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Hot Rod 5000

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Hot Rod 5000
Hot Rod 5000, Bottle

We’ve been on the hunt for a good boner pill and we finally found one that customers keep coming back for time and time again! This pill definitely gets the Mr. S seal of approval.

We found that this product takes a little longer to work initially so we recommend taking at least 1 hour before sexual activity. Also be sure to drink a sufficient amount of water when taking any supplements. If you are like us you’ll be waking up the next day with a raging hard-on ready to go again!

As always with these products do not take if you are taking nitrates, other blood pressure medications or “poppers”. Do not exceed 1 capsule every 24 hours.

Also comes in a bottle of 10 capsules.

Listed Ingredients:
• Bombex Mori L. (150mg)
• White Willow Bark
• Ginger Root
• Cordceps Extract: cordycepic acid
• Epidimium
• Oyster Extract
• Green Coffee Bean Extract
• 2DG-2 Deoxyglucose
• Saffron
• Wolfberry
• Maltodextrin

Other ingredients:
• Rice Flour
• Magnesium Stearate
• Silicon Dioxide
• Gelatin

Kosher, Made in USA, Halal


Colossus Silicone Cock Extender
Hot Rod 5000
Neoprene Cockring
Thick or Thin
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20mm Cockring
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Fredrick in Sep 2016
I can't possibly say enough good things about this product. I've always had a problem with stage fright when hooking up so I just sort of figured there wasn't much that could be done since it was more of a psychological issue than a physical one. I'd thought about the prescription medications in the past but never wanted to take something that could potentially cause cardiac problems or lead to a never ending boner. I ordered these pills a couple months ago but since I move a lot for work I misplaced them so I didn't get around to trying them until last week. These pills do everything they say they'll do. I took a single pill with 2 liters of water (just to make sure I was completely hydrated) and as promised my dick was rock hard in about 45 minutes. It wasn't the embarassing boner that you have to constantly try to hide though. It was completely based on being turned on while making out with the guy I was fucking and as soon as we finished my dick went back to it's resting state. The morning after I first took it was just as incredible. As soon as I started making out with a guy my dick responded nicely and was soon rock hard again despite my nerves. My only criticism of this product is the couple of side effects I encountered. The most bothersome side effect I had was a red flushing sensation over my entire body (including my eyeballs) but this went away in a couple hours. The other side effect I had was I wasn't able to cum for a couple of hours (which is actually pretty cool when you think about it). Normally when I top I cum within about 10 minutes, take a 15 minute break and then I'm good to fuck for another hour or so. While using this product it almost seemed as though it also desensitized my dick a little bit but when I finally did cum I it was really powerful. Overall I'd definitely rate this product a 10/10.
Anonymous in Aug 2016
I don't usually write reviews, but felt my experience may help other Mr. S. customers. I initially bought these pills when they were first offered, but was scared off by reading other reviews. I wasn't looking forward to blue vision, migraine headaches, heartburn or a heart attack ... definitely not worth an rock hard erection. Curiosity led me to buy them once again and I figured I would give them a try, but before I did I did some research for myself. I googled some ingredients and actually talked to my doctor, which was a little embarrassing but honestly not the most embarrassing conversation I have had with him. Anyway, I have now used the pill 4 times and each time it delivered everything promised. My erections weren't bigger, but definitely felt sturdier, longer lasting and were quick to return. I also think the effects lasted for 12 hours or longer ... the morning after was just as good. Although quick to return, there weren't any unwanted or embarrassing hard-ons - nothing like those dreaded 4 hr ones that other supplements warn you about.
I highly recommend the pill. However, everyone needs to be aware that each person may react differently to the pill. You need to be aware of what you are taking and how it will affect you. Educate yourself before you take any medication or supplement.
Anonymous in Aug 2016
Took my first pill an hour before planned sex with my lover one evening ... then we both fell asleep. I woke the next morning with the usual morning hardon ...but I can tell you it was anything but usual this time ... Stayed rock hard for about 45 min and several different positions ... I didn't tell her about the experimental pill but she definitely took notice of the extra deep hard pleasure.

