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Meathead Silicone Buttplug & Cockring

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Meathead Silicone Buttplug & Cockring
Meathead Silicone Buttplug & Cockring

Tug and fuck. Tug and fuck. That’s the rhythm we like to get going when we play. It was what Oxballs had in mind when he came developed the Meathead Buttplug/Cockring. Slip the 2” cockring on and ease the Meathead dick up your hole. We say ease because with a head measuring 7” in circumference, you’re going to want to give yourself a second or two to adjust. Fortunately, the 100% premium silicone on this big guy enters your hole with all the give and flexibility of a hard, live dick. It felt so real, we got hard just grabbing it by the base and aiming it at our backdoor. Once you got the head in, slide down the realistic veins to the base. Before you know it, your plugged.

Let the fun begin. Tap the base or simply jack off to stimulate your hole. Fuck and get a little hole action for yourself at the same time.

100% Premium Silicone makes the Meathead safe with all lubes and easy to clean with soap and warm water.

7” Widest Point; 4 1/2” Base/Smallest Point; 5 1/2” Insertable Length 2” Internal Diameter Cockring


Hitch Silicone Butt Plug
Our Price: $72.00  



Anonymous in Nov 2016
definitely a wonderful thing if not my best! the ball adjusts wonderfully and quite often I enjoy it for hours even going out. it keeps well where it belongs and gives continual pleasure. thanks
Austin in Mar 2016
Ordered this the other week and unfortunately am just now getting around to using it and MAN am I stupid for waiting this long! I warmed up with the medium trainer plug first and kept that in my hole with the rubberized back strap jock to keep it in place for a couple hours. Then pulled that out and lubed up the Meathead and stuck it right in. My eyes went wide at first but I was able to adjust it and this is probably my new favorite plug after using the Hitch for so long.
Anonymous in Dec 2015
This thing is AWESOME!

I'm into fisting and dp so I was a bit skeptical about the size of the dildo head being big enough. But it's perfect!! Just large enough to make itself known. And once my cock was hard (which didn't take long once the head was in) the cock ring was nice and snug around my cock and balls.

It was really a lot of fun to use when I was on all fours blowing my man and he was tugging on the center of my new favorite toy!
Michael in Dec 2015
I could not WAIT to put to this in, It's the perfect size for me ~2.23 inches at max diameter. Just under the Square Peg Plug XL. I liked the Unit X Ass Lock a lot but was craving something a little more...satisfying. This fits the bill!
Anonymous in Dec 2014
For anyone that loves Oxballs, this is a must-have toy of theirs. I loved the feeling from it as soon as I sucked it in. Was unsure about the toy at first but went for it and definitely glad I did. Recommend using with an inflatable at first, really helps this bad boy slide in comfortably. Also, recommend at first sliding in with the head going in sideways. Feels great when it's in, super comfortable. Recommend with: Mr. S Firm core inflatable
Anonymous in Dec 2014
I was very excited to receive the Meathead! But my eyes were bigger than my piggy butt-hole. :-(

I am having difficulty taking the Meathead, but I am not giving up!

It is definitely a hole stretcher and I am looking forward to using it for its intended purpose soon. Oink! :-)

Meathead Silicone Buttplug & Cockring




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