so I did take out and put it back in. Sore as hell but oh so worth it.
Chris - Mr. S Leather in Oct 2010
The warning in the package is indeed valid. The plug should ALWAYS be pushed out of the body rather than being pulled out by the base. The reason for this is of course the fact that the tubing CAN tear if subjected to a lot of pulling and stretching.

Always use a silicone or water based lube as oil based products WILL break down the rubber. If you notice any signs of wear or damage to the plug, don't use it.
Give the Mailorder Office a call at 1.800.746.7677 and we can facilitate a repair for you.

Chris - Mr. S Leather
Anonymous in Oct 2010
OK, so I've gotten the butt plug and I like it, but the instructions in the box say you shouldn't pull to remove it. Presumably, there is some danger of the plug separating from the tube that attaches to the base? So now I'm afraid to use it for fear it's going to come apart. Is this a serious warning?
Anonymous in Oct 2010
The best butt plug i've had in my the heft of it, i could wear it all day long.
Anonymous in Aug 2010
I bought a large. It took a while to work it in and was a lot to handle. My wife thinks I'm crazy. If only she knew! This quickly has become my favorite. I have others that are comfortable, but this one took me to new level.
David in Jul 2010
This plug is awesome. Very comfortable. After reading the reviews, I decided on the XXXL model. I'm straight (but really into ass play) and using this site took some guts. I have several silicone plugs and now this one is my favorite. It took about a dozen tries to get it in - well worth it. The only downside was not being able to use oil-based lube. Thank you for the great design.
Anonymous in Jun 2010
I was in SF for pride weekend and made a trip to Mr. S Leather to purchase my new butt plug. First, I love the customer service at Mr. S. I debated between the medium and large. However, my goal is to feel more comfortable with girth, so I ended up with the large. This morning I pulled out my lube and went to town to begin stretching and working it in. It took me while, but I did it! I left it in for a while then took it out; that wasn't easy. Later I had a break from work and ran to my room and worked it in again, it went in much easier this time. I love this thing and it's so true regarding comfort. I plan on wearing it while I teach today. Thanks Mr. S!
Anonymous in Jun 2010
Thing is ridiculous! (In a good way!) It feels really hot riding my cycle- and kinky fun wearing it all day at work.
Just have to make sure I don't have any MRI's to monitor that day- LOL! Definitely sizing up soon!
Anonymous in May 2010
I was nervous about the heft of the size large, but the guy at the store talked me in to it! I put it on at the coffee shop down the street and walked around the city for about three hours. It was like my dirty, horny secret. I think my butt is ready for ANYTHING now!
Anonymous in Apr 2010
Oh my gosh, it is sooo smooth and comfortable for all day...easy to clean and warms up super it!!!
S in Apr 2010
I bought this plug purely on the write ups on this site!
In short, it's great!
You really have trouble not wearing it! Fantastic!
Go for the big one! You'll get used to it!
S. UK.
Anonymous in Apr 2010
Due to personal circumstances dictating the purchase at the time last year, Richard ensured this got to me in ultra-fast time (as ever, Mr-S customer service is paws-down - second to none!)

have to say, this is the best buttplug it has ever worn. it's a thing of tooled beauty and craftsmanship, and if you enjoy buttplay but don't get on with rubber plugs etc, this is a must to treat yourself too.

it's the Lexus of buttplugs! :)

