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UZI Stun Gun

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UZI Stun Gun
E065 UZI Stun Gun

This compact Stun Gun is only 150,000 volts and can be used as part of an S&M scene. Yes, it hurts when you hit someone with this charge... but maybe only like a bee sting or hot bacon grease popping onto your bare skin.

The mental anxiety is greater than the actual physical pain the boy may experience.... which is all part of the reason to use one of these in a scene. Stun guns used for real 'protection' should be over 400,000 to 600,000 volts.

If you used one of these 150,000 volts on a mugger, he'd probably just be pissed at you, take it away and then beat the shit out of you.

The Sound of this little bugger is actually as freighting as the actual sting.... so if the boy is blindfolded and he hears you circling him with this, he'll know what 'might' happen to him... a panic usually sets in and you can use this to your advantage in a lot of different ways.

Adding this compact stun gun to your arsenal of toys will give you more control in your scene... and you never even actually need to touch the boy with it to get the desired results... or you can. Only $39.95.

Uses one 9Volt battery and has a safety lock.
(We recommend you only use electrical toys below the waist!)

Please Note: Unfortunately, this item can not be shipped Internationally; only domestic orders for this product can be honored.

Please be aware that Stun Guns are illegal to posses within the following States:

• Hawaii
• Illinios
• Massachusetts
• Michigan
• New Jersey
• New York
• Rhode Island
• Wisconsin

Stun Guns are also illegal within the following cities:

• Annapolis, MD
• Baltimore, MD
• Baltimore County, MD
• Denison / Crawford County, IA
• District Of Columbia
• Philadelphia, PA


Anonymous in Mar 2012
This arrived yesterday, and this is one mean little fucker! the sound is amazing, makes the boy cringe, and don't kid yourself, this packs a nice little sting, more than enough to catch his attention. The large 2 inch ball gag is a great accomnpanying accessories!
Anonymous in Nov 2007
My master used this toy on me recently. I was stripped naked, tied down, and after spreading ample amounts of electrolyte solution to my cock, balls, and asshole, he went to town. I have never experienced such intense pain. When he held the thing to my testicles, I screamed so loudly that I had to be gagged. He pressed it to my tits and I came like a fountain. This thing hurts like hell, but if you're into that, you will come as hard as I did.

UZI Stun Gun




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