It even seemed to e working that evening 24 hrs later, although the effects were milder. Side effects ? Def needed more water. Also seemed to have some bloodshot effects in the eyes, esp left eye ....still bothering me 2 days later. Felt a little flushed in the face throughout the next day. I will try one again soon. So far I like it and so does my lover.
Anonymous in Jun 2016
Love this stuff. I never use a whole capsule, though. Here's a tip: open the capsule and only use about a quarter or a third of the powder, Place it under your tongue. It tastes awful but absorption is quick. In a half-hour to an hour, you'll be able to get a rock-hard boner. Even with the smaller amount, I still experience the side effects of stuffy nose, some heartburn, slight headache and facial flushing. I once took a half a capsule and experienced the blue vision. Give this method a try. It will make your supply of HR5K last longer.
Anonymous in Apr 2016
I haven't tried this myself, but the ingredient list sounds like a traditional Chinese medicine formulation. You should know that Bombyx Mori L is silkworm.
Anonymous in Apr 2016
Is this legal to be shipped to Canada?

--No issues with shipping to Canada at all.
Anonymous in Mar 2016
Got really hard in 30 minutes after taking it. Very mild heart burn which is manageable drinking lots of water, but 1 hour after taking it I'm experiencing some kind of blue/purple vision when I focus on white or light colors, it is weird. I'll be updating on this symptom later to see how long it lasts. Otherwise really satisfied.
Anonymous in Feb 2016
Seems like everyone loves this stuff. It gives both my bf and I a headache. Today it gave me a massive migraine. Not worth it at all.
Anonymous in Jan 2016
These boner pills are fantastic! For me, they work better than cialis or viagra. Once I was stimulated (and it didn't take much for me) then I held a raging hard-on for well over an hour. Now four hours later and I can still get it up and it is the hardest I've been in ages. Feel like I could fuck all night and want to! Can't wait to play with the buds. I'll be the top in demand. Will definitely order again and recommend to buds. BTW shipping was fast.
Anonymous in Dec 2015
Not long after turning 48 I noticed the quality of my erections was lacking in certain positions. Tired of making excuses with my much younger partner, I ordered Hot Rod 5000. I took the pill with lots of water and an hour later tried it out. The results were amazing. My erection was solid as a rock and it lasted for a full hour of no-stop play. My partner was like a kid at Christmas. I was ready for round two in 30 minutes. Felt like I was in my 20s again.

After a couple hours my face was flush and my ears were bright red. It felt like seasonal allergy symptoms. Got a mild head ache after that and some heart burn as the night went on. All in all, the side affects were nothing compared to the amazing results. I've never tried a performance enhancer before, but I gotta say, this one really works. I high recommend it.
Anonymous in Oct 2015
opened my 2nd bottle last night. It's great stuff. I love being harder longer than my lover can ride me. I love wearing out that those holes before being worn out. HR5K Rocks!
Anonymous in Sep 2015
Good product. Got a huge boner and intense loads that lasted 24 hors. Took with 2 glasses of water but did experience a headache and heart burn. Got topped and fucked the guy with my boner. Pure pleasure!
Anonymous in Aug 2015
Good Stuff..I'm early 60's no problem getting hard take Cialis from time to time just to stay hard longer, its fine but I dont like the vision problems I get from it the next day. I am always skeptical of "natural" products like this but based in the reviews here thought I'd give Hot Rod a try, I took one..waited about an hour and a half, felt nothing, started getting a slight headache as stated in the reviews so I took 3 advil, 2 hours after taking the HR it kicked in, hard as a Rock, Harder than I've been for a long time, fucked for a couple hours that night , again the next morning, again the next afternoon and the next night...same results..very hard.. I felt a slight bit hung over the next morning when I first woke up, but that went away in a few minutes. I think taking the 3 advil 2 hours in on the first night worked headache the next day as some here reported. Very happy with the product..a good addition to my medicine cabinet..with less side effects than cialis in my case.
Anonymous in Aug 2015
This is detailed because it was the detailed review before mine that drove me to try it.

