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Rattler Butt Plug

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Rattler Butt Plug
The Rattler Plugs

There are nine parts in this complex, aluminum butt plug with a metal 'clanger' inside the hollow shell. Every movement causes the Rattler's inner clanger to knock, roll and rattle against the inside wall of the plug. This sends vibrations through the wearer! It's a little like belling a cat, because you'll have a pretty good idea where the boy is when he moves around with the Rattler inside his tight ass. Wiggling the base can cause quite a reaction when he's unable to pull away. Or plug the boy, and take him out for the night. You'll enjoy watching everyone's reaction!

Available Sizes:
Insertable Length Circumference Weight
Small 3.75 in / 9.5 cm 4 in / 10 cm 8 oz / .23 kg
Medium 4.25 in / 11 cm 4.75 in / 12 cm 11 oz / .31 kg
Large 4.75 in / 12 cm 5.5 in / 14 cm 14 oz / .40 kg
X-Large 5.25 in / 13.5 cm 6.25 in 16 cm 18 oz / .51 kg

We offer a couple pointers to ensure the safe usage and life of this very unique product:

- For the life of the latex rubber tubing, it is recommended that only water based lubes or our own Mr. S Bodyglide silicone lube be used. Oil-based lubricant is not compatible with this toy.
- When you are ready to remove the plug, relax and simply push the toy out. Do not use the base or tubing as means for removal. Clean the plug with warm water and an antibacterial soap, and allow to air dry. Avoid cleansers or cleaning materials which are abrasive.
- Any item being inserted in your body should be inspected for cracks, breaks, rough edges before inserting the item.

If you find any cracks or weak spots in the rubber tubing, do not use the product and return it to us.

Mr-S-Leather makes every effort to ensure quality control of these products, however, we cannot be held responsible for damaged or defective insertables. Please inspect this item upon receipt and before each use. Products comprised of metal & rubber tubing (such as this product) may develop stress points which require repair. This is normal and something we are pleased to repair. In most cases, the cost to you is merely that of shipping. If you feel your product is in need of repair, do not use it and contact our Internet Sales Department for further instructions.


Elbow Grease
Mr. S Bodyglide
Premium Silicone Lube
World's Most Comfortable Butt Plug
Our Price: $7.95Our Price: $6.95Our Price: $89.95




Astroglide Lube (Water Based)
Wet Original Lube
Water Based
Our Price: $9.95Our Price: $6.95 




Anonymous in Feb 2016
When i woke up this morning i didnt realize i was in for a very pleasant surprise, i received my large rattler plug! Not only that it came 2 days BEFORE estimate date of delivery. As soon as i had it in my clutches i felt like a kid at christmas again, running to my room and tearing the box apart till i got to the goody inside. Now when i picked it up it was heavier than i thought and had a grand size to it as it rolled to and fro in my hand almost massaging it under the weight. With a spring in my step i grabbed everything i needed to do my thing and had a quick cleanup. After getting nice and lubed up and a little finger warm up i lubed up the shining beautiful plug and start to slide it in. At first i was met with a little resistance but as i rearranged my position it started to go easy, feeling the full diameter of it stretching my tight hole as it slid firmly but very comfortably easing it slowly down until i got to the end where it sucked in and dissappears and with one kegel flex the rest of the tubing goes in too now nothing but the disc on the end is showing and thats firmly in place too. Now the feeling i got was simply put, amazing it filled my tight hole not to mention the rattles are a very nice touch. I can imagine using this a few hours coming up to some sexy time with the gf either leaving it in and feeling full with a rattle in my p-spot everytime i thrust into her. Or when she wants to do some pegging it will have me nice and stretched for my comfort.
Ps: I have only had it on for a short time due to time restrictions and want to try it around the house and get used to it a little more (i get rock hard ons walking around with it in atm) and im laying here without it in and my butt is begging me to put it back in.
All in all i love it!! Thinking of getting a wmcbp now that i have experienced such beautiful craftsmanship. Worth every penny.
Anonymous in Jan 2015
I never write reviews. This made me want to write one.

This is my first hour of wearing this. As soon as I got it in, I loved it. I ordered the Large (which I was hesitant about, but my biggest toy, used rarely when I need filled, is 5 to 5.25" circumference). I figured getting it past the muscles would only be momentary. I'm not a frequent anal receiver, only toying myself ~1/mo on average. That said, I'm not inexperienced.

Upon getting it, I washed it and applied some bodyglide. If it didn't happen so fast I'd have compared its size to something. It was highly polished and the connection points to the plug and base looked sturdy.

