ElectraStim Electra Pads - 50mm x 50mm

Grab a set of these extremely versatile sticky electrodes. Originally designed for muscle aches, these pads are even more fun when used for erotic pleasure... or torture.

ElectraStim Electra Pads (50mm x 50mm)

This is a set of four sticky pads that connect directly to your 2mm connector wires. You can use these sticky pads in any number of different places on the body. The bottom of the feet, the cock and balls, the butt cheeks, right on the butt hole itself, the thighs, etc. You can use one sticky pad in one spot and then any single pole accessory somewhere else on the body, even two sticky pads.

These pads are reusable a number of times, but a drop of water rubbed on the sticky side of the pads will bring back the stickiness if they've lost their grip. Place back on the plastic sheet and back in the plastic bag when not in use for extra longevity.

Try and make sure the part of the body you stick these to is smooth and hairless for the best connection. On a guy, one of the best places we have found to use two sticky pads is one right under the balls where they join to the body and the other one right at the top of the base of the cock where it joins the body. That way the electricity flows throughout the entire cock and balls, targeting the base of his shaft and his prostate area.

Sold as a set of four 50mm x 50mm pads.

A power box is required to operate this toy.

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