thanks again Richard...i owe you one. or two. or three.
- whatever, you decide, i'm game :)
Chris.H in Apr 2010
The tubing is indeed latex free, so you can slip one in with no worries. Enjoy!
Chris - Mr. S Leather
Anonymous in Apr 2010
Can you tell me if the medical grade rubber tubing is Latex Free? Just curious, as I am allergic. Thank you.
Dave in Mar 2010
AMAZING! I love the weight of it, and it's so comfortable to wear around for hours to keep my ass ready for what might come next! I have the large and will surely go up a size soon. My advice: definitely get a size larger than you first think. Maybe I'll try out the Rattler next...
Anonymous in Feb 2010
I've had my Worlds most comfortable butt (x-large) plug for 3 days now and although I have never offered a review on any product or service in my life...I'm 48...I have to review this product. Wowie zowie!
The word "comfortable" is the operating understatement here....this product feels not only comfortable.....but it gives the feeling of being filled but without my butt ever feeling tired or that it needed a break....I have slept, run, walked and fucked with it and I'm amazed at how deliciously sexy it feels just to WALK!
I love the end of the butt plug and the feeling that provides too- I love how it will shift as i sit or readjust my sitting position. This product is not only visually stunning but also extremely easy to keep clean. Absolutely elegant and maybe one of my smartest buys of all time!
Anonymous in Feb 2010
Heads up to travelers.
I wore my XL plug and got searched for wearing it because yes, it does set off the alarms in airports! When I had it in my luggage some little lady picked it up with her gloves on and asked me what it was. I said softly, "a butt plug", and she asked again so I said in a loud voice to get attention "A BUTT-PLUG!" and she quickly dropped it.
Good for laughs,not good for easy travel!
Anonymous in Jan 2010
I purchased a Large WMCBP a year ago. It surpassed every claim. It is fantastic! I have used it on an almost daily basis! Being the pig that I am, I recently purchased the XXL WMCBP. WOW! It takes some effort to get in and out (I feel as if I am being split apart), but it is just incredible. When I have it in, I KNOW that I have been plugged. The weight of the plug is incredible and it feels amazing!, Thank you for an incredible product. Who knows, maybe I'll upgrade to the XXXL?
Anonymous in Jan 2010
I've had my plug (XL) for a few days and I must say it is just as the title says; "World's Most Comfortable Butt Plug". I've had all kinds of plugs and lost a few of them a time or two due to a terrible base. This plug stays in and feels GREAT walking around. It will take a bit of time to get used to wearing I think but I'm enjoying my time with it so far.
Brad in Dec 2009
I got a Large WMCBP a couple of days ago and all I can say is "WOW".

My hole feels great when I wear this plug all day especially to the office.

Guys, treat yourselves or that special pig in your life to this incredible plug. You will not believe how good it feels.

Brad in Seattle

Anonymous in Dec 2009
I got the large to start and in 1 month I was in the largest is SO much fun!
Anonymous in Nov 2009
Just received the large. Definitely recommend ordering a size or two up, as you'll want more immediately. Wore for over 12 hours the first day. This is the most comfortable plug I've ever worn! The rubber tubing allows your hole to close down naturally allowing you to feel the plug itself inside while going about your normal routine.
I'm ordering an XXL next!
Anonymous in Oct 2009
Wow... Got the XXL a few weeks ago, but haven't played in a while. I knew I could take this size, and on the second try, after a little bit of stretching - it went in... And once it's in, *very* nice feeling. It'll be a while before I can wear this on to work, never really carried around something that heavy back there - but man, this is worth a try... You gotta get you one of these!
Anonymous in Sep 2009

Wow! After trying other "prostate massagers" that became uncomfortable after 15-20 minutes, I have to say that this product is incredible! Wear it when walking, sitting, issue with comfort once your body realizes the plug is securely in place. As far as finding the right size for you, all I can say is, "Be certain your eyes aren't bigger than your anus." ;-)

I would have preferred something that does more to stimulate the prostate like the Rattler, but I need discretion when out and about, so I went with the WMCBP.

- J Derrant
Anonymous in Sep 2009
I was intrigued by all the positive reviews. I am always looking for something new and fun to stick up my ass, and a heavy metal plug sounded hot. Oh my god, this thing is truly comfortable. It slides in easily, comes out easily IF YOU WANT IT TO, but otherwise stays in my ass, filling me with a nice full heavy feeling. I stuck it in and went for a bike ride, every bump on the trail was a little thrill.

My suggestion: Check out the different sizes. Figure out which one you know you can take easily, then buy the next size up. I did, and I don't regret it at all. It is so smooth and shaped so well that it slides in without any problem.
biSwitch in Sep 2009
My god...So my girlfriend and I went in and spoke with the nice gentleman who proceeded to show us the L and XL in both the regular and rattler configurations.