I had tried a few over the counter pills from local stores to see how this "type" of pill worked before ordering the Hot Rod 5000 (HR5K) After a month of "testing" I offer you this report. HR5K is the only one I could find with BML. While the others "worked" they didn't work as well and had more neg side effects than HR5K for ME!

These are the reasons why I will reorder a 2nd bottle of HR5K. It works great for me (46 yrs old 275 pound avg shape guy) while my cock always worked for round 1 it was hard to get a 2nd round of rock hard play within hours. HR5K gives me a bigger, hard and longer lasting 1st round AND 2nd, 3rd and WTF 4th round in the same NIGHT! This pills makes me feel 10 feet tall and bullet proof.

I drink one glass of water before taking it, one glass with it, and keep one glass/bottle near by during play time. Other than light face flushing I haven't had any other neg side effects during or after use. The cool part is walking around for 48 plus hours with a chub that is ready to go NOW. Best morning wood ever. My cock can go longer than I can keep pace with.

If you have ever been that too soft to rock that hole guy I encourage you to try HR5K. I think will make you Mr. Hard to rock that hole over and over.

As always our Friends at Mr. S Leather offered great service, website, shipping and products. Thanks for HR5K!
Anonymous in Aug 2015
After taking one of these pills, in a hour, I'm a horny 16 year old

I sport a massive woody and want to fuck every hole I see.

Take the pill with a lot of water. Better with hot green tea.

Instead of headaches, I get heart burn. Knock that out with Pepcid.

Works for about 48 hours. 72 hours if I don't drink too much booze or eat too much fat.

Anonymous in Jul 2015
I can not say enough good things about this product. It works much better than actual Viagra for me. It is quiet effective, and for me, the effects can last up to 48 hours. Also, I don't know how or why, but when I take it, it does make me feel quite horny. I often wake up the morning after taking it with a big hard on. I m now ordering my third bottle. This stuff is great!!
John in Apr 2015
Excellent stuff, and when I get an erection that last more than 4 hours......I keep on fffffucking
Matthew in Apr 2015
Wow, these work really well. The erection feels so fucking good. The headache was no match for motrin, and it's the next day, still feel ready to go in an instant.
Anonymous in Dec 2014
It works. I have always had issues getting and staying hard without taking a pill first. I always relied on the expensive pharmaceuticals until trying this one. Hot Rod 5000 works well and works all night long, even into the next day for me, and it's so much cheaper than prescriptions.
Gary in Nov 2014
I generally avoid these kind of products - I've tried them and they're all hype, no action. I've been using Viagra for awhile because I do have a hydraulic issue. But this product gives more consistent results, as well as giving me better, longer lasting and more aggressive erections than 'Vitamin V'. Just keep some Advil and Zantac around, because it can cause some pretty mean headaches and heartburn. Small price to be able to just do whatever I want WHENEVER I want for a whole afternoon and evening, even the morning after! Hot Rod is terrific!
Anonymous in Nov 2014
This product does work!

Just to shed more light on how it works, I will describe my experience of it. Most of these effects have been figured out by trial and error by me, that worked for me, but this might help answer questions of prospective users.

I do not get headaches, as has been described by some users.

I take 1 capsule no more frequently than every 48 hours, just because I figured out that it stays in your system for that long, so why take more than one needs?

I drink 1-2 full glasses of water with it. And then some more after half hour, just to make sure it has enough water in your body to be absorbed easily and efficiently.

Once the product is in my system, I have no problems getting and sustaining rock hard erections during sexual activity - amazing right?!

Sometimes, I do get uninvited erections, which is a mild bother, but I can handle it.

This product might be slowing by bowel movements - not sure yet. Needs more time data points.

I haven't experienced any type of skin reactions - redness, pimples, etc.

It is only slightly cheaper than 5 mg Cialis.

All in all, I'd say I'm quite happy with this product.