Slipping it in without warming up (though it was warm from washing, which helped) wasn't painful, but I did have to back out a few times to warm up (or pushing it through would have been wince-worthy - but, really, that was just warming up the muscles, not that it was too large).

If it were out of me, I'd test and compare it to something. From my initial shake, the sound could be compared to shaking a plastic ball inside a bottle, but scaled down to if the bottle was 3" high.
Walking around, I imagine it would be possible to hear it when it clicks loudly (though not consistently as your ass moves it's not going to bounce the same way twice). With nothing on, walking in a quiet hallway, it sounds like a muffled version of shaking two marbles in your cupped hands. (I do like that it can be heard when it's quiet. Is someone ever going to ask "Is that sound coming from your ass?")
I can hear it up my spine in my ears, like a *very* faint (trigger warning) dental pick.

I've tried wearing butt plugs around for long periods of time. One is a small rubber tear-drop style, which I couldn't really feel. The other was a prostate massager, which didn't really stay in.
I was worried about this not staying in my ass - that's no problem. Even walking around relaxed, this sits without effort. I was also concerned that it would be too long to stay in comfortably. Walking, it's no problem. I think the length helps it press against my guts so I can feel the rattle. Sitting, there is some pressure - maybe shortening the tubing would help. I have to sit with my weight to one side to be comfortable.
The rattle is, in my opinion, worth it. The tingly bounces in my ass keep me getting up to walk somewhere. It's a definite bonus on top of a very comfortable, large, satisfying butt plug.

10/10 would recommend to friends and family.

Anonymous in Dec 2014
I opted for the Medium Rattler Plug and am happy with that choice. The sizing chart helped me with that decision. I typically wear a medium tear drop shaped plug that is about the same girth at its widest piint as the Rattler is. I used a condom over it so clean up was quick and easy. I was actually intimidated at its overall size but it slipped in really easy. The metal was nice and cool inside me. I could feel it rattle as I walked around the house. I found myself walking laps inside just so I could feel it move in me and hear it. I think having sex with it in so my hips move it back and forth would be awsome. I did find it hard to sit down on the base. Two issues with that. One is that the plug gos deeper into me than I have experenced. That will take some training to get used to. The second is the base is large and round and I am a rather small guy with a small butt. I did wear it for an hour and fourty minutes (1:40). I edged most of that time and finally lost control and released. Just as I was cumming I could feel it hitting my prostate and WOW, I came a lot. Pushing it out due to its rubber tub connector kinda worried me but it slid out with no problems at all. A friend told me that its hard to push out because its so far up in you that you cant get a good grip on it inside topust it out. That was such bad advice. The price almost scarred me off at $149.95, however I am now happy with that cost due to teh firs hand experence. I just wanted to make sure it was worth it and it is.

High points:
It fits and feels great and slides in slooth and easy for a "full" feeling.
The rattler is fun, the more you move the more it moves.
It comes out easy, don't let that you have to push it out be an issue. Is not.

Low points:
The base is round and thick. It needs to be narrow and a bit thinnner so it sets between your butt cheeks.

Overall I give it a 9 out of 10.

I hope to visit your sore in person in 2016.

thank you
Anonymous in Sep 2014
Just purchased a medium and it feels great! Not too big for long term wear. Occasionally hear it but constantly feel the internal ball bumping about. Can't wait to wear it in public.
Anonymous in Mar 2014
I purchased the XL Rattler Butt Plug and it is not performing like it was advertised. It does not rattler like it did when it was new. Also, I wish the rattler could be louder. It could be defective. What should I do?


- - We get this a fair amount so glad you asked. The Rattler is very much designed to rattle at its best when the plug is facing upwards (like when you'd wear it). A lot of people in the shop try getting the rattle to work by shaking it side to side, or holding it down like a bell. It makes a little noise, but not what you'd expect. If it doesn't rattle at all when you hold the plug facing upwards, the 'bell' may be stuck and tapping it lightly on a flat surface can often dislodge it. Call if you want more info!
Anonymous in Jan 2014
When I first opened the package when I got this product I couldn't believe the size of it. The length and the width of it made it look like it was going to hurt! I also thought that the sound was a little quite. I would have thought that it would have been louder because of the metal. But didn't really think much of it because of some of the comments about it not being warm. So I tried it and found that after working for a bit I managed to get it in and was happy with the size in me. Which does feel good and does sit good as they say. How ever I'm finding that I'm a bit disappointed that it doesn't rattle louder. Just walking around in my house with the TV on in the other room makes it so I can't hear it!