She told him that I would be taking the XL rattler. I was stunned, and just looked at her like wtf?? She said, "You'll get used to it".

She then told the nice man that she heard they had custom fittings/insertions, a fact which he confirmed. She told him I would be wearing it out of the store.

We purchased the plug and then proceeded to the fitting room, whereupon I dropped my pants, she bent me over and he lubed that thing up and proceeded to insert it for me. Pain...but after it finally got in...WOW! I was pretty whiny I should admit - I couldn't believe the sensation.

He and I had some fun after that, nice and safe, while she watched with a smug smile on her face.

Spent the rest of the weekend getting used to it but have to say, the second time putting it in was MUCH easier. I LOVE this thing, the way the ball rattles my prostate and how I'm completely filled like never before. Working on wearing it long-term now and would agree with other posters that if you're gonna shell out the cash, get a size larger than you think you want. Trust me, you'll thank yourself later.

Happy plugging, boys!


Anonymous in Jul 2009
The plug actually never gets a minute away from my ass. i love the weight of it and love the way it taps my insides when i walk and run. Mornings i wake up and unplug, just to have boyfriend fuck me and when that is done...well guess. i am one happy plugger!!
Anonymous in May 2009
Superb! I just got it on Friday and I know I can wear it all night without it popping out.
What a wonderful product!!!!
Anonymous in May 2009 i literally just bought the XXXL plug at the IML market this year. I've been so tempted to buy it, since I've read about it on here for over the last 2 months. I have it in right now, just an hour after purchase and it is so is hard to contain myself right now. Lots of precum, it went in with a lil difficulty, since it is bigger than anything I have ever put inside of me. I can not explain how wonderful it feels, but since I am not used to it, it is a lil overwhelming.
Buy one now!!!
Anonymous in May 2009
Got the mini but now we want to order the small size and maybe move up from there.
This IS something that my boy can wear to work all day long to remind him of his Master.
Anonymous in Apr 2009
I have the largest one and I can't get enough. The feeling of utter fullness and weight is great. You can heat it in warm water and with some lube, it slides in like butta!

I am the conservative type (well, to outsiders, anyway) so I don't wear it out and about but when I have a play session, this is first in and last out! Thanks Mr.S!

Anonymous in Apr 2009
At first I thought this plug was too big for me (XL). It took me three weeks and lots of lubricant to get it inside . Now I really enjoy it and goes in and out easy with amazing pleasure. Also keeps my back door easy to open for other things! I love it!
Anonymous in Mar 2009
I love this plug! Makes me crazy in heat when I head to the gym with it in .. maybe I'll get a (special) protein shake!

Anonymous in Feb 2009
This plug is amazing! It goes it easily and comes out easily. I have been wearing the size large to stretch my ass since I got home to find it on my doorstep yesterday evening! I even went to the gym in it today and didn't have to worry about it falling out. The weight is just perfect...I know it's there giving me that full feeling, but it doesn't pinch or hurt. I also love the way that it keeps cool or warm according to your pleasure. (I like it cool and I use ID mentholated lube for that "zing" feeling.) Thank you Mr. S for getting it right out to my happy hole!
Frank in Feb 2009
When I saw the listing for this product I was skeptical, especially given the price. After reading all of the comments, I decided to order a Large. I received mine today and all I can say is, "Holy Fucking Shit!" This Butt Plug is worth every penny! I've got mine in now as I write this and I can't stop squirming. I don't ever want to take it out!
Anonymous in Jan 2009
Wow! The XXXL is a monster and definitely worth every penny! If you were like me, I was trying to calculate how big it would be in real know, to get me excited about it. I think the size of a coke can is right on the money. The height is the same, not counting the rubber tail and disc. The width is the same except for the coned portions at the top and bottom. The weight is pretty heavy for plug, but like others have said, I never felt it would fall out. If you think would can take it, I would recommend it.

