Fistpowder 2.0

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This super slick fisting lube is made from body safe ingredients and is stain free. One container gives you about 26 bottles of fisting gold! Get to it, pigs!

FistPowder 2.0

FistPowder is a revolution in fisting lube. It's safe for your body (this isn’t for cattle), safe with condoms and toys, stain free and best of all, super easy to clean up. The 2.0 version is even better. You need less product to make an even slicker lube. That means you’ll be getting your paw up there even easier.

  • Extensively studied – Two years of research with a French pharmaceutical company. Made from a plant based compound. It’s hypoallergenic and deemed safe for internal use.
  • Not stringy - We’ve all been there. Getting really deep into a guy’s hole and pulling out with a long slime trail dangling from your hands. Not with FistPowder 2.0. You pull out and all you see is your glistening, slick paw ready to go right back into that boy’s hole.
  • Doesn’t stain your sheets or your gear - Your favorite jock is safe when you use FistPowder. Just put them all through the wash and you’re good to go.
  • It’s economical – one container of FistPowder (at the recommended dose) will yield twenty-six 16oz. bottles of lube.
  • It’s easy to mix – just pour some FistPowder into a standard 16oz. water bottle, shake and let rest for ten minutes – Boom! Done!
  • Looks cool on your nightstand - FistPowder is made for hole-fuckers like you. Looks and feels a lot better to start an old fashioned hole busting with a product made for you – not cows.
  • No preservatives – Mix up a batch and use it all night long. Batches should be used within 24 hours.
  • Rinses off easy – We recommend a good hand scrub after a fist fuck but honestly, FistPowder rinses clean with just a steady stream of water.
Click here to download a PDF of our favorite recipes.

Please note, the addition of a grease based lubricant can cause light staining of sheets and clothes. If you play like we do, though, we know you have your Fist Fucking gear at the ready.

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