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Gun Oil Silicone Lube

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Gun Oil Silicone Lube
Gun Oil Silicone Lube

This lube has had a lot of advertising and its name is becoming well known. We thought we'd offer it up to you so you can try it out. The 3 larger sized bottles come with free hand pump.

Gun Oil - the premium, condom-safe lubricant that keeps a man's most important weapon well oiled. If the military issued a lube, this is what they'd distribute with the condoms and artillery. During Operation Desert Storm, Marines jacked off with actual military-issue gun oil while hunkered down in the trenches of Kuwaiti battlefields. A group of those marines has developed a high-tech, condom-safe formula for smooth, rapid-fire action. This silicone-based lube keeps a Private's parts well-lubricated with added Vitamin E and Aloe Vera for longer lasting, slicker ride and minimized skin irritation. This is an ultra-concentrated formula - so a few drops lubricate thoroughly without breaking down or drying out.


Anonymous in Apr 2016
This is by far my favorite lube. It has no taste or smell and isn't "sticky". Doesn't take a lot and lasts a long time. I highly recommend it!
Chris.H in Apr 2010
While this lube is great for jacking off and is condom friendly, it should not be used as a lube for latex clothing. Gun Oil contains vitamin E oil which isn't a problem with a condom, but can damage your latex clothing over extended periods.
Only 100% silicone lube should be used with Latex Clothing.

Chris - Mr. S Leather
James in Apr 2010
Can I use this for slipping into my latex outfits?
Anonymous in May 2008
This stuff is great! Not sweet or flavored or "chemically"- no scent or flavor at all- the first lube I didn't mind getting in my mouth. Very slick and smooth, lasts a long time and doesn't dry out.

Gun Oil Silicone Lube



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