Anonymous in Jan 2009
I have this in right now. It is amazing. My dick has never been so full!
Anonymous in Jan 2009
I just received my first one of these today. I purchased the XL, and it feels awesome! Nice weight and definitely isn't coming out until I take it out. I agree with the others about the base but it's incredible regardless!
Anonymous in Dec 2008
This thing gives me a boner just looking at it. You can imagine what it feels like in.

I have the XXXL and all I need is a quick hit of poppers and in it goes. After a few ins and outs during the evening (for fun and pleasure) I am ready to be fucked with my BAM which goes in like "butta".

Anonymous in Nov 2008
i got mine 5 or 6 years ago at MAL. i wore it so much, i wore the rubber tubing out. The tubing tore from the bolt in the anchor disk-while i was wearing it!

When i told my Sir i had one, and its' condition, and he immediately gave me an order. After sitting in a drawer for most of a year, i used some rubber tubing i had gotten to repair it, and fixed it on Monday. Since then, it's been in 24/7, except for cleaning. i have no problems with it, except for riding my crotch rocket. Everything guys have said about how it feels and its' affects are totally true.

My complaint? i'm doing a chastity regimen at Sir's command. Take everything that everybody has said about the effects of wearing the WMC, and then add no way to get relief.

My Sir is rolling on the floor, and i'm not allowed to show my "appreciation" for His latest "training" tool!

The moral of the story? Don't EVER let your Sir know you have one of these, or He'll read these testimonials, and you'll find yourself under orders to wear it forever. Then He will order you to get the next size larger. Your ass will never be the same, and it will never be yours again.

Unless that would appeal to you.

Enjoy! i know i am!

Anonymous in Nov 2008
I am a pretty active (weekly)player- fucking machine and about 50 dildos from OMFG to the average size dick. Anyway- I got the biggest plug and it is amazing. Can't get it in without a hit of poppers, but when it's in, I am squirming all over the house for hours. Buy one!
Anonymous in Oct 2008
The XXXL-sized plug is well-designed -- diameter = 2.55 inches, compared say to an aluminum soft-drink can at 2.6 inches. The conical ends lead to easy in-easy out. The weight reassures the wearer that he or she is really plugged. The further in it is inserted, the more comfortable.

The plug does create a pleasurable dilemma. I find that wearing it all night disturbs my beauty sleep. But taking it out before retiring, arouses an almost-irresistible yearning in the lower regions to reinsert it; so I don't get a good night's sleep not wearing it either.

Anonymous in Sep 2008
Get the biggest one you can take.
I got the XXXL and I love it.
Wish they made a few bigger ;)
Very solid and warms up quick
Anonymous in Aug 2008
I instantly fell in love with this, it feels so good going in and it stays in for hours. I started off with the large but I think its time to get the big daddy XXXL and hope they eventually come out with a even bigger one!
Anonymous in Aug 2008
UPS man came and i wasted no time in opening the box. It took me three tries to get it inside me, but when i did it felt soooo good! i still have it in and am going to buy the XXXL very soon. Great toy!
Anonymous in Jul 2008
WOW.....I got the large. Incredible plug guys, well worth the $ totally. Can't wait to up size!!
Anonymous in Jul 2008
Less than 15 minutes after getting here this XXXL butt plug was in my ass. Fantastic feeling. Very strong and warm and comfortable. It could come in a few bigger sizes though....
Anonymous in Jul 2008
Bought the XXL for my boyfriend and it keeps giving and giving! Don't size down, life it to short. Enjoy the best butt plug ever.
Anonymous in Jun 2008
My eyes were larger than my hole, but I didn't give up trying. I am relatively new to ass stretching and I thought this plug would do the trick. I bought the XXXL and as you guessed it, it took me about two months to get it in. I finally took it today (three times) and Oh my god! I thought I was going to split open. Once it was in, it took me a few seconds to get over the entry. I must say it was very comfortable and never felt it might fall out. The weight on the inside of my hole was delightful, and as I walked around, I could feel it massaging my prostate. I would have gladly left it there longer, but wanted more play time so out it came. Did I mentioned the feeling of splitting open going in? It felt just as powerful coming out.

