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Depth Charge

Depth Charge

Shove the Depth Charge up your hole and send currents of electricity pulsating inside. It’s a bi-polar toy that gets up inside easily, so you’re sure to get as much contact on your prostate as you can handle. Once inside, you can manipulate the egg for making the most enjoyable contact possible. The two sides of the egg are aluminum, but they’re separated by a small piece of acrylic – giving you both contact points right onto your prostate. We find that getting a bi-polar toy on your prostate gets any guy’s dick the hardest and it’s when we experience cumming virtually hands-free. Set your box to “Throb” and you’ll feel each pulse go right through your ass and you'll swear it's practically pushing your load out… Even once it's at the right spot, turn and push the egg around for even more sensation. After a while it’ll only take a stroke or two before you shoot your load...

This electro ass toy is incredibly smooth so it makes getting in and out super comfortable. Plus, the grip handle makes maneuvering this toy easy whether you’re using it alone or better yet, with a dirty electro pig who wants to take you to your limits! This amazing toy has a silicone flexi-shaft for super smooth penetration and lets you explore anywhere in your ass you’d like.

All ElectraStim accessories come with 2mm "Pin” connections... so if you have wires from any of the Erostek or Folsom boxes that have the standard 4mm "Banana Plugs" at the end of your wires, then you'll need to have a 2mm Lead Wire (E038).

The line of ElectraStim Electrical accessories are the finest on the market. As the North American Distributor for the E-Stim line, Mr. S imports these from England, where they have been very popular through out Europe.

Powerboxes not included
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