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Combination Straitjacket & Sleepsack

Fetters USA

Combination Straitjacket & Sleepsack
Fetters USA

The Ultimate in Bondage Versatility

In the simplest terms it's an all-leather sleepsack with arms. Arms can be placed inside the sleepsack's inner sleeves while the empty straitjacket sleeves are strapped to the sides. Arms can be in the straitjacket arms and crossed over the front as in a usual straitjacket position while the legs are laced tightly together in the lower sleepsack position. For horizontal (flying) suspension, with arms extended out and up as shown above, this works better than anything we have ever seen.

Foot suspension (for upside-down suspension)
Shoulder suspension (right-side-up) can be added
Price includes nine belts - five leather belts go around the body, four leather belts go around the arms.

18 large 'D' Rings on the sides of the body, shoulders, and arms allow for lots of anchoring possibilities, as well as secure suspensions. Belts must be used through 'D' rings when suspending.

Front lacing from ankles to upper chest. More lacing on back side over upper torso area; three - pull front zippers from ankle to neck (cock is easily accessible through front zipper); back butt zipper. Snap collar.

Straitjacket/Sleepsack Extras:

Shoulder Suspension (no tit flaps) Suspended by the shoulders, the sleepsack can be an entirely different trip.

Ankle Suspension Suspending a body upside-down can be a challenge for even the most dedicated masochist. These make it easy.

Tit Flaps in Sleepsack Get access to those sensitive areas. They become even more sensitive when that's the only area of your body that can feel skin-on-skin contact. Cannot be ordered in conjunction with shoulder suspension.

Padded Lower Leg/Foot Cushion We've found the one "hot point" when being in a sleep sack is the inside of your ankles rubbing together. This leather covered foam insert keeps the legs apart just enough to prevent that from happening.

Please be advised: This is an Oversize/Heavyweight item and will have a shipping fee calculated at checkout.

Sleepsack Size Chart
Chest / Arms ♦ Waist / Arms   ♦ Hips / Wrist   ♦ Legs / Fingers ♦ Knees ♦ Calves ♦ Ankles ♦ Height Foot
S 48" / 122cm 48" / 122cm 44" / 112cm 30" / 76cm 26" / 66cm 25" / 64cm 21" / 53cm 60" / 152cm 10" / 25cm
M 50" / 127cm 50" / 127cm 45" / 114cm 35" / 89cm 29" / 74cm 26" / 66cm 21" / 53cm 60" / 152cm 10.5" / 27cm
L 52" / 132cm 52" / 132cm 46" / 117cm 40" / 102cm 32" / 81cm 27" / 69cm 21" / 53cm 62" / 157cm 11" / 28cm
XL 54" / 137cm 54" / 137cm 47" / 119cm 44" / 112cm 35" / 89cm 29" / 74cm 22" / 56cm 63" / 160cm 11" / 28cm

Body band measurement locations depicted on the measurement form. Please make sure you fill out this form when you order.

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