I wasn't sure how long it would take me to get it in, but now that I have taken it out, I can't wait to get it back it back in.

I highly recommend this plug. Yummy!

Anonymous in Jun 2008
I started with a size medium in these plugs. That became too small, so I progressed to the large size, which also became too small (funny how your hole can get used to larger plugs), so I have just received the XXL model and WOW is it a beauty. It is quite heavy and not easy to get inside - I found it easier to lube up and just sit on it!! When inside it is a joy, so I would recommend upgrading two sizes when you need to take a bigger one. I wonder how long it will be before I have to order the XXXL???? I'm happy right now with the XXL and it feels great inside. More comfortable than the rubber/silicone plugs. If you are tempted to try something bigger then go for one of these.
Anonymous in Apr 2008
Wow, after more than 20 years of plastic butt plug fun, I ordered myself the XXXL one...Awesome! I'm wearing it every day and during week-ends all day and night long.
Anonymous in Apr 2008
I often mow the lawn with this toy up my rear-end. Who would suspect me in my favorite Polo shirt and Bermuda shorts performing one of America's favorite past-times with a butt plug up my ass?
Anonymous in Feb 2008
Design and weight feels good. I have worn it for 8 hours without any problem.
Paul in Jan 2008
Got the large today, and never want to take it out.
Anonymous in Jan 2008
Leaving this in all day is FANTASTIC ! I like to have it in while riding my motorcycle; LOVE THE RAIL ROAD TRACKS AND POT HOLES !
Anonymous in Nov 2007
Oh my god, this made me cum so hard.
Love my plug and won't leave home without it!!
Anonymous in Nov 2007
Great plug, it is so masculine being hard metal. One of the reasons I love it is that it's very easy to warm it up with water and then feels so good stretching my hole and finally being there, "locked" in. I've slept many times with it in.
Anonymous in Nov 2007
Great item! Wore it all day and love the feeling just knowing its there.
Anonymous in Oct 2007
Wow... Unbelievable piece of equipment. All the plugs I have ever worn in the past wanted to pop back out which can be embarassing at the wrong time in the wrong place. I have worn this plug for up to 12 hours very comfortably and knowing that it is in to stay. Awesome for long road trips in the SUV too. My favorite time to pop it in is after Ive had a few loads planted... Never loose a drop of cum again. If you use one of the steel tongue cock rings, the disk on the plug and the tongue on the cock ring hit one another making a very interesting sound and a great vibration to the plug. I think the large was the perfect size to start with too. AN AWESOME PRODUCT ! ! Thanks Mr. S
Anonymous in Jun 2007
UPS delivered this wonderful toy at 5:30 on Friday and by 6:30 it was well in place. I finally took it out Saturday night after 16 hours in place! BEST TOY I OWN! My eyes are bigger than my ass sometimes when it cums to toys but in this case the XXXL was the perfect fit. Friday I worked out at the YMCA (45 minutes on the stairmaster), went out on the town clubbing and brought a trick home who loved the look of the base in my ass as I fucked him but good. HOT! All pigs visiting KS - contact me and we can try out some of my extensive toy collection. Visited the SF store in May '07 - KICKASS. These fuckers in the biblebelt would shit their pants! I could bankrupt myself on new toys real easy there! LOOKING FOR A DADDY WITH A DUNGEON! GO BIG! The XXXL ROCKS MY ASS!
Anonymous in May 2007
Got my XXL last wednesday and immediatly tried putting it in. I must admit it was a little larger than I had anticipated but after some work I was able to slip it in. Man did it feel incredible! I've worn it around the house while doing chores and I'm wearing it right feels so great inside and I can wear it for hours!

I must admit the first time I tried getting it out I was a little scared since you're not supposed to pull on the plug to get it out, but I found sitting on my heels makes it a lot easier to push out.

Awesome plug!

Anonymous in May 2007
So sweet! I got my L plug a couple of weeks ago but didn't have an opportunity to test it out until last night. OMG I slid it inside and it was wonderful. I jacked off squeezing my ass around it and it was amazing. When I finally took it out it was almost hot. I know I was a very happy man.

