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Puppy Tail

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Puppy Tail
Puppy Tail - Square Peg

The Original all silicone Puppy Tail Redesigned!

Due to popular demand Puppy Plugs are back, and with several improvements! Their predecessor was great but these tails were designed when it became clear that there was a serious desire among puppies everywhere for a tail that could be as comfortable and effective as possible... something that their owners would notice! Many improvements have been made: tails are now larger and longer to allow any pup to better communicate with its owner, plugs have been redesigned in an egg shape with a narrow base to help it lock in place making them more comfortable for long term wear, the base of the plug incorporates "The Anvil Design", which acts both to help keep the tail as upright as possible as well as function as a fulcrum to make wagging your tail up and down as simple as clenching your hole.

The silicone is springy and wiggles easily with any body movement. The length and curve of the tail makes it possible to wear standing up too with just a small hole to push the tail through your shorts or pants.

100% Silicone throughout for durability.

Tails are not designed to be sat upon directly.

Size Chart
Insertable Length Circumference Tail Length
X-Small 2.25 in / 5.5 cm 4 in / 10 cm 8 in / 20.5 cm
Small 3 in / 7.5 cm 5 in / 12.5 cm 9 in / 23 cm
Medium 3.5 in / 9 cm 5.75 in / 14.5 cm 10 in / 25.5 cm
Large 3.75 in / 9.5 cm 6.5 in / 16.5 cm 12 in / 30.5 cm
X-Large 4.75 in / 12 cm 8 in / 20.5 cm 12 in / 30.5 cm

About SquarePeg Toys:

Cast as one solid piece of silicone, these high quality toys contain no layers or joints to crack or peel - ever. Vacuum formed to eliminate air bubbles that might weaken a toy's integrity. Made to be sterilized, silicone is the only rubber that will not melt or deteriorate from the effects of heat or moisture, so they won't shrink, melt or dry up like latex or vinyl toys. Also, silicone does not contain plasticizers or harmful phthalate softeners.

SquarePeg toys are safe to use with any water-based lube, oil and grease. No other toys can match their durability, and though slightly more expensive than their latex or vinyl counterparts, with a minimum of care these toys will continue to deliver year after year.

All toys are formulated to be soft enough to be kind yet firm enough for control and easy hands free play. For truly soft, squishy toys ask about the 2006 release of the SuperSoft silicone material developed specially for SquarePeg.

These toys are hand-made and every effort has been made to give accurate measurements. Due to this and the flexible nature of silicone your measurements may vary slightly from our own. Model descriptions solely reflect their own experience and are not to be interpreted as instructions for use. Only you can know what your level of expertise and capacity for play are. Always play safely and within your own limits.

SquarePeg has been producing quality toys since 1998.


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Anonymous in Dec 2016
Great toy, love acting like a pup. I'm a small guy but even the extra large tail wasn't big enough for me!;-)
Anonymous in Nov 2016
I bought the medium size cause I wanted it to be nice and snug, the first time I put it in yesterday it took a little persuasion due to the size being bigger then I've ever had. Wagging it makes the bulb rub all the right places to make this puppy weak at the knees. If your looking for a tail get this one! If your new to anal play I would recommend the small or buying a plug such as the Anal Trainer set to get yourself ready. Any veteran to anal I'd say at least get the medium.
Anonymous in Oct 2016
Thank you !
Joshua in Mar 2016
Aroooo!! *licks your faces*

TLDR: If you are looking for a quality tail, this is it!

Long version:
Pup Jenny absolutely loves her new tail. I bought the Large(and I love it), but I wish I had bought the XLarge. This is, paws down, the best quality tail I've seen. It has a great weight to it and the tail itself is firm enough to stand up yet flexible enough to wag happily. I bought an inexpensive one when I first got into pup play because I wasn't sure how much I liked it. Since it turned out to be more of a part of me than I had even imagined, I invested in this tail. I am soooo happy with it. I have purchased other items from Mr. S. Leather and have always been satisfied. Pup Jenny is a customer for life. ^-^

Side note:
One of my favorite things to do is sit up, clench and unclench my hole making it wag up and down instead of side to side. It thumps the floor letting Daddy know just how happy his baby girl is. And I like the sound it makes hitting the floor. The moment the mailman(arf! arf!) left it at my door, I brought it in, opened it, cleaned it, and popped it in. I was hard before I got it all the way in. Jenny is very happy!

