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Stainless Steel Ice Lock

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Stainless Steel Ice Lock
Stainless Steel Ice Lock
A Mr. S Leather Exclusive

A "Timed" lock lasting around 2 hours for 'Self Bondage' or for just leaving the boy in bondage waiting for the time to run down so he can free himself. Your imagination will find many different uses and scenes that you can put this new timed lock to use.

This solid Stainless Steel lock uses the principle of ice slowly melting to release the inside plunger that connects the two solid welded rings on each end. One end is padlocked to a stationary point... a bed headboard, a post, a "D" ring in the floor and overhead chain hoist, etc. The other end ring is then padlocked to the restraints on your sub.

No keys are within reach and so you're there until the ice melts and the two parts come apart, allowing you to then reach the keys to your restraints. The time can vary with the 6" size from 40 minutes to about a little more than 2 hours. The time will vary depending on how much water you fill the cylinder with or what the temperature in the room is. The colder the room is the longer it will take the ice to melt and the longer the boy is locked down. The timer will start from the moment you remove the lock from the freezer, not from the time you actually lock yourself down, so wait as long as possible before you take the it out of the freezer. We recommend you get everything set up first.

For those of you into 'self bondage' this is a perfect solution to getting everything tied in place, but not being able to lock the last part so you can't get out. This new Ice Lock will let you escape to that place where you are really tied up, or locked up, and can't get out for up to 2 hours. A bondage enthusiast will think of many different ways to put this little timed lock to good use. In fact part of the experimentation fun of this device will be to see how long it works, depending on the room temperature, the amount of water you fill it with and how much pulling and tugging you do on it while trying to free yourself.

40 minutes was the shortest time we found for the 6 inch version, with 2 hours and 30 minutes being the longest time before enough ice had melted to release the internal mechanism. Since the time can vary, this leaves you with an 'unknown' factor just to fuck with your head a little. So if you are doing this to yourself, you might want to make sure you'll be fine in what ever predicament you have put yourself in for about 3 hours just to be safe.

The smaller 3" size had a range from about 15 to 45 minutes, again depending on how much pulling one did on it and the temperature in the room.

This is such simple mechanical technology, that nothing can really go wrong with this device.

These new Ice Locks work very well and are a simple solution to a complex need. They are made by one of our USA blacksmiths and this style is a Mr. S Exclusive.

Get more than one to use in multiple ways. Attaching both hands and feet in a spread eagle to the front and bottom of the bed is an idea.

One possible way of using this on your boy is that after playing with him for as long as you want, lock him up in what ever position you want and hook one of these ice locks to his restrains and the bed.... with the keys to his handcuffs just out of reach. Tell him you're leaving and he can free himself within a couple of hours and meet you at the bar once he gets loose.

The number of scenarios you'll be able to think of for self bondage are endless and will take the enjoyment of self bondage to a whole new level in a very quick and simple way.

We have done quite a lot of playing with these ever since we got them and really love how the physiological effects are magnified when you can't get out of your bondage and you just have to wait until the lock opens up on its own. Sweet and fucking Hot.

In some of these pictures you'll see a boy, Jeff, hanging by his balls with one of the Mr. S 7-Ring metal parachutes locked on... this is all attached to one of these Ice Locks. He's about 10 inches Off the ground and if he can't keep his legs pushing himself up off the floor, all his body weight will then be pulling down on his ball sack. A great leg and thigh workout. With all the pulling on this and him keep wrapping his warm hands around the cylinder to try and make the ice melt faster, he only had to hang there for about 45 minutes.

Finally the Ice Lock popped open and he fell to the ground.

Another research product evaluation scene at Mr. S... some body's got to do it you know. (G) The Ice cold water dripping down on his balls as it melted was a nice touch.

How to Live with Your New Ice Lock from Mr. S Leather

This is a pretty simple mechanical device, but a few instructions here will help you understand how to set this up to work best.

First: Remove the metal plunger from the larger cylinder and fill the cylinder with cold tap water. Insert the plunger back down into the cylinder and you'll see some of the water pushed out. Now hold the "O" ring at the top of the plunger and push the plunger in and out 4 or 5 times to push out some more water out of the 'side' hole. Do this until no more water is shot out of the small side hole. When water freezes, it expands in size and if the cylinder is completely full with water, it will force the plunger Up a few inches when the water freezes. You don't want this to happen, so remove a little of the water before you put this in the freezer. If the plunger does pop up after you freez it, melt it down under some hot water and try again, removing a little more water next time. You'll get it right after a few tries.