Give it a try!
Anonymous in Nov 2014
This stuff Rocks !! Mr.S had a sale awhile back buy 3 get one Free OMG what a deal. Got my friends hooked and they call me now to see if I have any left
Anonymous in Nov 2014
Bought the ten count bottle about a week ago, my two buddies and I were planning to get it on about 4 that afternoon. I gave them each a pill the previous day and told them to take it about noon.Boy I could hardly wait till 4. Every time I thought about what we were going to be doing later my cock was hard as steel. There was a slight headache the next day, but a couple of goody powders took care of it. Well worth the price, I was still ready the next day too. Thanks Mr S
Anonymous in Oct 2014
These pills work great! It takes an hour or so for the pill to take effect; then great erections for the next 24 to 36 hours!

As others have commented, there are side effects: headaches, bloodshot eyes, and flushed face - not surprising as some ingredient(s) in the pill must be a vasodilator for it to promote erections. So, I don't overdo HR 5000.

These pills are the real deal and are recommended if you are willing to put up with the side effects.
Anonymous in Oct 2014
I'd give Hot Rod a 4/5. I'm 23 and have had a hard time sustaining an erection worthy of penetration. My partner and I both tried these pills to great effect.

These aren't you typical "boner pills." I like to say they're the full body "horny" pill. About 45 minutes to an hour after taking them, I wasn't forced to get a hard on like some pills like to do, but getting and maintaining it was a breeze. We were able to play for 2-3 hours without going soft at any point. Not only that, but the mood itself was much deeper than a "my dick is hard I better use it." You feel ready to have sex. This makes your whole body feel like it is time to perform, and this definitely helps you perform.

Bonus: The effect of the pill lasts long than just a short period of time. Over the next 2-3 days I was able to maintain a good solid erection anytime I wanted it.

Here's why it doesn't get a 5. The side effects. While the side effects aren't as bad as some that I've tried, there are still some that can leave you feeling a bit crappy the next day.

#1 and most people that take systemics know this one, The headache. Brace yourself the next day for a nagging headache that will not go away. Treat it with Tylenol or whatever painkiller you'd like, but that bitch is like a bad one night stand, she ain't going nowhere. I will say that the headache is far less intense if you make sure you are well hydrated, and have eaten pretty well the day you take the pill.

#2 the flush feeling and appearance. Hope you like your rosy cheeks, because it's a potential. This is one that seems to be based on the individual. My partner did not get the same degree I did, but still experienced the warm to the skin feeling and almost fever like feeling the next day. Myself, I looked like I was downright sick. Red faced, warm to the touch, and completely drained of energy. This has been the case for the last few times I've taken the pills.

Overall, a great product, and I'd highly recommend it for OCCASIONAL use. As with any other pill of this nature, I have yet to find one that I would recommend for frequent use, simply because the side effects tend to make your next day pretty rough.
roscoe in Aug 2014
I'm 40. I've used Hot Rod 5000 for big nights/ weekends for some time now. sure there's a mild headache. no contest next to what it does for you. a rock hard boner for up to 72 hours. every time. stay hydrated. couldn't be more stoked..
as for Mr-S.. secure online order from SanFran to Melbourne, Australia in less than a handful of days. always. you guys are the shit..

-- Thank YOU!
Anonymous in Aug 2014
I'm back to purchase a second (and third) bottle. After trying a few drug store pills that did nothing, I figured I'd give these a try based on the reviews, and now I can add my endorsement. I'm 33 and have been topping more regularly but needed something to help with performance anxiety and recovery time. The first time I took one, just cruising a guy from across the bar got my dick hard. We went back to his hotel, and I was able to stay hard even with a condom on. Each time since has been just as good as that. Even 24+ hours and two or three orgasms after taking the pill, I could still get a decent hard-on while tied up with a guy edging me. I've had no side effects, even when I took one at a bar and only had mixed alcoholic drinks. I don't use any other chemicals.
Anonymous in Aug 2014
Wow I was skeptical too about these pills but let me tell you, they do work
And then some. I needed a break from Viagra and this is it.
Thank you.
Anonymous in Jul 2014
I was very skeptical of this product. I have had a good amount of experience with Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, so the idea that a non-pharmaceutical product is as effective as these seemed kind of far fetched.

