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Shaft Lube - 15 oz.

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Shaft Lube - 15 oz

Due to an ingredient no longer being available, we need to work on a suitable replacement.  Our first attempt at a replacement has not left SHAFT as good as we hoped.  We will have this available once we’re confident it’s back to what everyone expects and has enjoyed for many years. Until then, please consider the popular alternatives in the top row of the "YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE" section immediately below.

A perfect lube for both dildo play and fisting. Slick, long lasting and easy to clean. Made exclusively for Mr. S Leather, it's an ideal mix between lubes that are too thick or too thin. While products like Crisco can be too thick and hard to clean up - and liquid lubes can run off toys - SHAFT is the perfect middle. An oil based lube that's thick enough to get the big jobs done, but washes away even in cold water.

SHAFT is unanimously voted the best lube we offer for toys and fisting.

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