Second: The enclosed little plastic ring is for the bottom of the cylinder to sit in when you place it in the freezer. We found using one of the shelves with a flat bottom surface in your freezer door is an idea place to put your Ice Lock when freezing it. If you don't have a freezer with a door, you can put the lock in a Mug and then put that in the freezer.

Third: The water will leak out of the Ice Lock as it melts, so be aware of that as to what you have under the lock as you are using it.

Fourth: We have included a 3 mm Neoprene Insulator... (Ice Lock Cosy) to slide over the outside cylinders.... this will Add time to the melting process... about an extra 30 minutes. Something like those Beer can insulators made out of neoprene.... to keep your beer colder longer while you are holding it in your hot little hands. After your Ice Lock has been frozen, you can then slide the Neoprene covering over the cylinder, leaving the little side hole exposed, so the water can drip out. Only add this cover to your lock if you want an even longer time before they open up.

The time will vary depending on how much water you put into the lock, the temperature in the room and how much pulling and tugging you do on the lock. The larger lock varies from a short 40 minutes to 2 1/2 hours in our experimenting. The smaller lock went from 15 minutes to 45 minutes. The more you use this, the better you'll get at judging how long it will hold based on these factors.

Play safe and enjoy yourself. We welcome your feedback on your experiences using this new timed lock from Mr. S leather.


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Ken in Oct 2011
This isn't a review, but more a tip. If you boil the water first, this will remove any gases in the water, so when the water freezes the molecules are more tightly packed and the ice will melt at a slower rate. It will also very clear. I learned this is my 11th grade chem class years ago and it is true from my experience.
Anonymous in Jul 2010
Being locked in a Carrara Belt the past week has gotten me hornier than I think I've ever been. When I noticed the Ice Locks on the Mr S site, I immediately ordered them with next-day air. I got them this yesterday (immediately put them in the freezer) and I've already had one of the best bondage experiences of my life!

Still locked in my chastity (without the keys!), I attached chains around my bed posts, put on my padded locking wrist and ankle restraints, locked a gag muzzle on, locked my ankle restraints to the bottom chains, inserted an electro plug, set the electro to "random" - and then reached over and locked both wrists to my now-frozen Stainless Ice Locks (not knowing how long I would be restrained and elctro'd!).

Filling the stainless locks on the conservative side, my left wrist finally broke free after an agonizing/frustrating/absolutely mind-blowing 42 minutes later! I surely would have erupted myself had my junk not have been locked down tight!

It was honestly the best sexual experience I've ever had solo - and definitely the best without, um, "finishing" myself!

This may have been the best thing I've ever bought from you guys. :)
Marknorth in May 2010
I have a several stainless ice locks; when filled and frozen they take about 2 hours to open. I set it up so that an ice-lock would connect my wrists to a ceiling joist by a short length of chain. I locked the ice lock to the chain hanging from the joist. I pulled on and laced tightly my favorite leather hood (the puffy hood from Mr S) with only nose holes and a small mouth dick gets so damn hard after I lock on a hood! I reached up and eventually found the hanging chain with the ice lock and locked the short chain between the wrist restraints to it. There I stood. My dick was throbbing. I was stuck in this position for at least a couple of hours. I immediately started to panic. What the hell did I just do? I started to struggle, but only succeeded in confirming that I wasn't going anywhere...that made it worse. Damnit, you are an idiot this time! I realized that I had to calm down and eventually did - the ice would melt and the lock would open and I would be OK. The drops of cold water hitting my hands proved that the ice was melting. Besides my dick had stayed hard the whole time! This is what I was after (wasn't it ? ) All I could think of was that I did this to myself. My arms started to ache long before the lock released and those couple of hours passed agonizingly slow. By the time the lock did release my shoulders were killing me. The relief was extraordinary and my dick got hard just thinking about what I had just done.
J.Ford in May 2010
HOLY HELL!! I recommend this to everyone! It is awesome.
Anonymous in Mar 2010
I will say this is awesome and OMFG my wife did what the people @ Mr. S did to the boy in the video but she put dull spikes on whatever it was she put around my balls and she pit as much neoprene over the lock as possible...i think it was like 5 layers and i was locked down at 10 am and didn't leave that room until 2:30 and I didn't realize it but I had that Ice lock over my balls and the water was FREEZING COLD...I was in so much pain i couldn't walk for 2.5 hours because my balls hurt so bad.
Anonymous in Feb 2010
It is just as cool (or should I say cold) as the video! I bought one this afternoon & couldn't wait long enough for it to freeze completly solid before trying it out, but I had a good 20 minutes chained ankles to neck! Should have bought two! When the lock comes apart and you are suddenly drenched with cold water, that is just an added benefit for the slave.

Stainless Steel Ice Lock

A Mr. S Exclusive



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