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Belts Thigh-Wrist & Locking Waist Belt (Pair)

Mr. S Leather

Belts Thigh-Wrist & Locking Waist Belt 

The SL499 Connecting Belt is an accessory for use with the SL500 "Thigh to Wrist" restraint and the SL501 "Locking Waist Belt". It allows you to lock the "Thigh to Wrist" restraint to the "Locking Waist Belt" to prevent the restraint from sliding down the legs.

Together with the "Locking Waist Belt", it helps make a great restraint even more escape-proof. It is highly adjustable so you can place the "Thigh to Wrist" restraint as far from or as close to the waist as needed. It also has locking posts to prevent removal or escape. The loop ends of the belt are sized exactly to fit around the "Thigh to Wrist" on one side and around the "Locking Waist Belt" on the other with no extra play.

If you all ready own the Thigh to Wrist restraint, this makes a fantastic upgrade. If you don't you can purchase all three items together as a kit under item number SL498.

Locks sold separately.

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