- -

It's interesting how some prefer something that is loud and attention grabbing by those around and others who wish for more discretion. The intention of this design is to be felt and not heard - like a good boy.
Anonymous in Dec 2013
Any plans to ever make one that has a hard solid rubber ball inside so it doesn't "clang" yet still has something "rattling" about? Like luna balls...

- -

Definitely an interesting idea though the effect for the wearer would be minimal. Once the Rattler is "installed" the rattling sound is virtually non existent. One's clothing further dampens any sounds.
The rattling element is really intended for the wear to feel, not for others to hear.
Anonymous in Dec 2013
OMG. I just put it in. I wanted to feel it rattling around in my ass, so experimented with how to move for maximum effect. For me, it's thrusting my ass back, like I want to get a big one deeper that really gets it going. My cock is so hard, but I don't want to cum yet. I don't think I ever want to take it out.
Anonymous in Dec 2013
After reading all the positive reviews of this product, I really wanted to try it. It is expensive and an investment. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this toy. Well worth the money. When I received it I couldn't wait to put it in my piggy hole. I also bought Mr. S Bodyglide which I would recommend highly. It didn't take much at all for this baby and it was inside me doing it's magic. It took plugging to a new level for me. I feel the sensation of the clanger moving around in every inch of my body, even my teeth! It is so cool. Don't despair if when you get it, it doesn't seem to move much or gets stuck. When it gets warm in your hungry hole, it will move around like crazy. It is so unpredictable too which is part of the fun. I use it every day and look forward to it like a boy with his new toy. Well, that would be accurate too. Also, I was concerned about it being difficult to remove. Gently push and out it comes. It is heavy so be careful not to break your toilet or tile Not at all hard to get it out. In fact, Bodyglide is so slick that I have had to be careful not to let it slip out by accident. I am using less lube now and am working up to going out with it in but I am not quite there yet. Thanks Mr. S for the GOOD STUFF!
Anonymous in Aug 2013
After being able to take the XXL World's Most Comfortable Butt Plug, I should have known that the Large Rattler wouldn't be nearly enough. It feels great and hearing the rattle while I move makes me smile, but I'm definitely coming back from the XL when I get a bit more $$!
Anonymous in May 2013
The prior reviewer got it right regarding length. Our Rattler XL goes deep to the back wall of my ass, spreading and opening my inner muscles. Constant pressure and vibration. It feels like I'm getting fucked deep. The surgical tube and base stroking my ass lips feels like I'm getting fingered with lube. And the rattle tells people-who-know that I'm plugged (a good conversation starter).
Anonymous in Sep 2011
My Dom allowed me to purchase the Medium Rattler during Folsom Street 2011. I came home and promptly had it inserted in my ass. It never felts so good. Walking around felt fantastic. I even had my large ball weights put on to increase my pleasure. When I was given the ability to have a release 4 hours later it was absolutely mind blowing. It is now one of my favorite toys and can't wait to see what Sir will do with it to me.

I do have one question. In the package there was a warning concerning the types of lube to use for insertion. I wanted to know if a silicon based lube (safe for rubber and toys) would be ok to use?

- - Silicone lube is whay we would recommend for this piece. Won't hurt the rubber tube and stays slick longer in your ass. Try D376 - Mr. S Bodyglide!
Anonymous in Aug 2011
This Rattler butt plug is simply the best kinky plug ever made for the BDSM scene. I always use this plug into my chastity belt when clubbing or inline skating.

My full waistband steel chastity belt curved crotch plate secures the medium sized steel rattler butt plug firmly into place. When clubbing in fetish parties, I'm buttplug-belted over my full body latex catsuit. When riding the trails outdoors, I'm buttplug-belted over a pair of tight spandex shorts.

When inline skating, the rattler plug will mildly and constantly send vibrations up my spine with every skate stroke or rolling motion. Every bump I roll over, will make it clang. In clubs, it's amazing that with every dance move, it knocks me in the butt. Awesome feeling.

The rattler butt plug also stimulates the prostate which in turn makes also my penis slide along the integrated 85mm Steel Anatomical Pear Drop Urethra Plug into my chastity belt steel penis tube. Each and every clang this rattler butt plug will make will tease me both by the rear and front.

The rattler butt plug neck is thin, flexible and extremely comfortable for long term wear both for sports and clubbing.

