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Fat Boy Ribbed Sheath

Perfect Fit
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Fat Boy Ribbed Sheath

The new Fat Boy Ribbed Sheath is like the original Fat Boy but with a new textured surface for even more fun.  Plus, it’s available in three sizes so you can get the length that will have your boy howling.  Adds noticeable girth to your cock without being too much for him to handle. Made of super soft and stretchy SilaSkin - a proprietary blend of silicone and TPR. For the receiving partner, the Fat Boy adds girth, while for the wearer, with its interior nubs and ribs, it also acts as a stroker.

The Fat Boy is extremely comfortable, surprisingly easy to get on and off and stays in place thanks to its closed tip. A thick loop that wraps around the base of the scrotum, which gives a pleasurable tug to your nutts during penetration or stroking. The Fat Boy actually adds a fun bonus cushioning effect for those who like to get a little rough and wild.

The packaging does double duty as a stand so you can safely store your Fat Boy when not in use. 

Perfect Fit Brand invented the cock sheath and the Fat Boy line continues to be one of their best-selling lines.

Clean up: Wash thoroughly with mild soap and water.

Safety: This product is not a contraceptive or a substitute for a condom. Safe with water-based lubes. This product is not compatible with latex products. Please store separately.

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