In my experience, Hot Rod is better than any of those pharmaceuticals.

I find things to dislike about Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. For example, while Levitra is the most effective for me out of those three as far as erection quality goes, there is something about it that makes my dick feel kind of detached. Consequently, it's very difficult for me to cum when taking Levitra.

Hot Rod reliably produces on-demand, but natural feeling erections over the course of a whole day. I absolutely love it. I am able to last and last while topping, but without the desensitized frustration that I experience with Levitra. It shortens my post-orgasm recovery time and definitely makes me ready to go the next morning. The best way to describe the erections with Hot Rod is reliable, but natural. Hands down the best boner pill I've taken.
Christian in May 2014
With out a doubt, best 5 bucks I've ever spent. One pill, 24+ hours of rock hard boners on demand. If you just think about anything sexy, you'll get hard. I felt like I was 14 again! Plenty of love got spread around at the play parties over IML weekend. I will be purchasing again- this time the whole bottle.

The only side effect is a slight headache, which is easily remedied with an aspirin and plenty of water. You'll forget about the headache with all the hole-pounding you'll be doing when you get this product! Definitely worth it!
Anonymous in May 2014
Like a few of you on this site, I had my doubts about how effective this product would be, but since this is a reputable site, I trust the reviews here are of actual customers who have tried this product and since a lot of the posts seemed positive, I figured this would be worth a shot. Also, unlike other online "pharmacies" or retailers, I do trust MSL with my credit card information. Now on to my experience with HR 5000.

First of all, let me say that I'm 62 and although my equipment still functions adequately, the old boy just ain't what he used to be. I've tried Viagra and Cialis and both DO make a big difference for me, but at $25 a pop, it's pretty damned pricey. HR 5000 is roughly $4 a capsule and from what I can tell, THIS STUFF DOES WORK! (at least for me) I understand that some here have said it did nothing for them and I think that's understandable because every person will undoubtedly have varied success with this. I did not get a headache but did get red in the face and my eyes did get a bit bloodshot, but that's a small price to pay for the hard on I was able to get after waiting roughly an hour or so. Will I order this bet I will, just as soon as I write this review!

I think that most everyone reading this will have gone to other sites with hopes of finding a cheaper source for boner pills, but in my experience researching most of them, you will most likely NOT get the product you ordered, but more importantly, you'll be putting your credit card information at risk for abuse. I live in Hawaii and ordered from MSL and got my product in 4 days with tracking. Bottom line is, for me, the risk of putting up 40 bucks to give this a try, paid off big time and from the responses I've seen from MSL staff on this review page, they back up your purchase with a satisfaction guarantee.
Anonymous in May 2014
I was intrigued and ordered this product. I'm 57 years old and don't generally have a tough time getting it up. Maybe the product got me a little harder, but it gave me an incredible headache for the next day. Tried it twice, both times the same. Won't be using it again. But hey, if it works for someone, go for it.
Anonymous in Apr 2014
jay from ct. april 2014

As promised. Mirth and girth, Rock solid hard on. An action night. Still hanging next a.m. One capsule lots of water, kept hydrated, Very sight tinge of a headache, but my mind and hands and dick are full.
Anonymous in Jan 2014
Bought the product last year after reading all the great reviews and used it a few times as directed and was hoping to get "hard" results. Unfortunately this wasn't the case, and I was disappointed and discontinued use of it. I tried it a few times and with each time; kept hydrated with regular water and didn't take any other drugs or rec drugs etc... no go etc... Actually what was odd was that I thought it gave me the runs each time. So I had a bad experience with it.
I will try once more and note what I eat a few hours before and clean my system out nice and good, then 1 hour before sex take it and drink water as needed and let you know what happens...
Anonymous in Mar 2014
just completed 4th orgasm in 24 hours. Will try for a fifth if can find a willing hole. Also just ordered 10 more. Can't be without this "miracle drug"
Anonymous in Mar 2014
It works, tried my first last night, amazing I was just hard for ever and it definitely lasts 24 hours. Fun, fun, fun
Anonymous in Jan 2014
I took two an hour before play with two large gulps of water...and nothing. My cock didn't stay hard as the other reviews claimed it would. Disappointed overall, maybe there is something unique about my body that prevented it from taking effect? Weight? Height? Age? :(

