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Inflatable Butt Plug with Firm Core

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Inflatable Butt Plug with Firm Core
Inflatable Butt Plug with Firm Core

The inflatable butt plug has been a favorite for a long time. Only sometimes they're not so easy to get up in your hole. These firm core versions have a core that's not too rigid, yet firm enough to put a little backbone into things. Grab some lube and you won't have any trouble working you ass open with this great new toy!

  • Regular:
    5" Circumference at widest point (7.5" inflated)
    4" Circumference at base (4.5" inflated)
    Length 4.5"

  • Large:
    6" Circumference at widest point (9.5" inflated)
    5.25" Circumference at base (6" inflated)
    Length 5.5"

  • X-Large:
    7.5" Circumference at widest point (13" inflated)
    6.75" Circumference at base (7.75" inflated)
    Length 7"


    Inflatable Dildo with Firm Core
    Elbow Grease
    Astroglide Lube (Water Based)
    Our Price: $49.95Our Price: $7.95Our Price: $9.95




    Wet Original Lube
    Water Based
    Our Price: $6.95  



    Anonymous in Dec 2015
    I received the XL as a gift for Christmas. I couldn't be happier. With some lube putting it in is fun. But once you get it in and start pumping, bliss! I pumped about 10 times before I just get so horned up that I c**. After having it in for about 3 hours I was able to take both of my man's hands at once. This is now my favorite toy and I can't keep it away from my ass. Thank you Mr S. Another quality product.
    Anonymous in Aug 2015
    Just tried the regular size, amazing! The deflated size is the biggest thing I've been able to fully insert, but then when it's pumped amazing feeling. I want to point out that I'm a straight man and used this with my wife, so for couples who are into anal play and pain/torture this is a great toy to have! My wife wouldn't let me take it out after I came, and it kept me hard so that I gave her 2 more orgasms, and it almost brought me to another one too!
    Anonymous in Dec 2014
    I ordered all 3 inflatable butt plugs. The small one is only for begginers is realy did nothing for me so the next on up or if you want to call it the medium one is pretty much perfect to get your butt interested and horny for butt play. I like to use a thick silicon lube to insert it then give it 10 quick full pumps all the while using the shower. I also highly Recomend the clean out nozzles to give your self a good clean out before use ing the inflatable butt plugs after a few min of pre stretching I like to push it out real slow while still inflated then deflate reinsert and pump 20 times by then it will be the size of a grapefruit inside. Wait 5 min and push it out. You will now be ready for the largest one of the 3 plugs. Now insert that and pump it 10 times wait and when you are ready for a good fisting this makes your butt ready to accept a great fisting. I also Recomend use ing the middle size plug while you are topping and let the bottom take control of the pumping bulb to control your orgasm.
    I love this toy it is my daily go to toy when ready to top and prep for being a bottom. Worth every penny
    Anonymous in Nov 2012
    I ordered the Large plug and received it this week. The construction is quite good but the deflated measurements are off by a bit. The deflated circumference at the ridge is 7 1/4" and the base is 6"

    I'm slightly disappointed because the deflated plug is too big for me right now. I was hoping for something I could pop in easily and inflate. It looks like it's going to take a month or so for me to work up to full deflated insertion.
    Anonymous in Dec 2011
    I purchased the XL just this week; It is the best Christmas gift I have ever given myself. The XL is the perfect size to stretch as it goes in and once it's in and inflated it's not coming out unless you deflate it. I like to pump it up and tug at it a bit before I let all the air out and pop it out. I definitely recommend this toy for the ones that want to feel like the have a fist in their ass without the extreme entry stretch.
    Anonymous in Jun 2011
    I ordered the XL for my boyfriend just last week, and he couldn't wait to try it out! He loves the feeling it gives him so much, and it's so much sturdier looking than the cheaper ones out there, but be warned that the XL is quite large! I'm thinking about getting a (slightly ;) smaller one of my own now, too!
    Anonymous in Apr 2010
    I have the XL plug and I now have a very happy hole. I love the feeling of being full and this did the trick! I recommend it to any pig out there who wants to feel full. It's addictive!
    Mr. S, you're the best!!
    William in Apr 2010
    I bought the XL plug and it's is addictive. I have never had a toy that I can't stop playing with like I have with this one. The solid core is definitely something needed. If you are wanting to really open up your hole then this is the plug to have. The XL is not for beginners, but I'm not an expert either. It took lots of lube and I was in heaven. Would definately recommend to anyone, especially masters to torment your slave!
    Chris.H in Apr 2010
    Because this is a rubber toy we only recommend silicone or water based lubes. Oil based lubes will shorten the life expectancy of the toy, so they are somewhat less than ideal for this line.

    Chris - Mr. S Leather
    Anonymous in Jun 2007
    What are the dimensions deflated and inflated. Length and circumference.
    Andre - Mr S Leather in May 2007
    The Inflatable plug expands up to 12 inches (circumference) Sorry, error duely noted!
    Andre - Mr S Leather in Apr 2007
    The Firm Core Plug can expand up yo 12 inches on diameter- We do not reccomend exceeding this.
    Anonymous in Mar 2007
    how much bigger does it get when inflated?
    Anonymous in Jan 2007
    What are the uninflated dimensions of this plug?

    Inflatable Butt Plug with Firm Core



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