Today I've been wearing it for a couple of hours already. The nice full feeling is keeping me going today. I know that I'll skip to the XXL for my next one. Can't wait!


Grant - SLC, UT

Anonymous in May 2007
I got my XXL plug this afternoon and I immediately striped down clean out my butt and greased up the plug and began to insert. Wow talk about a big plug it feels fantastic in, even though it is really big it is very comfortable. No fear of slippage with this plug. When you put this baby in you are truly plugged. It felt like I was sticking a beer can up my ass but once in it just settled in great. When I took it out wow felt like I was popping out a brick. This is one of the best toys I have bought. The quality is excellent. I already had the metal plug in a large which I am going give to a buddy who wants to start his experience with metal plugs.
Maybe in few months I will try the XXXL.
I am looking forward being naked by the pool and all you will see is the round disk at the base of my butt hole. Walking around buck ass naked with thing up my ass is going to be such a rush.
Timothy in May 2007
I posted last September after getting my Large butt plug on how well made and comfortable this plug is to wear. I am wearing my plug now all the time and sometimes leave it for 8-10 hours before removing.
So yesterday I ordered the XXL plug and I can't wait to get it. It will fun slipping this extra size up my ass. I will post on how the new plug fits as soon as I get it.
Lawrence in May 2007
I got the XXXL size and it feels wonderful. I'm stretching my hole to take a fist. This is a wonderful toy to train with. Like others, I like the fact that I can wear it without fear that it will fall out. My prostrate is loving it as well.
Anonymous in Apr 2007
Having not played with a plug for (quite) a number of years I ordered a M. I put it in about 3 hours ago, and it feels just incredible. After reading the reviews I was expecting good - but not this good! I too am already thinking about going up a size (yeah, I know - after only 3 hours - oink). The only thing that'd make it better would be - as a few guys have mentioned - a better shaped base... apart from that - woof!


Robert in Apr 2007
I have the XXXL and have had it for years. In fact, it is filling my butt as I write. It is the best and I, too, would like a larger one. When it comes to butt toys, size matters. Don't forget the other ones like the Bailey Bolo.
Anonymous in Apr 2007
Love your plug & wear it most all day. Butt would like a larger size have the xxL how about a 3 inch diameter 9.42 circumference. Thank You & Willing to pay the xtra.
Anonymous in Apr 2007
How about a bigger diameter plug than the xxxl could use one 3 inch diameter 9.42? circumference. Also please state the diameter of all your butt plugs.
Anonymous in Apr 2007
I got an XL a few days ago, and I am wishing i bought an xxl. Definitely the best plug on the market!
Anonymous in Mar 2007
OMG I just got my medal xxxl plug and all I can say is THANK YOU!!!! I have to say this is the most incredible feeling I have ever gotten from a plug!!! I was so suprised when I was able to just take it right on it with out any trouble. This plug so lives up to its name and reputation again THANK YOU


Anonymous in Mar 2007
Well! My XXXL plug arrived this afternoon, and, after washing it carefully, I immediately put it in. WOW! What a sensation! You might guess by the size that I have a capacious hole, butt this thing is in a (w)hole different category from any of my other toys. It massages my prostate, so that as I sit here writing this, my cock is oozing pre-cum all over my chair (thank goodness for pleather!) It gets two-thumbs-and-a-rosebud-up from me! As for "extended" wear, I don't think I could function properly with this in all the time!


