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Electrified World's Most Comfortable Butt Plug

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Electrified World's Most Comfortable Butt Plug
Electrified World's Most Comfortable Butt Plug - Medium

We've updated our popular Electrified World's Most Comfortable Butt Plugs so that the wire comes out of the side of the base plate. This means you can shove this in your hole, sit square down on it and turn on the juice for an amazing electro ride. You'll be riding this one like a cowboy!

These incredible metal plugs have been wired to take the plugs for the 4mm banana leads. If you are using an Electrastim box or any box that uses 2mm pin adapters you will need our Pin to E-plug Adaptor (E108). The butt plugs are bi-polar with the positive side on large part of the plug and the negative pole on the base of the butt plug. The sensation is fantastic especially at the opening where the most nerve endings are located. Slip the comfortable plug into your butt, plug it into an electric box, and feel your butt hum! Use this with two Electro Bands on your cock and balls and you'll be in Electro Heaven. A Mr. S Exclusive. We give them our most enthusiastic endorsement!

All of these electrified plugs are Mr. S Exclusive designs! Some look-alike products sold elsewhere are not the same as ours! Beware of imitators!

Made of Medical Grade Rubber and Aluminum

Usable Length Circumference Diameter Weight
Medium 3 in / 7.5 cm 4.75 in / 12 cm 1.5 in / 4 cm 11 oz / .31 kg
Large 3.5 in / 9 cm 5.5 in / 14 cm 1.75 in / 4.5 cm 14 oz / .4 kg

Usable length does not include the 2" rubber tubing or the base plate.

This pre-corded device will plug directly into the face/top of E-Stim Powerboxes which accept a 4mm headphone plug, including but not limited to ErosTek and Folsom Electric.

Powerbox not included

We offer a couple pointers to ensure the safe usage and life of this very unique product:

- For the life of the rubber tubing, it is recommended that only water based lubes or our own Mr. S Bodyglide silicone lube be used.
- When you are ready to remove the plug, relax and simply push the toy out. Do not use the base or tubing as means for removal. Clean the plug with warm water and an antibacterial soap, and allow to air dry. Avoid cleansers or cleaning materials which are abrasive.
- Any item being inserted in your body should be inspected for cracks, breaks, rough edges before inserting the item.

If you find any cracks or weak spots in the rubber tubing, do not use the product and return it to us.

Mr-S-Leather makes every effort to ensure quality control of these products, however, we cannot be held responsible for damaged or defective insertables. Please inspect this item upon receipt and before each use. Products comprised of metal & rubber tubing (such as this product) may develop stress points which require repair. This is normal and something we are pleased to repair. In most cases, the cost to you is merely that of shipping. If you feel your product is in need of repair, do not use it and contact our Internet Sales Department for further instructions.


2mm Pin to E-Plug Adapter
World's Most Comfortable Butt Plug
Remote Control Power Box
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Portable Power Box
Super Power Box
Our Price: $299.00Our Price: $599.95 




Robert L. Goodrich in Aug 2004
I recently bought this plug based on your recommendations and WOW what wonderful sensations it provides. I had to learn how to insert the plug and found squating on it to be the most effective method. Once inserted and plugged into my ET312, I thought I was in heaven. I was amazed that a plug of this size could provide such intense sensations. I just love my new plug. Thanks Bob Fla
Anonymous in Oct 2016
LOVE the ghost-fucking sensation. The part that remains on the outside feels like you're getting the best rim job you've ever received, and the inside part makes your prostate throb to cum.

My plug seems to have become shorted out, not happy because this item is such an investment. Having the wire shoot out perpendicular to the end also puts a lot of bending stress on that wire if you are in a sitting position.

- - Glad you love using it - we want you to keep enjoying it for years to come! Any time you notice excessive wear on these or if there is a defect of any kind, please return to us and we will replace the tubing and interior connections at no charge. We have updated the wire so you can now sit on these without the stress on the cable. Please contact us or upgrading your unit to the new base while we also check the connections.
Anonymous in Oct 2016
I am the happy owner of this item. It arrived in the mail yesterday and last night was out of this world. Actually, this is my second plug, the change in the cord location on the plug resolved many issue.

I also bought a strap that keeps the plug in place - I strongly suggest a strap if one plays solo - easy on and easy off. It is really great when walking about.

Customer Service my MSL is great. My second plug had to be return for repair and it was an easy process. Good time frames too - at no charge.

