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Inflatable Ass Lock

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Inflatable Ass Lock
Inflatable Ass Lock

The smallest of our line of inflatable toys, the Ass Lock doesn't reach too deep and has a perfect notch near the base for helping it lock in place. Locks in even more as you begin to pump.

The Ass Lock, Ripple, and Deep Throat are unique in that the center core is made from solid rubber -- with the same firmness that many of our dildos have. This makes them a great toy to play with - even if you don't use the inflatable feature. Of course once you get them in, you won't be able to resist opening you ass just a little further. If you haven't tried inflatables before -- these will get you hooked for sure.

Deflated Length: 6" total, 5" insertable
Deflated Width: 3.25" - 6"
Inflated Length: 7.5" total, 6.5 insertable
Inflated Width: 3.5" - 8"


Gerald in May 2016
I ordered and was very disappointed with the inflatable trailer hitch previously. You were kind enough to refund my money because the product does not work as described and I gave it a very bad review. You suggested this item instead and it turned out to be just as disappointing. I want something that inflates and stretches me and also puts pressure on the P-spot. Neither of these products will stay put. They just blow up like a balloon and either are pulled all the way in, very uncomfortable in the case of the trailer hitch, or they just pop out. Both these products suck and are a waist of money.

Inflatable Ass Lock




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