- - Not something we're used to hearing about these... If you try another with the same effect, then let us know and we'll give a credit back. We're super confident in the product but don't want to leave you disappointed.
Anonymous in Mar 2014
I will have to agree with the others...It definitely does get you hard and keeps it cumming. BUT, the headache you get is intense, almost to the point of migraine. If you can handle the severe headache, the results of the pill are astounding to your cock and libido.

- - Sorry to hear you've had that experience. We've heard of a little redness and stuffiness, so we strongly recommend taking the pill with a full glass of water. Most people we've suggested that to find any side effects usually disappear.
Daniel in Jan 2014
I have to agree with what the other reviewers have to say - this stuff just plain works! I was very skeptical before trying it. Have used Cialis in the past, at times, with good results. But this stuff is even better! You will get great hard ons when using this. And folks are right - it lasts well into the next day. I wondered if my topping days were over, but this past weekend, I had a nice sling session with a buddy that I wouldn't have been able to do without this product. Back in action! Only negative I can find is a very slight headache sometimes. Whatever! Totally worth it and every penny! Thanks Mr. S.
Anonymous in Jan 2014
Gentlemen, 3 words: This Stuff Works.
John in Nov 2013
This is truly different. I've use other supplements occasionally, for example the Gun Oil High Caliber supplement, and they're OK. What IS different about this one is that it easily lasts more than 24hrs.

We'd used 50mg Viagra in the past for long fuck sessions, but this really is just as good for us and WAY cheaper. Personally have had no side effects and definitely highly recommend this product. My husband just smiles when he sees me open the bottle - he knows it's going to be a long night.
Anonymous in Oct 2013
Amazingly effective--much better than Cialis and Viagra, and feels completely natural. I haven't been that hard, that often, that easily since I was in my 20's! And it does last for at least 24 hours. I've always been more of a "grow-er", but when I take this, I'm a "show-er" even when not boned up good. In fact, I topped a guy for hours last weekend, even without a cock ring, which became uncomfortable I was so hard! This stuff has what could be called a mild side-effect, which is a slight reduction in sensitivity, but for most, like myself, it just allows more time for fucking before blasting a load (which seemed more intense than usual). Thanks for what I consider a miracle drug at this point.
Anonymous in Sep 2013
I am approaching 59 years old. Lately, I've noticed some increasing erectile dysfunction issues. Afraid to trust big pharma ED medications due to potentially serious side effects, I decided to try this all-natural boner pill. Due to Mr. S's recommendation and the many positive user reviews here, I bought a bottle. Wow, not only am I now able to get and stay erect whenever and for as long as I want, my boner gets teenager-hard when using Hot Rod 5000. Like other users, I had mild side effects of heartburn (took some Pepcid Complete), some nasal congestion and a slight headache after a couple of hours. Totally worth it, though, and the effects do eventually subside for me. Gonna pop one shortly and have a nice long edging session. Hot Rod 5000 may be pricey but give it a try before turning to the risky, chemical ED medications.
Anonymous in Aug 2013
I'm jealous of those who said this product worked for them. It did not for me. I'm thinking about trying one last time...

- -
Please ensure you take this was a large glass of water. As this experience is not normal, we might be curious to what other factors there may be.
Anonymous in Aug 2013
Yep. You can get an easy hard-on with very little stimulation. With just the light rubbing of fabric against your cock in a pair of loose shorts, you'll pop a boner. A free-balling, cock flopping Hard-on!
Gregory in Aug 2013
I ordered this product with the thought ok I will waste this 40.00 dollars. Was I wrong took the pill and well why it did take a little longer than the hour to kick in wow once it did . BONER city and it lasted even into the couple of days . Buy it.
Anonymous in Aug 2013
has any one on blood pressure medication tried this product yet or have talk to doctor about it?