Marc in Dec 2015
Have tried these before with friends, and I knew that I would need to eventually get one. It seems pricey, but it is worth it as the plug is well put together and high quality, especially with the new 90 degree cord configuration. I got it and took it out for a test drive the next day, and the way the cord sits on this version is way better for the self play I did. I can only imagine the possibilities with others!

If you like electro-play, this is a necessity! Even if you don't like electro-play, this is the toy that would convert you!
Anonymous in Oct 2015
I've just discovered the Audio EStim Files. OMG. My teeth are still chattering after a mountainous cum explosion out of my cock - and I wasn't even touching it. Guys, you seriously have to get a DJ to mix some tunes for you !
Anonymous in Jan 2015
I definitely agree that this is a very very comfortable plug. I do think it needs to have removable connectors, possibly just a simple tens pin socket for each pole with a removable cable with 90degree connectors.
Anonymous in Oct 2014
Can this plug still be worn long term even when not connected to e-stim. i need a plug that does not have to be removed and changed, just hooked up when ordered.

-- No, not really practical and the cable comes out straight out the end and will make sitting impossible. Working to have the plug changed to a 90-degree angle to help with this...
Anonymous in Feb 2014
OMG. It finally arrived after UPS missing me for three days running.

Don't be afraid of ordering a large size in this really isn't that big (or maybe it's just me being a Lucy-Loose-Box!) anyway it works a treat on the 'climb' setting of the ET 312. I didn't get to try any other settings as I blew my cookies so quickly it wasn't funny. My teeth are still chattering.

Pops straight out with just a little 'push' and clean up is a dream.

The look that the model has on his face in the pics -- yep that's a live one up his clacker.

Your eyes will roll backwards and you will gasp for breath - or amyl. Either way you're a winner.

Now I just need to control myself or I'll be doing this all day long.
Anonymous in Jan 2013
What kind of lube do you recommend for this?

- - We recommend water-based lube. Silicone is fine too, but too much and it can act as an insulator. Please avoid oil-based lubes as they can harm the rubber tubing over time.
Anonymous in Aug 2010
I received this product today, it was promptly inserted by my Dominant. All I can say is you have to try it!
Robert in Jan 2009
Being a fan of the WMCBP (I am addicted to wearing it), it was a natural progression to try the Electrified WMCBP. I must be honest and admit to previously believing nothing could feel so good up my butt than the WMCBP. I was wrong. You can not believe the sensation of pure pleasure the Electrified WMCBP delivers. I'm not sure why, but the Electrified WMCBP has less of the "needles and pins" normally associated with electrified toys and more of the "vibration" effect (although that doesn't really describe the feeling). This makes for greater pleasure and the ability to crank up the TENS to higher levels. I just had an half hour of "electrified butt" at maximum setting and I thought I was in heaven. My butt still tingles even after removing the Electrified WMCBP (an added bonus I've not experienced with any other electrified butt plug).
Rate this product ten out or ten and well worth the price.
Anonymous in Jun 2007
I picked this item up about two weeks ago and, being new to electric play, was a bit cautious. But, as I turned up the intensity the sensations were incredible. I'm glad this was the first choice I made in a toy. I'm hooked. In fact, I stuffed this in a friends rump and well...lets just say he's ordering one. :p

I highly recommend this product to anyone. It's pretty amazing.

Ivan in Jun 2006
This item is completely compatible with any of the Erostek boxes without needing any additional items.
Anonymous in Jun 2006
Are these compatible with Erostek 232 ? Do I need to buy any additional plugs or cables ?
paige in Jun 2006
Made of Medical Grade Rubber and Aluminum
Anonymous in Nov 2005
I bought one of the units this last saturday as it was recommended by the sales person and I must say he knew what he was talking about. I bought the large size as I wanted to really feel the full effect of inserted it and the thrill of the effects that I enjoyed.
Boy I must say what a pure pleasure it is and I am so glad the I bought it.
I know that I will be enjoying it for many times more until I find another item like this that gives the sensation of pure pleasure.
I am glad that I was introduced to the electro stimulation products.
San Francisco 10/29/05
Anonymous in Apr 2005
What materials is this electrode made from?

ANSWER: Aluminum & Rubber

Anonymous in Apr 2005
What materials is this electrode made from?

Electrified World's Most Comfortable Butt Plug




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