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Keep your latex looking brand spanking new. Get the shine you want and look your best in your rubber gear. This may just be the best product out there. Vivishine will give you the long-lasting deep shine you are looking for. It’s free of any solvents and is odor neutral. Plus, you don’t need to worry about your rubber sticking together when you store it.

Easy to use. Simply wash your latex as usual (with soap and clean water). Add 1 tablespoon of Vivishine into clear water (in a bowl if a smaller piece or the bathtub for larger pieces). Oscillate your rubber in the bowl/bathtub so the entire piece gets thoroughly covered. Then just shake off any excess water and let air dry. That’s it!

120ml (4 oz.)

We used Vivishine on all of the products on this page and couldn’t be happier with the results. We got a great shine and were ready for a night out! For best results let your garments sit for 48 hours before wearing.


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Rob in Dec 2014
Wow... I read the Vivishine reviews on a lot of latex sites, I watched a lot of YouTube videos showing how easy it was, and I still really took a long time to pull the trigger on this because I had so much rubber to wash and I was putting it off.

Well... I finally broke down and ordered 2 bottles, thinking I'd go through at least 1 of them while pulling out all my latex, sorting it out, and washing it all before carefully packing it away nicely for next time.

I decided to try the ultimate lazy man's way and I filled up the tub with warm soapy water for the initial wash and then refilled it with the recommended amount of water and vivishine. I then threw a whole pile of latex garments in; sleepsacks, armbinders, sheets, shorts, coveralls, and several toys. I did this for two full piles of rubbery goodness and only added minimal amounts of vivishine to refresh the water. After swishing them around and ensuring all surfaces have been touched by the solution... I pulled each item out, shook it, then let it drip dry on a 20 foot long makeshift clothesline that went from my bathroom to the back of my closet.

I came back a few hours later and they all still looked wet... but they were actually dry! They had dried to a supple, shiny sheen. They felt silky smooth... not too greasy at all, and none of the items were sticking to themselves or any of the other items.

I spent the next hour packing them all away in their appropriate containers and took the extra effort to re-organize my rubber collection. Now I have easy access to all my stuff and it's friggin' awesome to pull them out so nice and clean and shiny every time. I hardly used a quarter of a bottle for two full bathtubs full of garments! It's also easier to maintain them with Vivishine too,now that I've started using it on everything.

I can't praise this stuff enough... try it, and you'll be hooked!





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