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Fetters USA
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Fetters USA

We saw this at the Tower of London and worked up this metal restraint to totally immobilize. Neck, ankles and wrists are clamped firmly together in rigid metal straps. Ankle bilboes can be adjusted for boots or no boots, though boots are recommended.

Use this Cravat with extreme caution on your subjects. Never leave them unattended, as if someone were to fall over while locked into this they could suffer serious damage. The subject can be in a 'sitting' position...on their backs, or standing up bent over. All positions will become uncomfortable after a short while. This Pre 19th Century device was used to torture prisoners by putting them into this until the pain became so great that they would 'Break'. If you want to put someone into this in the sitting position, you can anchor their arms to something above them to keep them from falling over. Your slave will see the use of this item as a punishment.

Please be advised: During the forging process, black oxide is generated on the surface of the metal. This coating helps prevent the metal from rusting; cleaning the oxide off can reduce the lifespan of this piece.

Please be advised: For international customers, this is an Oversize/Heavyweight item and will have a shipping fee calculated at checkout.

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