Thanks for a great product. You guys are pawesome!
Rowan in Jan 2016
I'm so happy, and now I have the tail to wag that proves it! Great quality product. It feels very sturdy and is going to last me a long, long time.
I ordered what equates to be size medium on your site from an inferior site a couple years back, and I've never been able to get it in (and the quality pales in comparison to what I ordered here). So, I'm thrilled that I finally have a size small that I can wag with. Wanted to explore my pup side for the last 4 years and now I can a little more!
Loved the personalized note and I've got to say, 5 star product and company, you've got a loyal pup for life!
Anonymous in Oct 2015
This is great! First tail ever got the medium and it fit great!love the feel of the material, shipping was only 5 day from the West coast to the East coast. Recommend the medium for any pup who is used to anal play. Can't wait get my next piece of pup gear! ARF!
Anonymous in Oct 2015
got the medium a year ago. love having the tail in my ass,makes me fell like the puppy that I want to be.master puts my tail my 4 inch collar locked around my neck and locked in my cage and I am happy puppy.ordered the xtra large tail yesterday,cant wait for it come so I can be the DOG that I so crave to be.cant wait to wag me 12 inch tail at my master and show him how happy I am to be his is so comfortable to ware for hours at a time.DOG ohio
Anonymous in Jul 2015
Never gotten to try out a puppy tail before, but after reading all the positive reviews, the bf and I figured we'd give it a try. Shipping was super fast, even to the other side of the country (Alabama). Discrete packaging. And the tail itself is amazing. Super comfortable material and design. Not too big that it was painful to put in, but not too small that it would fall out. I'm a smaller guy, and haven't done a ton with anal, so I went with the small. I give it a 10 out of 10. I look forward to pupping out all the time :) Thanks Mr. S. You guys are awesome.
Anonymous in Feb 2015
WOOF! This is really my first real puppy-purchase, other than a leather collar I bought a few years ago.

Holy SHIT I love it!

I actually don't like anal play much at all. It feels so weird and uncomfortable for me- but after a couple of hours working my new tail into my tight hole, WOW.

It hurt, yeah. I've never had something so big up there, and I thought it would be a good idea (for some reason or another) to start with a Medium-size.

While I regretted the bigger size at first, I'm completely *satisfied* now <3.

As I said, I'm still relatively new to fitting things up my ass, but I found myself chanting encouraging words about what a good pup I'll be if I make it fit. "You're a good boy! You can shove it up there- like a good slut pup! Fuck yourself on that giant bulb, boy! Any master would be happy to have a wagging pup once you work it in there-" etc. etc.

Now, I'm just laying here while it's still lodged in my hole, occasionally squeezing my ass and firing another bullet of pre each time.

Thank you so much for providing such a great product!