- -

Great question though it is always better to defer to your Physician as there may be other factors specific to your own health situation to consider.
Anonymous in May 2013
Just purchased my fourth bottle of Hot Rod 5000. Ordered it online Monday and it was in my mailbox in VA Friday. This stuff is awesome. Try it, you will definitely like it.
Anonymous in May 2013
I will admit my skepticism ran deep, that said, I truely beleive the guys at Mr. S have an outstanding reputation to protect. By selling this product and putting their "personal" seal of approval on it is worth a lot.
In short: THEY ABSOLUTEY WORK! It took about an hour after taking one pill. The head of my cock brushed against my shorts and BAM, rock solid. They not only gave me a super hard boner but magnified my already rediculous precum power. Stamina: 3 straight pounding hours. I was still getting rock solid erections well into the next day (and wet pants). I mean this when I say this it is an incredible product.
Side effects: The previous reviews are correct. I had mild indigestion. Solved with one Zantac. My face got a little flushed. Not unlike a mild sunburn (rosy cheeked)

- - Awesome review - thank you!
Anonymous in Apr 2013
I am a versatile bottom and I love to flip flop. Too often I can't stay hard for that. I was a bit skeptical as non of the enhancement pills from the sex shops worked for me. But this is one really does! I was flip flopping for three hours in one session last week. Haven't experienced any side effects with Atripla.
Anonymous in Apr 2013
I take blood pressure pills. Can I stop taking them for how long before I can take Hot Rod 5000. Had prostate cancer and Levitra, Cialis and Viagra (low dosage) did not work. Am a bottom anyway, but it would be nice to cum once in awhile!

- - We hear you about wanting to cum! We get a lot of great reviews about this product and I hope it can do something for you, but how it's going to react with anything else you have/need to take is just out of the ballpark for us to answer. I wouldn't take chances with meds without talking to your doctor...
Anonymous in Mar 2013
I've always been skeptical about boner pills. But these work!

Follow the directions: pop one about an hour before you need 'em with a big drink of water. And the bit about the next day isn't bullsh*t!

I haven't noticed the congestion, but maybe that's because I was busy ...

