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Elongated Fist SuperSoft Bronze

Square Peg
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Elongated Fist - Square Peg

A bit easier than the closed fist, but still intense. Advanced.

A first for SquarePeg, this and the Closed Fist are cast from actual hands. For a long time I've resisted doing such realism, instead developing creative shapes instead. Even though these are actual hands, when playing with these it is important to remember that they do not move like a hand, nor do they have brain attached to get them to coax open a hole like a talented Top could. The sensations will be similar to actual fisting but not identical. The Open Fist will collapse in on itself slightly along the crease between the ball of the thumb and the opposite side of the palm, coming in about 1 inch circumference in the process.

Circumference 10"
Insertable Length 12"

Sold individually

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