The plug's back plate is just the ideal size to be secured under any steel chastity belt's butt plug holder plate.
Anonymous in Aug 2011
Ordered from Australia, got mine about 9 working days after ordering.
Very fast delivery for over seas standard and discrete.
I'll be ordering from you boys again.

cgeorge in Jun 2011
I got the large first, then got the XL, I love both of them and wear them all the time, especially out to the club. Cody
Anonymous in Apr 2011
I got the X-LRG and love it! The reviews about extended wear are pleasingly correct; it is definitely the best ass plug I've ever up my ass.

You can definitely have it up your ass for hours on hours as you go about your day's business; and, its like walking around with a manly cock working your hungry hole, leaving a devil's smile on my face feeling it work its pleasure in my ass out in public.

The rattle is audible, but not that noticeable, and hardly makes any noise with normal walking. Though, I take delight every now and then when I'm out and about with it in my ass to thrust my hips a few times when I can get away with it and feel the rattle in my ass and hear the clicking as my ass twitches and contracts around the plug.

It's much more noticeable, as well as delightfully pleasing/stimulating, when I'm slamming my cock deep into a hungry stud's hole to the beat of fuck tunes with the rattle hammering back and forth in my ass.

The feeling of the heft of the plug in my ass while I'm fucking as I pound my cock hard against his ass is really hot. Definitely one of if not the best toy I've bought/used and I definitely recommend it for ass junkies.

Though, as noted in other reviews herein, don't go for size if you are not size-experienced. I set it in a sink of hot water to warm it up before fucking it devilishly into my lusty manhole. No issue at all removing when the day's relished lust is over and I jerk a load out.
Anonymous in Mar 2011
Can anyone give me any tips of removing the plug? How trustworthy is the rubbing tubing?

--Always push the plug out more than pull. Rubber tubing is sturdy but can only take so much. Pushing will keep it in good shape for years...

Anonymous in Dec 2010
I just got the medium rattler, and it's extremely lightweight compared to the njoy Pfun 2.0 plug I have, which makes for a nice change! But the Rattler is long, so it's not easy to forget it's inside of me.

The rattling inside the plug sounds like a metal screw inside a metal can and while sitting in a chair, if I wiggle back and forth, the sound is loud enough where everyone can hear, but they think it's the chair making noise. I guess if you want to, you can carry a small Altoids can in a pocket with some small metal items inside, and if someone asks about the noise, you can pull out the can and say that's it. Haha!

The feeling when the plug rattles... yum. Sitting in a chair, it feels like something is tapping on the bottom of my spine. I'm going to the gym today to try running on the treadmill with it. Can't wait!

At work I use the elevator all day long, but I'm going to start using the fire exit stairs more often. I can't wait to feel what that's like!

I was tempted to buy the larger model rattler, but wanted to use this as my all day plug (I'm going to offer my Pfun 2.0 to my girlfriend or put it away for future use) so I got the plug in medium. It's perfect!

5 out of 5 stars for the medium rattler. Delicious!
Anonymous in Dec 2010
The first word to pop into my mind the very first time I popped this baby in was.... EXTREME!

I got the XL plug to save money - I'm no anal expert, so after reading that some people had to really work to get it in, I was afraid I wouldn't be big enough. But insertion was absolutely no problem - once you get to the full width it just slides right in the rest of the way.

What was uncomfortable was the length - I have put longer things up my ass, but they taper towards the end; this one really doesn't. So being 7", it was really fucking me in the back of my ass, and after maybe 15 minutes made my tailbone hurt and I had to take it out. I can keep it in longer and longer each time, with less and less discomfort.
But... sitting on it is a NO NO! It really pushes deep - so unfortunately I can't wear this to the office - YET!
The rubber neck sticks out of your ass, so the large-ish base isn't pulled all the way between your cheeks; very comfortable as long as I don't sit on it!.

As for the rattling: EXTREME! Especially when you first put it in and your asshole clenches it tight, the vibrations really feel strong, pulsing through your insides. After a bit and you loosen up the feeling isn't so extreme, but you still really feel it - its like being lightly fucked all day long =)
If I could have seen these in a store, in-person, I would have been better able to judge if a L or an XL would have been better, in terms of length; the XL girth is perfect!. But I have absolutely no regrets with my purchase - it is money VERY well spent!!
Anonymous in Nov 2010
This plug is the greatest sensation. I wear it out all the time, especially dancing.
Anonymous in Apr 2010

I got the large and it's a nice tight fit!!!