Anonymous in Mar 2013
I've been sceptical about all thes bone pill type things but decided to give it a try. Took one before going out to the bar just to experiment and the first time I went to the bathroom was an ordeal because I got rock hard the moment I undid my pants. I noticed the full effect seemed to last for me for about 18 hours and I was even hard again after cumming. I did notice the nasal congestion but it wasn't too bad. I will definitly be ordering more!
Anonymous in Mar 2013
This product is amazing, far better than Viagra or Cialis, for me anyway. One dose gives me erections 'on demand' for up to 4 days, which at the age of 72 is pretty amazing. My boyfriend is VERY IMPRESSED. You are a real benefactor! My only complaint is that I had to pay British customs duty, but that's not your fault. Thank you.
Mark in Mar 2013
I've never written a review on a product, ever, but feel compelled this S*@t is awesome. It works like the prescription drug Cialis. It lasts for about 48 hours and the boner you get is steel hard. Also, when you cum, the load volume is increased considerably. In fact, I got a BJ this morning, and; my GF could not swallow the entire load and good amount was dripping out of her mouth. It was HOT TO WATCH. She even commented, about the volume of the load saying how much larger it was, she had no idea was was using Hot Rod 5000. To anyone holding out wondering about purchasing a bottle. I've got this to say...I JUST ORDER THREE MORE BOTTLES...I worried they will sell out before I can get a stock pile.
Anonymous in Feb 2013
I was doubtful, but I was willing to experiment. Lo and behold the reviews are accurate all around. Take it some time beforehand (hour, or night before even). There is nasal congestion. My face does turn a bit rosy. I do experience some heartburn (grab some generic Zantac and it fixes that right up). And the results do last for a couple days. It's pretty impressive. I'm glad I gave it a shot.
Anonymous in Feb 2013
62 yo GWM fit yoga instructor was skeptical of the product but after reading the reviews I thought I'd give it a try. Used it and found good solid erection that lasted stayed hard also morning hard on which is not so common anymore. No side effects. Would definitely recommend it to others looking for a more reasonable alternative to viagra or cialis.
Anonymous in Dec 2012
Works well, non stop hard-ons for nearly a full day. I had nasal congestion, otherwise no issues.
Anonymous in Nov 2012
Hot Rod 5000 is absolutely AMAZING!!! I was ver skeptical when I made this purchase and thought I had just thrown money down the drain but I was very pleasantly surprised. Best Boner Pills "ever". They truly do work better than Viagra. I started feeling the effects within 20 minutes and had a raging hardon like I was sixteen again. Awoke the next morning with a rock hard erection. One pill continued to work for a full 24 hours. These pills really work!!!! I will definitely be buying more very soon!
Anonymous in Oct 2012
LOVE IT! I take it before work and have semi to hard all day..I try to never run out..better than Viagra or Cialis by a long shot...just need to put more in bottle..price no issue. WORTH IT!
Jeff in Sep 2012
It does work, but you need to take it at least an hour before just like everyone else said. I did not have any side affects. Had a hard one all the next morning. Well worth the money.
Anonymous in Apr 2012
This product is great. Though, there is a lag time. I take it the night before a long play session the next day or early morning the day of an evening fuck. This product makes my dick hard for a good 12+ hours. I couldn't believe it.
Anonymous in Dec 2011
Man, these work almost too well. Got rock hard for a great JO session. Then went to bed, but kept getting woken up every few hours by a raging stiffy. Got easily aroused all day the next day.
Some congestion, but otherwise no side effects.
Anonymous in Dec 2011
I have never needed anything before, but I tell ya...I am amazed within thirty minutes of taking this even on a exhausting work day I get a hard boner and it last for a couple of hours even though I came 2-3 times then it goes away until the next morning...raging boner and extremely horny more than Mr S for bringing this product on!
Anonymous in Nov 2011
i am 71 and i bought a bottle and had to try it. it took a little while to work but when it did WOW i haven't been that hard in years. it lasted well into the next day & woke up with a boner... and i still got one.
Anonymous in Nov 2011

Anonymous in Oct Nov 6, 2011
Recently purchased a bottle of boner pills - gives me a great horny hard-on!
It's only downfall is it also gives some heartburn and swelling in the pallet of my mouth.
Anonymous in Oct 2011
Just tried the Hot Rod 5000, and it worked like a charm. I am one of your older customers (69) and I have tried Viagra and Cialis, with limited success. The Hot Rod gave me a raging boner one hour after I took it, and I was able to get multiple boners throughout the day. Also, like one of your other reviewers noted, there were no side effects that are sometimes connected to the Prescription drugs. Also, I have to pay full price for those and they run about $20 a pill. Hot Rod costs me approx. $4 per pill. I'm sold, and you should feel very confident in recommending this to guys who ask about it. However DON'T RUN OUT. Many Thanks - Daniel

- - Thank you for the great review.... glad to hear they're working so well for you and so many other guys! We will do everything we can to make sure these stay well stocked =)
Anonymous in Oct 2011
First pill 24 hours ago. WOW!!!! what a boner pill! 24 hours later and rock hard again!
Anonymous in Oct 2011
I have tried several products both OTC and by prescription. Nothing I have found works this well and has no side effects. No headache, no "Blue" vision, runny nose etc. It gets you hard and helps reduce refractory period. I will buy again!
Anonymous in Sep 2011
Like the men at Mr. S Leather, I've been looking for a good "boner" pill. I bought a bottle of Hot Rod 5000 and gave one a try. Trust me, this product really works very well! It gets you "up" and keeps you that way. The best news is there are no nasty side effects....just a wonderful hard dick.

Hot Rod 5000

10 Count Bottle




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