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Shower Shot: Complete Douche Set

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Shower Shot: Complete Douche Set
Shower Shot: Complete Douche Set

The Mr. S Shower Shot is one of the best and easiest ways to clean out your butt before playing. Attaches easily to the pipe behind your shower head and hangs down for easy access. It has a 6 foot hose that then attaches to a nozzle. You can adjust the flow of the stream of water shooting up your butt by turning the small diverter valve. Wide open, full force is not recommended but getting the water temperature right before inserting the nozzle is highly recommended. Besides cleaning out your butt before having sex for hygienic reasons, an occasional enema is also good for your own personal health. The Mr. S Shower Shot is recommended by 10 out of 10 Butt Enthusiasts for a squeaky clean fuck.

(NOTE: Installs to American standard 3/4" thread)

This Package Includes:
Shower Shot Nozzle
Shower Shot Hose
Shower Shot Diverter


Shower Shot Diverter
20" Deep Clean Nozzle
Perfect Fit
The Anal Spike
Rubber Douche Bulb
Our Price: $12.00Our Price: $24.95Our Price: $12.95




Shower Shot Hose
Shower Shot Nozzle
Our Price: $14.00Our Price: $19.95 




Anonymous in Jul 2014
This is an awesome product. Very well made and effective.
Anonymous in May 2014
Amazing product! We haven't stopped fucking since we got it because it is now so much easier to clean my ass. I wish it came with different faucet size options since my sink, bathtub and shower are all different sizes and it would be nice to not have to take off the shower head every time we wanted to use it. Also, the metal hose casing comes disconnected from the spout end almost every time I use it (which doesn't affect it's usability at all) Other than those minor things, I highly recommend everyone owns one of these! The metal tip isn't that uncomfortable either. I can't wait to order some more stuff soon!
Greg in May 2014
An excellent investment and really helps speed up the cleaning process!
Jordan in May 2013
I highly recommend this item as a tool for getting clean and getting on with your night in a hurry.

I get cleaned deeper and in one-third of the time it used to take with a gravity-driven enema bag and tubing. The major benefit is that when the water is just warm enough, you don't even need any lube to get it in. I was very pleased with this purchase.
Anonymous in Feb 2013
I just received the Shower Shot kit. It has not even been used yet, but I am excited. This kit is a quality made piece just from the appearance. My $50 shower head from Bed Bath and Beyond is completely plastic. This unit is all metal. I am ordering an extra hose to connect to my plastic shower head. Maybe it is time for you guys to expand into shower heads. If a customer is this excited that you provided a quality product, without even using it, it must be good. Apparently, you have a really good supplier.
Anonymous in Jun 2009
This rig is a great value for the money. The coupling makes for easy installation and lets you adjust the amount of water you're diverting into your hole. The hose is supple and slinky, while the nozzle is smooth, heavy, and large enough to be challenging yet comfortable. This set is the bomb!
Anonymous in Nov 2008
Thank you Josh at the SF store for recommending this product! I had a set-up before but this surpasses the old one in quality, comfort and overall appearance. This thing is a bottom's (and top's) best friend!
Anonymous in Jan 2008
Best money I've spent to make sure I am very clean. I've had it for a few months and it still works wonders! Thanks!
Anonymous in Jul 2007
Excellent product! Talk about easy installment and then clean and go. Thanks for the great product.
Anonymous in Nov 2006
Good basic set, all serious players should have this -one thing not found -anywhere - is a nozzle of stainless steel to fit with this set. Some of us out there don't want aluminum, chrome plated brass, rubber, or resine material up the butt. NJ customer

Shower Shot: Complete Douche Set



Optional Add-Ons:
 Additional Shower Shot Nozzle [MISC403] (add $19.95)


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