As soon as it got to the house I ran upstairs and...well yea, it wasn't in the house more then 1 min. and it was up in me :)

I called my F-Bud and told him I had a new toy to try out...the feeling of it rattling as I pounded away was just AWESOME!! Damn when I unloaded Ii think my EYE ROLLED in my head!!

Do yourself or friend a favor and get one!!!!
Anonymous in Mar 2010
I love the feel of this plug. The narrow flexible base allows it to stay put and I can comfortably wear it all day, yet its weight and the clanger definitely let me know it's there. Out of all of my plugs, it is by far the most comfortable one I have. For an added sensation put it in ice-water first.
Anonymous in Sep 2009
I'm a big fan of butt plugs and enjoy wearing them for long periods. I got a rattler plug as a present and have to say it's amazing. It's a largish one and the sensations it sends out are fantastic! I find myself running to and fro at work a lot more as the mechanism inside does a great job.
Ben Jnr in Sep 2008
Got my medium rattler last week and finally got around to trying it today.

It took me quite a while to get it in and at one stage i didn't think it was going to fit all the way in.

Once i got it in ... Wow! feels awesome ... so filling yet so comfortable at the same time. Thinking of going out for a walk and seeing how it feels :)

Chris in Aug 2008
Damn..... I bought the large plug and I just love it; I warm it up with some hot water and it slides right in with some plug out there !
Anonymous in Apr 2008
I recently bought and received the x-large rattler and it is fantastic. For the past month I have worn it overnight and to work only removing as needed and then replacing. I love the continuous pinging at the base of my skull as the rattler sound travels up my spine.
My coworkers are bemused by the clanging but no one has said anything yet. It is extremely comfortable and I think I will wear it for a long time.
Anonymous in Apr 2008
I bought one of these plugs something like 8-10 years ago and I highly recommend the item!!
I'm not sure if I have the XL or the L size, but probably the XL; oink! I play about 75% bottom and 25% top but with this thing up my ass, you bottom boys better watch out! While I'm pumping away I receive a good ass and prostate massage which is great.
One word of caution: DO NOT USE ANY OIL BASED LUBES! The bit of rubber tubing between the rattler and the base will deteriorate. I had accidentally used some Albolene, once or twice, and eventually the rubber started to tear. I was concerned of ruining a nice (and costly) toy but I contacted Mr. S to see about repair service.
They responded quickly and said to clean the item, send to them and they would take a look. I did as instructed and after the shop received my parcel they were able to replace the rubber tubing on the bottom and I think the charge was only like $10.00 or $15.00. GREAT PRODUCT!!!
Jack in Feb 2008
WOW! What a feeling. The rattler sure lets you know... He will not be ignored. Feels great even long term. There has been much talk about the "noise level" To be honest unless I REALLY shake my ass it cannot be heard. Perhaps this an issue of body mass and muscle but who knows or cares! All I know is that when I exercise (run) it's an experience that is beyond words. TALK ABOUT MOTIVATION! In short a great Buy.
P.S. Go for at least the large size. MORE FUN!
Anonymous in May 2007
I have receive my large rattler soon before departing on trip to China. I work as cabin purser for european airline and as crew member i am by-pass metal detection with no fear of additional cavity invasion! This plug is very comfortable for duration of long-haul flight and visit to Top Deck is now much more of pleasure. On this flight I have passenger with <<Black Tulip>> t-shirt and he make remark as he hear rattle. I am explain source of noise and we later meet to explore how is wear rattler as at same time penetrate other man. I think you shortly receive new order from Holland!

I also suggest a modify to base as this metal is only portion as become fatiguing after many hour. Sitting make this more of problem rather as standing and bending to <<serve>> customers.

Andre - Mr. S Leather in Apr 2007
Thank you for the suggestion! We will consider it.
Anonymous in Apr 2007
I had to write an addition to my review just above. Yes, it does seem like it takes awhile to break the plug in and get the bead inside really popping. Anyone who is considering one should by the large size for a couple of reasons. 1. The thrill and struggle of getting it in is part of the fun. 2. My guess is yes, once broken in, the bead inside is louder and stronger.

I now have found that I have a hard time keeping it out of my butthole. If I didn't need to use the hole for more practical purposes now and then, I wouldn't take it out. Sitting rocking with it in and making the bead rattle with hit after hit of poppers is pure joy. Hope you guys all have as much fun.