I feel like such a slutty fuck-pup now <3

-- WOOF!
Anonymous in Oct 2014
Woof! This tail is SO much fun! I was a little concerned that the medium might be too big, but it went in with relative ease due to it's soft, yet firm design. It feels wonderful to wear, and tail wags provide for a delicious little tug on the plug, as well as a light slap on the cheeks as it moves side to side. I'm definitely thrilled with this product, and will most likely be ordering a large in the near future!
Anonymous in Aug 2014
My puppy tail came so fast I couldn't believe it! I ordered Monday night and had it by Thursday. Customer service was amazing. I initially ordered the medium, but then decided I wanted the large instead. I simply called the 800 number on the website, and spoke to a very nice young man who was happy to change my order for me, and shipped it out later that day. The large was the right choice, it feels amazing in, especially when I am wearing the hot new open ass shorts I also ordered. Kudos to the folks at Mr. S. for creating awesome new products and distributing them in an environment that is totally professional and friendly.
Anonymous in Jul 2014
First thing I have for puppy play. I bought a size medium. Love the way it feels inside, really fills me up. Takes a bit to stretch enough for it, but once it's in I love the way it feels when I wag my tail.
Anonymous in Mar 2014
So I had worn a puppy tail before that a former handler had but I wanted one of my own. So for an early birthday present a friend of mine bought me a hood and a Medium Puppytail. I was so excited when I got home from a vacation which the items had arrived during. I put my hood on and with some help from my boyfriend slid the tail in with little to no difficulty (with lube of course).

All I can say is feeling the tail lock in is amazing. I love how the tail just sits there and stays in place even when romping around or just wagging it. My owner thinks is funny that I have learned how to wag my tail around in a circle. I cant stop raving about how wonderful this tail is. I am a very satisfied Mr. S customer and will be ordering from you guys again in the near future.
Anonymous in Mar 2013
Okay so during an overnight trip to Sf yesterday I went into Mr. S. to check out some pup gear I've been drooling over. The staff in the store were amazing, they helped me find everything I wanted and a few things I didn't know I wanted until they showed me. They were very professional and extremely helpful and understanding! They're resident pup is a guru if I've ever met one when it comes to puppy play.
Now onto the tail; at first I'd picked up a few different sizes ranging from extra small, small, and medium trying to figure out which would be my best bet. After talking with the staff I learned that without the pup plug harness I'd probably end up shooting the two smaller plugs across the room. So I settled on the medium which is beautiful.

The medium plug is the perfect size for me, it stays in comfortable without having to clench constantly to hold onto the plug. The materials used in this item are 100% top grade, the quality is really there on it! It has its own texture which I've never really encountered but fell in love with just handling the toy; it has the perfect firmness yet is soft enough to be comfortable to wear for an extended session.
Upon insertion I couldn't help but drop to all fours and start wagging which I might add doesn't take much with this toy; the tail is very lively and will wag with even the smallest movements of your body which gives a very cute look. The bonus however is as it moves the plug inside will naturally gyrate against your prostate sending shivers down your spine as you run around in pupspace playing and having fun.
I ended up leaving the tail in for about 5 hours which was not only comfortable but extremely pleasurable. After the first few minutes you'll forget you're even wearing it until you wiggle it just right to rub against your prostate.
Overall I have to give this toy a perfect score! Hell above a perfect score!
Anonymous in Jan 2013
What strikes me most about this tail is just how comfortable it is to wear. It's definitely been designed with long-term wear in mind. The variety of sizes makes it perfect for beginners as well. Very easy to wag, too! A must-have plug for any pup.
Anonymous in Jan 2013
My alpha and I love our tails. I leave it in when I sleep sit and even go walking around. It is a comfortable tail. I just love it!!!!!!!!
Anonymous in Nov 2012
My owner got me this tail and mailed it too, I love wearing it as much as I can at home. It fits well and goes in nicely.
james in Oct 2012
it showed up this morning
got the largest size popped it in OMG i felt so full was one extreamly happy pup
walked around on all 4s wagging my new tail and barking and yelping like a happy pup :) cant wait to show it off
Anonymous in Apr 2012
This tail feels great, stays in well, is extremely easy to wag. I just can't get over how comfortable it is, feel like i am missing something when its not in.
Anonymous in Jun 2011
I am the HAPPIEST puppy on the planet! Thank you. thank you
Anonymous in Oct 2010
I Love My New Tail!
It Is Awesome!
Woof Woof Wags Tail
Nathaniel in Mar 2010
Unbelievable. This tail is amazing. Feels great, stays in very well, cleans with any type of soap, uses any type of lube, and best of all, the material makes it extremely easy to wag. All you have to do is clench your asshole and it moves. Get a bit of a rhythm going and you've got yourself a nice wag for your master.

