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Leather Harness/ Suspender Combo

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Leather Harness/ Suspender Combo
Handcrafted in our San Francisco Workshop
Leather Harness/Suspender Combo

Three hot pieces of gear in one! Definitely a fine piece of leather craftsmanship that's been well appreciated- and it looks damn sexy too.

Starts as a sexy pair of suspenders: O-rings, buckles and our soft garment leather stitched under the front straps.

Simply unclip the front belt hooks, pass them under your arms and re-attach them at the rear center ring - you'll have a figure-eight styled harness in no time at all.

The back now has snaps too. Just unsnap the back piece and you have a super sexy figure-eight harness you can wear without clipping to your belt loops. We suggest you wear this look in a jock and a pair of boots – WOOF!

Adjustable in three places so you get the fit you want. We literally sell these pieces off of our employee’s backs. See for yourself why this is a cut above the rest.


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Zachary in May 2016
Just bought this harness a few days ago, my very first harness. I always wanted one but I buy things I like then I end up not likeing the way it looks on me. So I have put off buying a harness for many years. I picked this on because it was a combo, if I didn't like the way it looked on me I could easliy wear it as suspenders. Can't beat that I thought so I bought it as my starter harness, thinking it wouldn't be as durable as a regular (non combo) harness.

I was very surprised that I ordered it Tuseday morning and recived it on Thursday of the same week. Super fast! I was suprised again on the quality of the harness. I don't know why I was expecting a combo harness to be of less quality. I was very impressed and I had not even tried it on yet. Very easy to figure out how to do the various looks. I put the harness on and wished I had bought it years ago! My (retired) Marine came over Friday night and he loved it on me probably more than I did. He likes the fact that he has more control over me and I like that about it too. One good pull on the back while he stood in front of me and bam, I was on my back before I even knew he wanted me on my back. I was like, O.K you are having more fun than I figured. Which is my goal, it's not ethereal unless he is happy and pleasured. I am the type that gets off by my man have the best possible experience. Yes, I enjoy evwryrhing but I don't have to get off to be sexually satisfied.

We both loved our first use with this harness. I plan on getting some leg restraints to give it the added option of becoming a sling harness by clipping the leg/thigh restraints to the O rings on the front instead of getting a back/neck supported body sling. So many great options. Also I plan on getting a small two hand cushioned pull bar to clip onto the back for even more of a harder from behind slam fuck. Not that it really needs one it is fully capable to already. The pull bar is more for his visual, he thinks it more for me but I plan everything around his experince.

This is the perfect harness for me. I couldn't have asked for a better harness to clip on accessories to. I love it so much I could see me wearing it out to dinner or the movies etc. to show everyone that my marine is in charge.
Anonymous in Mar 2016
I special/customed this item in Brown. Ultimate quality and workmanship. Service in about a week
JR in Jun 2013
absolutely LOVE the Leather Suspender & Harness Combo! the yellow straps are an awesome touch! thank you so much MR S!
John in Jan 2013
As always, quality leather. Looks hot either as suspenders or as a harness. Very durable.

Leather Harness/ Suspender Combo




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