Anonymous in Feb 2007
I got a medium one of these first and thought it was exciting but found it was too small after awhile, so got a size large and now that is too small!! Perhaps I should go up a couple of sizes!? Anyway, I wear it almost 24 hours a day and it only comes out when necessary. Don't know it's in there most of the time, except the stopper is a bit uncomfortable when sitting down for long periods at the office! Perhaps it could be more oval or rectangular in shape and a bit narrower so that it doesn't dig into the butt!! I have wondered about it setting off the beepers when going through security at the airports!? Does it do this, because my cock rings have done it!
Anonymous in Jan 2007
I bought the medium to stretch myself for my BF, we loved it. He would fuck me with it and then pull it our and go in for the finish. We moved up to XL and most recently XXL (which is Fucking big) - it takes some time to accept, but I wear it (or hold it in) for hours. We have pulled the rubber off and screwed a shaft to in the end of the barrel (Mr. S. you should sell rods as accessories) and this way BF can really work my hole. We run warm water over the metal and with that and Platium they slide in, never to be seen until my BF wants it out. Clean-up is easy and they do not have the smell of "old rubber" that some plugs get.

These toys are not cheap, but they last for ever... soon I hope to be able to be worked up to an XXXL (man my head is swimming - can you think how well my prostate will be massaged. Have fun - with any size

- RG Philly

Anonymous in Dec 2006
The first night I wore the plug to bed my partner cuddled to me and the heat transfer to the butt was fanstastic!
Anonymous in Nov 2006
I bought the xxxl version of this plug and was able to wear it a solid 12 hours the very first time I used it. I was even able to sleep overnight in it with no issues and have sex with it in. The feeling is very nice and the weight of the toy was an unexpected pleasant surprise. Over the years I have tried similar things using just about every plug on the market, and found basically the same issues, the lube would seem to "dry up" over extended wear and make the toy very uncomfortable. The construction of this toy really limits that and I found it as easier to take out 12 hours later than it had gone it, (The xxxl version is a big toy, no give at all, so if you can't take a regular sized soda can up your ass you might want to think about getting a smaller version) I love this toy and will be wearing it a lot!
Anonymous in Sep 2006
Just got my XXXL plug... incredibly comfortable, and it comes out as easily as it goes in. Well worth the $$.
Anonymous in Sep 2006
This is the most comfortable butt plug I have ever used. I got mine last week a size Large and it fits great. I have worn it for several hours at a time to cut the grass, wash the car and shop with complete ease and no worry of it coming out. I am going to buy a XL soon. I can't wait to wear it next month at the nude resort here I will be staying. Tim
Anonymous in Jul 2006
This is, by far, the best plug on the market. i have been wearing this plug on a semi-daily basis for the last 2 years. it goes to work, to the gym, and while sleeping. it's design ensures it stays put in the hole, and the feeling as the ass literally sucks it in is incomparable. finally, the sight of a metal disc at the base of a guy's ASS is HOT.
Anonymous in Jun 2006
Oh My God. I got the large metal and rubber plug the other day. Given the weight and heartiness of it..i was a little worried that perhaps i should have started with a medium.

Well, i dug out the albolene and slid it in. WOW, it immediately felt fabulous. the weight was comfortable, the size perfect, and the metal immediately warmed up. I loved the way the rubber neck made me sertain that this would not pop out when walking around.

The weight sitting up against my prostate got me immediately hard as a rock. Even thinking about it now i am wanting to go slide it in.

Now i want to get some in other sizes. They are so sweeeeeeeet.

Anonymous in Jan 2006
This is the most COMFORTABLE BUTT PLUG i have ever USED!!!! God it is so good to finally get a B.P. that fits and stays put. I never thought this plug would feel this damn great inside me, and it has really helped me GET OFF with so much more PLEASURE. If your thinking of buying it DO SO, you will be very happy you did. I can't fuck with out it.
AJ in May 2005
I agree, this is a VERY confortable plug. The best part is the feeling of security that it wont fall out at the wrong time. Love it and have been wearing around for hours ever sinse I got it.
Anonymous in Apr 2005
These metal plugs are the most amazing comfortable butt toy I've ever had. I can wear my plug (large) for hours, and it feels great! Rather than tire my butt out like other plugs, the metal plug only makes it hungrier. A great toy, and highly recommended. I'm planning on getting an XX Large to add to my collection!
    Anonymous in Apr 2011
    I agree with you 100%....i got my plug and put it in and didn't remove it for 6 days straight. The only time i removed it was to use the bathroom, but then i put it right back in....god I love these plugs

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