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WOOF! Muzzle Neoprene

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WOOF! Muzzle Neoprene
Handcrafted in our San Francisco Workshop
WOOF! Muzzle Neoprene

Pups loved our Mr. S WOOF! muzzle in leather. The one bit of feedback we consistently get is that the gear should be a bit more like the pups: versatile, rambunctious and free. The new Mr. S Neoprene Woof Muzzle delivers. Made of durable and soft to the touch neoprene. It makes this muzzle more an extension of a pup's human face than a simple mask. Bite on the tongue brace to move the mouth up and down. Operation of the muzzle's mouth gives a definite "Rooby Roo" effect to anything puppy says. Easy to clean means pup can sniff anywhere, get wet and messy and get into his special head space anywhere. Two snap size adjustments on the back and sides along with the stretchable material mean this muzzle fits most pups. Neoprene gives a playful wiggle to the ears. The forgiving material also shapes to fit your glasses. No more having to go into the pit blind. We just have one caution to pups out there: all the other pups are going to be mounting you the second you put it on. Be prepared to scratch, nip and howl.

We’ve updated our Neoprene Woof Muzzle so you pups can show off your quirky, fun side. Instead of riveting down the red neoprene tongue we’ve used velcro to attach it. This means you can show your happy “I’ve had a lot of fun romping around” side with an extra long tongue. Or, show off your super fun puppy personality with your tongue hanging out to the side. Best of all, you can throw the tongue in the washer so it’s clean and ready to go for your next puppy mosh pit. WOOOOF!

One Size Fits Most:
Brow Circumference Chin Over Crown
21.5 - 23.5 in / 54 - 60 cm 25 - 27 in / 63 - 69 cm


Locking Fist Mitts
WOOF! Muzzle Leather
Puppy Tail
Black - Square Peg
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Replacement Tongue for WOOF! Muzzle
Puppy Collar
Pup Hankies
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Danielle in Mar 2016
I love this WOOF! Muzzle Mask :) its simple and gives that simple dog look. Shipping was SUPER Fast ( 2-3 Days ) after ordering and waiting for it to be shipped.
Samuel in Jan 2016
I absolutly love this hood. I could wear this for hours, My Sir was really happy when it came in and sent him pics. i cant wait to wear this out to the bar or anywhere with my Sir, plus the shipping was so fast. thank you Mr. S Leather for creating this amazing hood.
Anonymous in Jun 2015
Ordered mine on Thursday and got it today! Super comfortable and looks incredible! Definitely worth the money! My only issue is that its a bit loose around my forehead even with the snaps adjusted (I have a narrow face). But overall its perfect! I wear it with pride. Especially rolling down the highway with the windows down! Aroof!
Anonymous in May 2015
I just got this muzzle in my first (and deffinatly not last) order from Mr-S-Leather. I was extremely excited waiting for my package to be delivered today (it came right on time) and when I got it the packaging was discreet, as hoped, it was packaged neatly and also came with a leather Keychain ^.^ I ran to the mirror and tried on the hood. It fits just fine and I really have no complaints! ILOVEIT. Now excuse me while I cut this review short,I'm gonna go tromping around the house and barking at anything that moves. This muzzle is an immediate head space change for me.
Anonymous in Aug 2014
For any pup that really wants to get a full feel, this is a must have. The Neoprene material is very soft and smooth and has a nice realistic wiggle in the ears. The removable tongue makes it nice and easy to clean the mouth piece as well. As for the sizing, the adjustable straps allowed it to fit exactly how i wanted it and had enough space up front for my glasses (which still looked rather nice and not out of place under the hood). The best part though, and a pleasant surprise, was the extremely fast shipping topped with a hand signed letter inside. Thanks for all of this Mr.S, truly the place to go when you're ready for the good stuff :)
Anonymous in Oct 2013
I am MORE than excited to place an order for this muzzle. I have this one in leather. Ive loved it for many years. But Pup would LOVE to finally take a bath with his Mistress and other Pups! SO EXCITED!!!!! Thanks again Mr-S for delivering great products and listening to our feedback!
Anonymous in Apr 2013
So I ordered the hood on saturday and living on the east coast I figured that it would take the full 5 days. Nope 3 business days and it was in my mail box. Rushed inside and sir had me in it before the box was even open. Finally a hood that comfortably fits around my glasses. Sir loves the way it looks and loves it as much as I do! I love the hood and so does Master. Such an amazing hood!
Daniel in Sep 2012
I just received this item (along with the attachement) I really love it but the only concern i have is that the mouth piece is very easy to push out (just by opening your mouth wide) I've tightened all the snaps but that didnt make a difference... I might be the only one with this issue, but if not a solution would be to lenghten the "tougne" so it slides a little bit more in the mouth and/or making chin so that it cups it a bit better? Well that's just my oppinion anyway so if you're planning on buying the item, go ahead I'm sure you wont be dissapointed!
Anonymous in Feb 2012
I just wanted to say I got my Neoprene WOOF! Muzzle order today and I absolutely love it! It meets all of the things (and then some) I really needed in a hood; ability to be worn with prescription lenses, extremely easy to breath in, well ventilated, flexible, and looks very good, very puppy like. I especially love how the ears have a playful wiggle to them and the mouth opens and closes by biting down/releasing on it.

WOOF! Muzzle Neoprene



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