I was almost a complete newb when I first tried mine. I've experimented around with smaller, random stuff, but when I got myself a master, we both knew that I had to get a tail. I got the medium because I wanted it to hurt a bit going in at first but still allow me to be able to get used to it after a few minutes. It was a good choice. The first time it went in it hurt like hell for 3 minutes, but I was in heaven after that. Now, every time that he says, "show ass," I'm practically begging him to push it in.

If you're looking for a puppy tail, you won't be disappointed with this one. As someone else posted, it's un-fucking believable!
Anonymous in Dec 2009
I have been eying one of these tails up for sooooo long having gone through 2 other tails from inferior companies.

Naturally, being a dirty lil pig pup i got the largest one! It slide in with no problem and is is the most comfortable tail i have ever worn. What makes this tail so amazing is the ultra-realistic way it wags, not just side to side but up and down left and right even in circles just like a proper dogs tail it. Next on the list are the rubber paws and hood!
Anonymous in Jul 2009
Mmmm, I love this tail. I got the Large plug, and am now ready to get the XL plug. It feels so good inside, and I feel empty without it, and it really helps add to the pup headspace. WOOF!
Anonymous in Dec 2007
Loved mine from first day Love to wag it for breeders looks great with my MR S LEATHER SLAVE DOG COLLAR n MR S PUPPY HOOD !! NEW JERSEY Make sure u tell all your friens like i do the best place to shop !!!! RICHARD HUNTER RULES love from your dirty bag Richard !!!
Anonymous in May 2007
Nothing is as sexy as when I get to slide my cock in under pups tail and double penetrate him. Totally amazing feeling for both of us. With a bit of learning my pup has figured out how to wear it under his pants and be able to go out in public, hes just had to learn how to properly sit down on a seat with it in. The only bad thing I can say about it was that it seemed to be rough textured at first but after a few uses it seemed smoother. Really not sure what or why, or if there could have been something we coudl have done to speed the process up, but no matter what its a GREAT toy. If your into pup play, then you have to have at least one of these on your shelf. LOL we have 2 different sizes and a furry tail or 2.

Blurr and Bolt

Anonymous in Feb 2007
Any chance of getting one with at least 8 inches circumference? 6 1/2 just is not up to the job for long term wear.
Anonymous in Nov 2006
My Daddy loooooves when I wear my tail! He's working on being able to fuck me WHILE I'm wearing it! LOL! Thanks guys!
Anonymous in Nov 2006
OH!! What a good feeling this is. I had to stretch a bit as I'm a ass newbie, but it was worth it all.

Happy Puppy, Bethesda, Md.

Anonymous in Apr 2006
Anonymous in Jan 2006
Master just bought me one. Cant wait to try it out!!
AJ in Jan 2006
This pup got its puppy tail in the mail and hands were shaking trying to open the package........
Incertion wasn't a problem............(got size medium) and i does stay put..............
The damn thing has a mind of it's own.......and this pup has never before found one that can wag like it.......
Also......makes for much better 'visual' when pup needs to pee.......than the longer hairy type tails one usually finds that block the view.........
This pup now wears it as 'REQUIRED' attire............and recommends it to anyone willing to truely serve........Gandolfs_phoenix...................
Anonymous in Nov 2005
The puppy tail is so nice! This one, is begging master for a larger tail! Oh the feeling!
Ivan in Sep 2005
Wanted on for a long time, when it finally came pup was in heaven. It is the greatest when a pup can wag its tail and show its Master how happy it is!
Karl E Madsen in Aug 2004
I had to wait 3 weeks between delivery and insertion of my tail. It spent all this time looking and waiting. The first insertion made this pup yelp for at least five minutes.But for the next two days i was the happiest pup in the universe! Pups, if you want a tail this is the one to get, it goes in hard, it feels great and it stays put, believe me, it stays!! Getting it out was an issue, but that is part of the experience King

Puppy Tail


Square Peg


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