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Bishop Head Harness

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Bishop Head Harness
Handcrafted in our San Francisco Workshop

Bishop Head Harness

One of the Best Head Trips you'll ever experience.

We looked to the drawings of the late "Bishop" for inspiration for this head harness, and asked Skeeter our Production Manager to create one of these magnificent head pieces. The result is not only an incredible head harness, it's one of Bishops spectacular visions made real.

Absolutely one of the best head harnesses I've ever worn!

  • Constructed out of soft garment leather with a mouth opening that is similar to the mouth piece on our Tight Hood, HT2.
  • Six buckling straps, two of which close around the back of the neck, secure the harness firmly to the head. A Very Hot Look!
  • The Bishop Head Harness has a snap-on blindfold and a NEW separate Strap & Buckle Gag for more versatility.
  • The entire gag and connecting buckles snap Off the head piece when not in use.
  • This New configuration makes it easier to put the gag in and take it off, than the original snap design.
  • Extended wear is not a problem with the open nose design, and the three 'D' rings on the neck collar make perfect attachment points for ropes or clips.
  • Can be used with the Blindfold cover that covers with this muzzle OR you can use one of your own elastic strap blindfolds instead, for an even tighter fit.

Bishop Muzzle. Comfortable, versatile, and good looking.

"This harness gets our vote for Best New Design" - Richard Hunter-Owner.

The Bishop Muzzle is an original and exclusive Mr. S Leather design. Beware of poorly made cheap knockoffs.

Comes with:

  • Detachable eye cover
  • Pecker gag insert
  • Flat leather mouth cover.


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Anonymous in May 2016
This is my all time favorite head harness. The gags are perfect. they are adjustable and they are secure. Unlike gags secured by a strap these cant be pushed out.

The look and feel is amazing, nice thick material too.

Only downside is that its all garment leather, including the upper part so theres not really a nice way to attach to it without potentially stretching the leather out. I may ask them to reinforce the upper part so I can have a D ring thrown on there
Anonymous in Jun 2015

The Bishop Head Harness is one of, if not the best, pieces of equipment I have purchased from Mr-S (or any other store for that matter).

When all the straps and panels are tightened down and the blindfold is applied, the feeling of restriction is fantastic while still remaining comfortable. The gag is a good size and cannot be removed when inserted. My only complaint about the gag is that it is a bit short and does not feel like it fills the mouth (as much as I would like). The blindfold works surprisingly well. It lets in only a small portion of light, though it still prevents one from seeing anything around them. The harness can be worn in conjunction with separate gags and blindfolds. I found it particularly interesting when I paired this harness with a Mr-S ball gag. As an added feature, the collar on the harness has a Velcro binder which helps secure both sides before tightening down the locking leather straps.

It takes a few hours of wearing the harness to break in the leather. This is important to note given that the section under the chin, between the chin and upper buckle on the collar can be a little tight at first.

Generally, I would say that if my harness were to go missing or be damaged in any significant way, I would immediately buy a replacement. This is a must have for any serious leather collection.
Brandon in Nov 2013
I got this item about a year ago, to add to my collection, including things such as the Heavy Duty Triple Strap Hood, and many others. I have to say after having some time with this head harness, I have to say it is my favorite all time head item, period! I can, and have on many occasions, wear this harness for days on end. I love my other hoods, but this one has a special place in my heart. I would highly recommend this for just about everyone out there.

It is very comfortable, I can wear this overnight without any issues, even with the gag and blindfold in place. I can sleep on my back or side, the blindfold keeps out 95% of the light, and with the collar, and the D-rings on the sides and front, the restraint possibilities are immense. I have worn this in my neoprene sleep sack dozens upon dozens of times, with no unwanted effects at all. This is one happy Alpha here with this harness!!! Buy one, you will like it! I may even have to get a second one as my first one I did not have them add the D-ring to the top, and wish I had.
Anonymous in Mar 2013
How big is the gag on this? - - Excellent question. The gag portion is approximately 2.5" long and 4.75" in circumference (about 1.5" in diameter).
Ryan in Dec 2011
I just got my Bishop Head Harness about 20 min ago in the mail. Even over the christmas holidays it was still fast getting to me in Canada. VERY impressed with the leather quality and the fit. The only small issue I had was there were some stitching threads that I had to cut down cause they were digging into the chin, but that comes with custom orders. I would recommend this to everyone!
John in Jul 2011
Worth every penny!! My newest "acquisition" arrived 15 minutes ago. It's like Xmas in July- I don't know what the old style looked like but I sure as heck love this style. Especially enjoy the extra velcro closure in the back- HOT!
Not enough space here to put all my comments- I'm one happy camper.
Tom in Jun 2010
This is one HOT and WEARABLE muzzle! i am beginning to start to feel naked without it.
i had NO problems paying the (stupid) import taxes; this item is nowhere to be found in Europe. Excellent quality! Thank you!!!
Andre - Mr S Leather in Aug 2007
Yes! A D-ring can be added on the top. Please contact us directly with specifications and additional cost. Thanks!

Mr. S

Anonymous in Jul 2007
Can you add D ring on the top of the head
Sebastian in Mar 2007
My package arrived yesterday, and I am very happy with this beautiful peace of leather! My god, it is gorgeous! The new design is even better than the old one (which I had once the opportunity to wear), and I am sure this might become my favourite Head Harness ever. It is worth its price, indeed!
Anonymous in Mar 2007
Ultra HOT! I really like the idea of all the attachments.
John in Nov 2006
With the new buckle gag attachment it might open for several new options also:Strap-on gag, Tube(ring) gag (pissing games etc.), Breather tube gag, Pump gags and possible for other attachments like household items, Ashtray, Toilet-scrub, Floor-Scrub, Duster, Feather to make Dom get more pleasant breeze etc etc.

Bishop Head Harness

Mr. S Leather



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