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Cluster Buster Power Puck


Cluster Buster Power Puck

All Power Puck Channels are now available!

The Power Puck receiver, in conjunction with the Cluster Buster powerbox, allows you to control your electro sex toys wirelessly for some really fun scenes. You can use any number of Power Pucks with your Cluster Buster Power Box. For instance you can get multiple channel 1 Power Pucks that will allow you to send the same program for all devices on this channel. If you want to vary the sensations you are sending out you can order power pucks in different channels. Each channel can be programmed separately for the sensation desired. With the Cluster Buster your only limitation is your kinky imagination!

You can identify which channel puck you are using by the number on the back of the attachment clip. This clip allows you to attach it to your electro pig’s belt or jockstrap. The clip is removable which allows you to attach the included bi-polar sticky pad so you don’t need any additional toys to get started playing.

The lead wire on the Power Puck uses 2mm pin connections. You may require additional adapters to connect your toys. If you have any questions about connectivity feel free to shoot us an email at and we will walk you through what you need.

You must have a Mystim Cluster Buster remote powerbox in order for the Power Puck to work.

Included in the box:
• 1 Power Puck (single channel of your choice)
• 1 Lead Wire
• 1 Bipolar self-adhesive electrode
• 1 Brief operating instruction manual

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