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Heavy Rubber Hood

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Heavy Rubber Hood
Handcrafted in our San Francisco Workshop
Tailored Heavy Rubber Hood w Zip Back

This very popular hood is made from heavy rubber and is tailored to fit by being 'cut and glued'... not molded. The hood has open eye holes, open mouth and 2' rubber collar with three "D" rings.

Comes in 4 sizes...S,M,L,XL. Please state the size desired.

Not all sizes/options are always in stock. Please allow up to three weeks for your item to be made by our in-house production team.

Additional Available Color Options

Size Chart
Brow Neck
Small 21 - 22 in / 53 - 56 cm 14.5 - 15 in / 37 - 38 cm
Medium 22 - 23 in / 56 - 58.5 cm 15.5 - 16 in / 39.5 - 40.5 cm
Large 23 - 24 in / 58.5 - 61 cm 16.5 - 17 in / 41.5 - 43 cm
X-Large 24 - 25 in / 61 - 63.5 cm 17.5 - 18 in / 44.5 - 45.5 cm


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Anonymous in Sep 2014
I am a 23 year old guy who wanted to surprise his boyfriend on our anniversary. Let me tell you, this rubber hood delivered. It's tight, snug and it fits my head perfectly. It's smooth, solid and has no visible wrinkles. It also took on a high gloss and shine after polishing it with vivishine. This being my very first rubber item, I was pretty shy at first. However, the enclosed feeling I felt as soon as I zipped the back zipper was very erotic. The D rings around the neck area make it all the better. My boyfriend ended up handcuffing my wrists to the D rings and using a red handkerchief as a blindfold. We had fun that night and I love it when he asks me to wear it. I am very satisfied with my purchase!

Like one of the reviews below states, It would be awesome if Mr. S updated the picture of this hood. The current picture does not do this hood justice.

-- Ok, we hear you... will do!
John in Feb 2014
When I first placed my order for this hood, I was told there wasn't that much of a demand for it, it wasn't in stock, and it would have to be custom made by MR.S.. My hood arrived by Priority mail (YAY!) and it is a most welcome addition to my dungeon. My hood fits perfectly, the collar finishes it off in style, and I agree, too bad it doesn't come with a locking post. The overall effect this hood gives is everything I wanted- a nice tight confined feeling. The "D" rings along the hood are those little extra's that one gets from MR. S. This is one exceptional hood. As always, I am quite satisfied.

- -

Most of our hoods can be retrofitted for a long post or locking buckle - added charge and requires lead time for production. Altering an existing hood may be more expensive. Please inquire if interested.
Jeffrey R in Feb 2012
Mr. S should update the pictures for this hood because the one here, while hot, really does not do this hood justice. This hood is THICK and tight, but also surprisingly comfortable. I like to pair it with an inflatable breathe thru gag like HT728 ( ) and a padded neoprene blindfold when I want to feel isolated from the world. While wearing it, I'm struck that I'm not so much wearing something on my head as I'm INSIDE something thick, paradoxically flexible and rigid, tight and restraining and at the same time very comfortable and soothing. This hood transports me away from the cares of the day and it takes a very high gloss shine (use Mr. S Bodyglide for the best look.) The paneled design fits my head without a single wrinkle, and the zipper makes it very easy to get it on/off. The only thing I'd add would be a locking post or buckle to the collar.

- - Great trip! Thanks for sharing and we'll see what we can do about getting those pix updated...
John in Jun 2010
I have been searching for the perfect heavy rubber hood. THIS IS IT! Perfect fit, curves to your face, THE EYE AND MOUTH HOLES ACTUALLY ALIGN! Easy to shine and care for. Highly Recommended!

Heavy Rubber Hood



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