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Sports Bottle / Lube Squirter

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Sports Bottle / Lube Squirter
Sports Bottle / Lube Squirter

Work every muscle and every angle at the gym or on your bike with the 20 oz. Mr. S Leather Sports Bottle. Trust us. Our logo on this bright red sports bottle will have all the guys in the know coming up to get to know you better.

Once you get their number, be sure to mix up a batch of one of our famous lube recipes (or fill it with your favorite lube) and have the Mr. S Sports Bottle at the ready. We’ve found that this bottle is the absolute best lube dispenser and applicator around.

It’s not going to spill and it’s not going to leak. All it takes to get a good squirt on your dick or up a guy’s hole is a quick squeeze of the bottle. The suction your squeeze creates actually sucks the excess back into the bottle. No more of that ‘Damnit! I got too much lube on my hands,’ feeling.

Even if the cap is up, you can knock this bottle off the nightstand – when you’re fucking like you just don’t care – and there won’t be a big mess to clean up.


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Anonymous in Dec 2016
Love these bottles. Awesome for fisting sessions. The volume is perfect, sturdy and dishwasher safe (top rack), you can even fit the bottle in his hole, squeeze, and get the lube in DEEP. This is of great quality. A Fist-tacular buy.

Sports Bottle / Lube Squirter

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