Anonymous in Apr 2007
I received my large rattler plug today and I'm wearing as I type this review. I was afraid it might be too large, but with a little Eros lube and a hit of poppers later it's been in for several hours. Feels great, wish the rattler part of it was a little stronger and louder, but maybe it needs to broken in for awhile?
Anonymous in Apr 2007
What a great feeling! I too have worn my medium sized plug to work and love getting up for another cup of coffee. It's also great at night. Just slip it in, then slip into a sleepsack and snooze away. I've had mine for about 2 years now and never had anyone ask me about odd noises. I think keys in your pocked can make more noise.
Anonymous in Apr 2007
Please stock larger diameter rattler plugs 21/2" to 3" would be great for me. Use your xxL plug & would like a larger 3"diameter.
William O in Apr 2007
I have had the large rattle but plug for over a year now and I never get tired of it. It fills so good inside me and that rattle makes you ever mindful of your lot in life. I have never had a more comfortable plug.
Anonymous in Nov 2006
Just got the large plug today. Wow! Talk about a great feeling. I was a little worried that I would have a hard time getting it in my ass since I am a bit tight but a little J-Lube and it slid right in.

Running uo and down the stairs hase never felt so good.

Does anyone know if it will make it through the metal detectors?

If you don't have one, you should get one!

Anonymous in Nov 2006
nope I do all the time is so descretely erotic while no one knows
Anonymous in Nov 2006
These are truly excellent plugs!! I've not done much with this kind of thing and always had problems with normal plugs as they are too big where it sits in the opening of your ass. These plugs get past that with the thin rubber tubing which makes it comfortable for even the most shy ass people!!
I'd recommend one of these to anyone - esp those who are having trouble with or working up towards more ass fun :o)
They're especially good when fucking your partner ;o)
Anonymous in Sep 2006
Quite an amazing plug! Fills very nicely, and easy to hold in. The only thing is that it isn't as much "clanging" as I was expecting. Maybe I should step up from Medium to Large and see if it makes a difference! :-)
AJ in May 2006
a buddy bought me this as a present during an L.A. trip (hi Dave!)
ive tried those typical flesh or black colored plugs before, and the section where yer ass closes around it is always too thick. at least for me, its still thick enuf that my ass just wants to open up and let the plug fall out! LOL! with these metal and rubber tubing toys from mr.s yer hole can close right back down nice n tight, while yer ass is nice n full.
the clanging isnt too loud, tho you can really get it banging around with some thrusting action.. grrr wear this when yer fuckin tops!i only wish it came in the xxxl size that the non rattlers do :)
id love to feel that full AND have a clang!

the rattle sounds similar to... hmm.. if you had two big marbels in yer pocket and yer walking around i guess
it has that same kinda marbel tappin sound. and not too loud, but you CAN hear it

the end of the plug that hangs out of yer hole has a lil screw section, kindalike you could mount it to a tripod for visual sake... wondering if theres a way to screw in a rubber puppy tail... PLUS the xxxl size with the rattle.. PUPPY PIG HOLE HEAVEN!
hint hint

Anonymous in May 2006
And I thought I was the only one who wore plugs to work!
Anonymous in Jan 2006
The rattler is my favorite plug! I frequently wear mine while running errands or to work (for 8+ hours it's in, 10 hours is my max.. so far) and unless I tell someone, the pleasure is all mine. The sensations it sends through your ass when going up/down stairs is amazing, though fucking while the plug is in may cause sensory overload.
The design of this plug is also exceptional; the rattler is longer than it is wide (oblong), where the standard WMCBP offers more girth (more egg/lime like). Your sphincter wraps comfortably around the narrow rubber tubing, serving as a flange, and you'll be glad it's there because your ass is going to want to pull this plug in deep.


Anonymous in Dec 2005
WOW, what a continuos sensation!
Anonymous in Jul 2005
I played last night with a good friend who locked me in a Catapult cock cage with the small Rattler in me... it was a great experience... this is a TRUELY comfortable plug. The rattles weren't as pronounced as I expected but I could sort of feel them. 3 out of 4 stars.
Anonymous in Apr 2007
I recently received a large rattler plug to wear as my daily plug. Quite amazing! It is very comfortable (which is a great thing if you are wearing it all day) yet does not let you forget that it is there. The rattle feels amazing clanging inside of you and people can hear it as you walk around... not too loud but it reminds those who know that you are plugged. For those that don't, you might get the question - "Did you hear something?"

Anonymous in Mar 2005
Like to use it when by myself, jacking off feels so much better with that stuck up your ass, but you need to have it in when fucking because it will massage your ass while you do it

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