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Gauntlet Motorcycle Riding Gloves

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Gauntlet Motorcycle Riding Gloves
Gauntlet Motorcycle Riding Gloves

These soft leather Gauntlet gloves come up over the wrist and up the forearm to protect your arms from the cold wind while riding your bike.... assuming you are getting these for actual riding.

Feels and looks good to wear.

Usually one hand will be slightly larger than the other, typically the strong hand (e.g. the right if right handed). Using a tape measure, wrap the tape around the hand at the widest part as shown and make a loose fist. Round the measurement to the nearest whole inch.


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Anonymous in Dec 2016
Sizing is good if you follow the instructions!

Made from quite thin leather by the standards of European gloves and a simple lining.

I modified these by turning an old pair of leather gloves inside out, so my pair is now leather lined and works great by the way. After 6 months.

I'd like to see some more hardcore industry level gauntlets with coverage up the fore arm, to the elbow, and a buckle over the wrist, to keep it tight.
Anonymous in Sep 2007
I wear an xl size glove....what size is that on your sizing?
-- For a tight fight we would suggest a 12, and if you want a looser fit go with the 13.

Gauntlet Motorcycle Riding Gloves



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